Taeyang at Big Show 2011 – Part 1 (Updated)

So reports from the first night of this year’s Big Show are coming in and it looks like the night was a huge success. Here are some early photos of Taeyang and some audio of the new songs – we hope to have more concert goodies as the days go by.  And to the ATY readers fortunate enough to attend – please share how it went! We’re dying to know…

Big Bang Updates has the set list from the first night as follows:

– Tonight MV Teaser
– Hands Up
– Shake It Remix Version
– Lalala Remix
– VIP Remix
– Seungri Solo: What Can I Do
– Taeyang Solo: Where U At, I’ll Be There  (though there were also reports that he did Prayer as well)
– Daesung Solo: New song “Baby Don’t Cry”
– GD&TOP: Knock Out, High High, Oh Yeah (Medley)
– Parody
– GD&TOP: Don’t Go Home
– A Fool’s Only Tears
– Always
– Tell Me Goodbye
– Let Me Hear Your Voice
– Wonderful
– Haru Haru Acoustic
– Lies Remix
– Last Farewell
– Tonight MV
– Thank You & You (Intro) Video
– Cafe
– What is Right
– Somebody to Love
– Tonight
– Heaven
– Encore: Always, Sunset Glow

Let Me Hear Your Voice

And from the Secret Garden parody:

Yup. I’d be bewildered too.

Many thanks to 518%, nikisol, Big Bang Updates, Big Bang Haven and choco21112. (Other photos through DCBB and Nate)


33 thoughts on “Taeyang at Big Show 2011 – Part 1 (Updated)”

  1. That first pic is adorable 🙂 definitely going to be my new screensaver ^_^
    omg, GD with boobs! That’s hilarious lol and taeyang still looks amazing, even with long hair!
    Aaw, looks like fun, wish I’d been there *sigh*

  2. ever since i listened to their 4th mini-album, i started to worry for YB because he had a lot of parts, and some parts were a bit tricky to sing too. but when i listened to the concert snippets, i was so proud of him TT_TT he sounded heavenly live, and i wished i could’ve been there to witness it personally. especially when they performed “what is right” (which is my favorite song in the mini-album), ahh i feel like crying because he nailed it perfectly TT_TT i hope there’s a fancam of them singing the song 😀

    i also can’t wait to see the parody on sunday during SBS big bang show! (saturday from where i am XD)

  3. thank god he’s not wearing a skirt like GD and seungri

    i cant imagine if taeyang wear a skirt like them OMO..

    I really cant wait for the DVD >.<

  4. So scared to watch the parody LOL… dunno what to expect… have to prepare myself first xD

    is it just me or his mohawk just looks a tiny bit different?? like it’s thicker than usual?

    1. don’t expect too much.his acting was so bad i’m dying of second hand embarassment.lol
      he was prolly conscious of the wig.
      but then again his part was so short so no time to explore his character so, we don’t know if he have talent in that dept.
      well,that’s just my opinion though.^^

        1. LOL! Yeah his acting was bad! I guess YB loves music wayyyyyy toooo much to be good at anything else. lol.. I think he jsut wanted to get teh it over with.
          On the other hand, Daesung was the best actor ever! He was so good. Even better than TOP.

          Taeyang dance moves are so sharp, he really stands out when he performs.

          Every time I’m watching some other member dance, My attention gets drawn back to something bouncing up and down crazily in the corner of my eyes…of course Taeyang.

          Hahaha. All of Big Bang is so skinny except for Taeyang and Daesung. Taeyang is soooo handsome in person!

      1. I know. The parodies before weren’t as forgiving too. Let’s just forget about it. He’s meant to act in MVs hehehe. but this parody is the funniest so far, GD and TOP did well but the award has to be given to Daesung xD

  5. It was AWESOME!!! But it’s all a blur in my head right now. I went to the concert on Friday… I was in the standing section and he walked by a couple times and smirked at me. (There were so many girls there, it’s entirely possible he wasn’t looking at me, but I’m just going to say he was hahahaha.) xD

  6. i love that they perform old songs like VIP,bigbang,fool’s only tears lalala and shake it.
    i was on the 2nd floor vip section yesterday and i dance to every song lol
    yesterday,sr requested for us on the 2nd and 3rd floor to stand up and we did.ahhh,so much fun.

    there was this girl yesterday who screamed out youngbae’s name so loud.it’s so funny because her voice was hoarse i guess from to much shouting.everybody were looking at her but she’s like didn’t care.lol i felt second hand embarrassment for her at the same time i applaud her courage.

    so who among you here thought that it was GD then followed by SR doing the falsetto starts at 0:59 in cafe?it’s YB,i thought it was GD.yeah,mind blown lol
    baeri did better performing cafe yesterday than today.actually,
    all of them did well performing cafe on the 26th.

    YB did great on his solo.he perform WUA and IBT.i’m so proud of him.
    during STL(i think),YB dance like he’s on fire.gah!!i love this boy when he takes charge in dancing.
    he was very good at fool’s only tears.*sigh*i wish i captured it on cam:(( but i was on VIP standing today and it’s very hard to record the perfs since everyones’ pressed together and there is no room to move.

    it rain today.and it sucked because we have to line up outside waiting for one hour to be ushered inside the stadium.
    i was in vip standing i was hot,sweaty and uncomfortable. i give up counting after ten girls being fulled out because they looked like they’re about to faint..

    i saw all of them upclose and yeah,tabi looks like god,jiyong’s so damn pretty,maknae’s very goodlooking,dae’s very attractive and sex god YB is hot,as always.:D

    everything’s a blur now.this is all i rmb.mind you they’re all in random order.
    i did enjoy the shows.it was amazing IMHO.

    1. about Cafe.. i did know it was Bae’s voice after T.O.P’s rap before Seungri’s part.. still it was mindblowing watching him perform it.

      anyway during the concert, they showed the short clip where they talked about the new mini album. Taeyang only appeared at the end where he said, “you trust bigbang, we trust you” or smthg similar. but the rest appeared a few times where they said their favorite songs etc.. but i notice Bae didn’t appear anytime else, even when his name was flashed on the screen, it was GD saying smthg.. was it about him?.. just wondering.

  7. yes. ‘tonight’ is awesome live.
    by the way, they did change the order of the tracklist a little.
    for day 1, they had all the new songs towards the back. but from day 2 onwards they brought the new songs forward and put the all time fave bigbang hits: haru haru, lies, last farewell as the last songs before the encore. and on day 1 if i’m not wrong, i remember YB, Daesung and Ri joined in for High high towards the end but this didn’t happen for 2nd night on.

    i was there for 3 nights, at 3 different sections/sides but sorry i didn’t take any pics or vids as the staff were watching close by where i was. they were either behind or right in front/below watching up.

    1st night i was at VIP standing, thats the first ever time i saw YB so close above me. and i saw all the boys too. they look just like what we see in the pics and vids. or even better in person. 2nd night i was at VIP seating and i was seated near where they would come. and GD came over. damn so goodlooking, i got to touch a piece of him lol. and then YB came too and our eyes did meet. omg that moment i was super high, cause his eyes that i so adore was lighting up/smiling and he was looking right at me then and then he danced in front of us right there. that was like the best moment of the concert for me. kinda pity though i saw him close twice, but i didn’t get that close to touch a piece of him. TOP came over next and that boy is pure gorgeousness. i probably froze when he came by. 3rd night i was at the regular sitting and it was another experience altogether watching from a higher level, and from another side. things you didn’t see before you can see the bigger picture etc and i enjoyed myself on all nights.

    i was kinda bummed though. on day 3, the yg managers etc were all right below in front of me. i was seated on top of the entrance/exit. i could see people coming in and out. i saw jangmae (2NE1’s manager) standing close and i then realise 2NE1 has to be right in that vip seated section close by. i kept looking out at that section cause i love the girls too. i saw bommie being ushered to her seat.. to where the other girls were but it was dark i can’t spot the rest. the moment she came in, she quickly put on her hoodie but before that i already spotted her hair so i know it was her. a few songs later, janggoo walked over to that section and yes, 4 girls came out.. they left their seats right after Cafe before What Is Right. cause they walked right below me, i saw the first girl Bommie, then i was searching frantically for CL and Dara out of the 4, but it was dark and by the time i could identify anyone again, the last girl walking at the back i saw was Minzy. kinda bummed cause i really wanted to see Chaera. at that moment on, i kinda told myself, i have to go for the next Taeyang and 2NE1 concerts in Seoul. a promise i made to myself.

    But in all honesty, though i love all of Bigbang (if not for the amazing BB, i wouldn’t have fallen so deep for this man we all love), i kinda feel i’d enjoy a Taeyang solo concert just as much or even more because the whole time it will be him alone. i keep hearing people on the subway talking about Kwon Jiyong, TOP, Seungri a lot after the concerts, imagine being on the subway after Taeyang’s concert, everyone there will be talking about him alone keke.

    1. glad you had a good time.and you got to see them upclose,so all the trouble you went through is worth it. 😀

      i saw top’s manager that’s all.too afraid to take his picture cuz there were men in black everywhere lol

      on my train ride after the concert there were yb fans.
      did you see this in sadang station?

      you must have.it’s hard to miss.
      lots of BB fans were there taking pictures of that wall.ngl,even if it’s just pictures on the wall,i spazzed like an idiot.i’m hopeless when it comes to this boys.

      1. omg i missed that at sadang station! i was actually looking for the station where this promo was but i didn’t take note exactly where. and to think that i passed by sadang a few times on my failed and successful trips to hapjeong (yg building) cause i was staying at yeoksam.

        anyway i am having post-seoul-bigshow depression now that i’m back home. i think i need to stay at least a month next time when i go to seoul. it’s all worth it, i’d do it again for the next taeyang or bigbang or 2NE1 concerts.

        i saw top’s manager too, i was looking for kim boram but didn’t see him near.

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