Big Bang Comeback and Win on Inkigayo (110306)

Big Bang did their formal comeback on Inkigayo and managed to sound great, look hot and win the Mutizen all in the same day. Taeyang was all kinds of awesome – loved the outfits, he sounded great, and someone must have been making friends with the camera man since he got a lot of good shots.


Performance and win below the cut
What Is Right

Somebody to Love


Winning Mutizen

With all the fanboys and fangirl (ahem) among the other singers on the show, I would have loved to see all the goings on backstage. Must have been ALMOST as interesting as the performance….

Thanks to CrazyCarrot and the uploader for the interview.  (Other videos from Big Bang’s official YT channel.)

21 thoughts on “Big Bang Comeback and Win on Inkigayo (110306)”

  1. Watching this live with other ATYers…so many FAILS and WINS came to mind.

    SBS’s crappy camera work…FAIL
    GD’s attempted flower bouquet toss into the audience….FAIL
    SR’s attempt to be playful with TOP….FAIL
    Editing out of my favorite, the ‘tic tic toc’, part of STL…FAIL

    But! BUT!! BUTTT!!!!
    YB’s end close-up in the interview…WIN
    Too many shots of YB in the performances to count…WIN
    Pretty awesome stage designs…WIN
    YB’s random twirling in all his performances…WIN
    YB and BB looking good in their simple outfits while the rest of the show suffered from a case of the stylist meltdowns…WIN
    YB’s vocals, even after the BS and the two-mini concert specials….WIN

    And last but not least, the anticipation of YB’s backstage meetings with his own special set of celebrity fanboys and fangirl, as they all partake in some special desserts. EPIC WINNNN!!!!! Oh, to be a fly on that wall….

    1. well we know that special desserts were served alittle earlier than expected so yeah SBS did crappy camera work..

      I’m thank YB didn’ throw the award like he was posing like.. ^^

      and the PD’s always love YB especially during his solo comeback i guess they still know to take good shots of him. (or IU was beside the cameraman working her magic)

      and YB taking his jacket off in tonigh was a nice touch..

      over all their comeback was great.. good choreo , great vocals, niceoutfits.. and hell yeah a totally rocking perf.. i’m sure they’ll even get better for teh next shows ^^

      1. I’ve missed you in the chatbox! 😦

        Did I mention that I love brownies? Hahaha-seems random, I know.

  2. Oh this is hilarious. Taeyang was was spinning all throughout the performances. Apparently he kept on spinning well into the encore (see him in the back.)

    1. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He caught the twirly spinning bug maybe!! XDDDD

      That was too funny, he spun from the front to the back!!! This has to be on replay or made into a GIF…XD

    2. yes that was hilarious. boy was twirling alot today and i enjoyed watching him this happy. he’s such a boy at times when at other times he can be really hot and sexy.

        1. im not so happy to think that he already has someone …
          but i guess it is true and it is the best thing for him :xD

  3. I have to agree with ygtaeyangbb, what happened there with Seungri and TOP at the end I would probably never know. GD’s bouquet toss fail was er… yeah… let’s leave it at that.

    However, YB’s random run to the camera after their interview was TOTAL WIN. <333

    Plus his twirling and getting all the love from the camera…LOL I don't mind at all. I do feel a little bad for the other members, only a little though, since all five of them are pretty spectacular today.

    Rockin' the performances, choreo was awesome, and the fan chants, as usual, are out of this world. XD

    1. YB’s a bit less into his own world for these performances – he tried to pay attention to the camera and I think he actually smiled! (Will wonders never cease…) I think with a little more effort, he might stare full on into the camera one of these days for a few seconds. If he actually smiled while doing it, he might stop a few hearts.

      All the boys look like they are getting more comfortable with the routine – this was my fave set of broadcast performances yet. All of them did so well – they each managed to stand out by being themselves. ( I must say that YB’s dancing is on point. He’s really looking sharp.)

      1. Again, I agree. He seems less sucked into his own private world in his head, he didn’t dance in one corner and just look down as much. More interaction with the camera this time though the entire camera work sucks in my opinion.

        i think he’s happy and I wonder if this is what he meant by the interview the other day, that he ‘found what buried me in group promotions’.

    2. Everyone says GD toss fail, but i think the flower came out of the wrapping. Thats what happens with most artists, cos they throw it so hard.

      LOL Seungri TOP wth, i like how TOP always has that look which makes Seungri and Daesung shut up straight away hahaha

  4. is it just me or does taeyang seem to be more confident and happy go lucky now? he doesn’t seem as reserved and shy as he used to be. not saying that’s a bad thing. definitely not a bad thing. he’s finally coming out of his shell.
    btw… no more sunglasses yb. we want to see those smiling eyes. you look amazingly hot with sunglasses on but it’s nice to see those smiling eyes sometimes.

    1. He’s been like since last year and I’m loving it. I was worried that he’d calm down with BB’s comeback but he’s more out there than ever. He’s confident, happy and playful and I’m loving it.

      Makes me happy that he’s happy, also makes me worry less for him.

  5. Haha, late comment, But I loveeed the SR fail. lmao watching BBTV, it seems like SR and TOP are the new comedic duo.
    YB’s twirling is awesome, YB shoving his face in the camera is awesome, YB = awesome.

    Everyone was def. in the zone, very hyped and engaging. Really good performances!!

  6. Just thought that some people would be interested in taeyang’s ideal woman. The other members are in the article as well. 🙂

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