EPOP Magazine: March Issue – Taeyang Interview

*Note: This is a summary of YB’s answers on the Electric Love Tour photobook interview
Time & Love became Ideals!
Taeyang observed the progress of BIGBANG!

The first perception that many people have towards Taeyang is that he’s a shy person. However, the shy attitude did not become an obstacle for Taeyang to pursue his dream in music! Shining like the blazing sun, the attraction of Taeyang is so obvious that it shines throughout the music world! Grateful for what there is, Taeyang desperately want to continue to touch the hearts of many with his music!

What kind of a person are you?
Taeyang : Actually, I don’t quite understand myself. People around me feel that I am a serious person and like to think about the others’ feelings. But since last year, I found that I have changed a lot. Previously, I always feel pressured with work and personal problems until it is difficult to sleep. But now, I am more open-minded and become active. When attending events, I am also capable of showing many kind of expressions and interact with the members.

What problems were you facing at that time?
Taeyang : Haha …at that time I always think about questions like ‘what should I do’, ‘is this the right choice.’ Furthermore, I argued with the members. Issues such as ‘How do I keep on moving forward’ keep playing in my mind. In these 3 years, everyday is kind of the same for me. I’m already tired of living like this. Singing too is kind of meaningless for me. I am fearful to face all these. Until early last year, I discovered that my problem can actually be solved easily. Just that now I am still unable to solve the problem. I’m sure one day I can definitely solve the problem concerned.

How does BIGBANG divide the rooms when in another country?
Taeyang : Usually I room with Daesung, GD rooms with Seungri. While T.O.P is by himself because he would rather be on his own, hehe!

Are you hard to get close to as an artist?
Taeyang : No ~. No matter on the performance stages or music events, I like to show my true self in front of everyone. In fact, artists who are hard to get close to can attract more people to like them. I am saying this not because I want to criticize, but I just feel that I am more fitted with my true self.

What kind of a group is BIGBANG?
Taeyang : Emm … we have our own specialties. The things that we like are also not the same. Because of the differences in personalities, we can achieve excellence on performance stages.

What is your role in BIGBANG?
Taeyang : I observe the progress of BIGBANG!

Are you a shy person since young?
Taeyang : I used to think a lot and get anxious easily! All this while, I tried to discover and develop my self potential. This kind of personality pushed me to start my music career at the age of 13!

How were the reactions from those around you when they came to know that you want to be a singer?
Taeyang : They were very surprised, especially my family! For those who know me, all of them think that I have changed! At that time, I had joined an audition MV organized by YG Entertainment. Taking this opportunity, I had started a music career! Since then, my life has experienced major changes!

scanned and translated: Miseremei @ bigbanghaven

I wish he could expand more on what exactly caused him to go through such a change last year. We all can tell that he’s a freer and more open Taeyang, which we are all thankful for, but what exactly was this problem he keeps referring too? But knowing you have a problem is the first step in solving it, though I honestly can’t imagine a more hyper Taeyang cause he’s kind of crazy now, lol.

18 thoughts on “EPOP Magazine: March Issue – Taeyang Interview”

  1. People are bothered by his statement about how “singing is meaningless”, but honestly I already knew he felt that way watching his stage presence change since Big Show 2010.. He doesn’t have that same spark.. But I will always be a huge Taeyang fan because this is just a hurdle he has to overcome. He’s reached a plateau and needs to find some great intervention of inspiration to revitalize his love for music. Maybe it will happen in his 3rd album or somewhere in between, but YB loves music wayyy too much to let this love die. He’s simply reached a simple setback, but once he overcomes this minor setback, he will grow into an ever greater artist and become the legend he’s destined to be.

    1. I think he was talking about how he felt when he was depressed in 2009. He’s spoken about how he’s gotten over that bump though in 2010.

      (I’m not sure though, but I think his answers were taken from old interviews and put together to make this article. The answers are very familiar – just not an exact word for word owing to the translation. He has said all these things in the past but the way it is put together is a bit awkward.)

        1. Haha true. Wedding Dress is finally famous here -.-This is the second piece of interview on ePOP Mag. I did write to them…asking for YB in their mag. Letter was published to my horror but they kept their promise. so i’m happy that there’s a second interview 🙂

        2. Now we know who to thank for this ILMB! 😀

          And BM…you’re so right! I don’t know what YB’s been drinking but he’s been more hyper than ever! First the during the comeback performances and now those Nikon Event pictures? I’m so glad he’s able to open up and act freer now. I don’t know what’s caused this change, but I’m grateful for it.

  2. bluemaid is right. he’s talking about his depression back then. I bought this magazine for this interview but I thought we’ve all read this before. This magazine always translates english interviews into Malay. Remember when he said that at one time, when he was singing he’d lost the real meaning behind it, it wasn’t like before like how he was filled with passion. I guess he meant he felt numb.

    What surprised me the most was that he said he fought with the members . This, I did not remember reading.

  3. IMO, I think SeungRi and BB has something to do with it. From the interviews, YB sees how SR isn’t inhibited even if there are cameras and pretty girls. To me, it looks like he’s experimenting with it since he’s not the focal point anymore. If that makes any sense…lol

  4. omg, dejavu! just ytd night i was thinking how come taeyang has been so hyper and happy on stage and it dawned on me that he MIGHT be dating!

    and now he says he always had a problem, remember last year 2010 he promised himself to find a gf?

    if seems to really fit now, i think… please dont kill me, but i think it should make sense, the most common thing that makes everyone happy is love isnt it?

    but if he is really dating someone that makes him happier and crazy and cuter than god bless the both of them!

    btw, i like the crazier him in these few past performance, i’ve lol-ing away, and he really shines, makes him even hotter!

    1. i think quite a number are suspecting this for some time now.. about the possibility of him having found somebody to love. if it’s true and the lucky lady makes him this crazy happy and all smiley all the time, for sure she gets my approval. i’m loving this him who seems to be opening up more (:

  5. there’s really a big change in YB from his WD promotions to his INAG promotions.
    you can see that he’s more happy and more energetic on stage.
    the change was also reflected in his performances.
    i’m loving the YB now.
    i like seeing so hyper and dorky. 🙂

  6. “…I always think about questions like ‘what should I do’, ‘is this the right choice.’…everyday is kind of the same for me. I’m already tired of living like this” – that’s me several months ago 🙂

    “I like to show my true self in front of everyone” that’s why his acting parts always seem awkward 🙂 but i love that, because he’s not an entertainer like many idol singers , he is a musician

  7. what is the name of taeyang fans?
    well,every idol has his own time,whether he thinks it’s dffcult or easy,i agree,he’s totally a musician,a multitalented singer…

  8. pity teayang coz difficult 2 sleep regarding his problem. but im glad he can reduce it.. whatever happen i’ll be his fan.

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