[Eng Subs] Episode 1 of BBTV Live (110303)

Mnet’s BBTV gives us a behind the scenes look of the Big Bang comeback activities. This was shown along with performances of songs from the new album (here.)

Part 2 below the cut

Thanks to solshin3 @21bangs.com for the translations and The21BANGSTV for the subs and upload.


3 thoughts on “[Eng Subs] Episode 1 of BBTV Live (110303)”

  1. It’s so nice to see all five of them together =)))

    I also love how they went to surprise Dae Sung, but the manager ended up telling him anyway, lol

    Seungri is so cute, and of course our man YB with all the swag and “What up” LOL

    My favourite would have to be their ghost camera part…XDDD DORKS!

  2. That’s funny. Typical YB to forgo the wine for cider. I guess he really doesn’t drink.

    And poor SR…never catching a break. I guess this is payback for all the stories he tells about them on variety shows!

  3. Aw,its so nice to see all of them together! this was a really warm and close episode of the members,so nice to see.

    LOL at magnae getting picked on,hehe,ever the same but they love him really,just like he loves his hyungs despite spilling out all their stories.

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