ATY Spazz Party!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a chatparty on ATY so to celebrate all recent things Taeyang  related, we’d like to invite readers to the ATY Chatbox on February 27, 2pm KST for an anything-goes spazz party. Celebrate the Solar Concert DVD, KMAs, BB comeback…. let’s get together and exchange reviews, gossip and whatever else. (Keep some snacks and beverage of your choice on the side, it’s a party after all!)

And if that weekend isn’t free (let’s just say you scored tickets to the Big Show, ahem) come by on March 4, 2pm KST for a Part 2. Or come to both, the more, the merrier!


14 thoughts on “ATY Spazz Party!”

  1. JJJJANNNG. I miss my ATY fam bam. I fell out of KPOP for a couple months, but have been lulled by back by Taeyang’s Concert DVD. Side effects of being a “forever fangirl.” 😀

  2. Woo hoo!! Will definitely be there!!! If not, then I’ll come round for Part 2!

    I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks about the concert DVD and BB’s comeback~ 😀

    1. totally agree with you!
      i was there too and totally amazed/blown away.
      noone was left out, not to mention vip standing, vip seated and non vip seated all got their chances to get that close to bigbang cause the boys came to them. and the secret garden parody lol to me was my favorite one even though their previous parodies were great too. hearing YB’s voice live is always a wonderful feeling, and i thought his voice keeps getting better. and to finally see him that close in person.. he really is that gorgeous. i can never love him any less. it’s always more. and i met a korean taeyang fan while waiting for the subway. we were both wearing taeyang’s solar hoodies so we started talking and exchanged contacts even though we had language barriers. nothing can stop fans from talking about our common interest: taeyang. i probably won’t be able to join in the chat this sunday but i hope i can be there for the part 2. have fun with the chat!

  3. you know what would be absolutely spazz-tastic? an Always Taeyang podcast! I would love to hear the bloggers spazzing live and with sound! 😀 I’m not sure what kind of resources are needed for this kind of thing but just thought I’d put the idea out there 🙂

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