TONIGHT is here: BB’s 4rth Mini Album finally drops

It’s out!

Intro (Thank You & You)

Hands Up


Somebody to Love

What is Right


After hearing their work in Japan over the past 2 years and the recent GTop album, the EP is not a huge surprise since it is not much of a departure from the electro-pop based sound they have been developing as of late, tinged with their various forays into other genres. Big Bang has always had a flair with catchy pop and this is no different though.  It’s engaging on the first listen and shows a more mature and sophisticated sound than their previous releases.  What do you guys think?

It’s the live performances that often sell me on the BB songs though and I can’t wait to see them doing this in concert and on music shows. After all the hints about great choreography, I am super stoked. Big Bang is certainly living up to its name using the Big Show as its comeback vehicle and with hour long specials on both SBS and Mnet apart from their regular music show performances. It’ll be great to see the all the boys regularly on TV again (especially one boy in particular, ahem.) Dare I say it… Big Bang is back!

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68 thoughts on “TONIGHT is here: BB’s 4rth Mini Album finally drops”

  1. I have to agree. I’m waiting for the live performances to wow me even further. The album is mad fine but BB’s always the beasts in performances. ^^

    (YB ahh! I see you!!)

  2. I am going to wait for the live performance, because for the moment I am disapointed. I am tired of this electro-pop sound, I so want the old sound back from their first album

    1. Thank you, completely agree with you. Was so hoping they would bring it back to Lies days. But they did the whole electro pop thing again =____=

        1. you speak truth. And I’m happy they didn’t do another lies, cause that was Haru Haru and we don’t need a 3rd Lies tbh.

        2. ^
          have you listened to the songs? they’re basically the same. PPl i’ve had listen to those songs have said the same thing (i’m talking about none BB/non kpop fans).

        3. Yep,HARU HARU and LIES sound very similar,when LIES was released I wasnt a BB fan and when I listened to LIES I kept referring to HARU HARU and vice versa, I was baffeled for a period and kept getting the two mixed.

    2. I totally agree. As I listened to it, I remember GD saying that he has grown tired of the autotune sound in music today.

      So what’s the deal with this GD?

      1. based on what i read I don’t think GD ever said no autotune, i believe he said he wanted to do somethings differently but never explicitly said no autotune. people just assumed no autotue

      2. Autotune isnt necassarily a bad thing,its just that so many people over-use it beyond its original purpose,which is to add a certain effect to a song. Using it aimlessly or to hide defects of vocals etc completely ruins a song ,ending up with this electronic sounding track,where the vocals,if any are completely drowned and its unpleasant to listen to. But this is definitely not the case in this album,there is autotune like in TONIGHT but I think its used in a good way to compliment the song.

    3. True.they have been using this electro sound a lot as of late,so I was preparing myself for an album that is at least 80% electro.But I personally think the album as a whole wasn’t too over powering in terms of electo sound,it was tolerable.

  3. Im actually disappointed. I didn’t wanna judge till the album came out. But i think this has been over hyped with the whole 2 years thing, i think whatever they released it would be hit cos of the fan girls and stuff.

    Honestly from a music viewpoint…i dunno, i thought GD said there wouldn’t be any auto tune. I think the album is missing a rnb slow track. But thats just my opinion. All this party dance beats its not working for me. Anyone else feel the same?

      1. i heard a lot of people like cafe, but i personally thought it was only ok. gd’s voice was a little too much at times, so every time taeyang, daesung, and seungri voice came on, i was like…”thank god” haha…

        overall, this album does scream more gd’s style than bigbang’s. though i’m happy that taeyang got a good about of lines, i just feel really bad for the two youngest, especially daesung 😦

    1. based on what i read I don’t think GD ever said no autotune, i believe he said he wanted to do somethings differently but never explicitly said no autotune. people just assumed no autotue

      Also, BB is supposeed to release another mini album later in the year. The original plans were a full album but that was changed so maybe more r&b songs will be on the other album

    2. i was thinking.. that they might be saving all the good songs and of course our YB song hopefully..for the next BB album. Maybe this album is somehow a build up to something much better.

  4. I really like the album but there is some disappointments -it’s a lot more electropop than I had hoped for and very few of the songs showed growth.

    This by far isn’t one of my fav BB minis and there’s 2 songs on it that I don’t really care for – STL and What Is Right. I just don’t like STL and What Is Right sounds generic and stale.

    However, I adore CAFE (amazing beautiful glorious song and everyone on it sounds perfect and TOP and Dae really stand out). The Intro is great and I like the title track. Hands Up has been redeemed for me because of TOP’s awesome lulzy rap. So 4/6 songs isn’t bad but I usually love all of BB’s songs on their minis. I ordered the album and I’m excited to get it but I’m hoping that their full korean album will be better.

    One thing that did disappoint me was the lack of Dae and Ri on the songs, they’re great singers esp Dae and he barely shinned except on CAFE. I can barely remember Ri on this album.

    1. To me, there was actually a lot of YBTOP on the album, which surprised me but hey, I’m not complaining. Haha. Although I would have loved to hear more Dae for sure.

        1. well yeah, more Dae would have been nice as well but really i’m not complaining cuz YB’s had his parts decreased before so now i’m rejoicing whenever i hear his voice 🙂 For SR..he can stay that way

        2. I agree with you guys,I wanted more of Dae and Ri in moderation seemed fine ,but I thought it was too selfish and biased of me to think that so I kept it to myself,lol but seems like a lot amongst us feel that way.

          Having said that I do think Ri deserved a bit more spotlight in this album than he got,but hey everyone cant get equal spots,besides I cant complain with YB’s divine vocal intervention (lol) 😉

  5. I actually love the album. The Korean versions of the Japanese songs might take a little while to get used to though.

    Even though it does have some electropop, it’s not awashed in it as their previous Japanese songs. You can tell there’s so much more depth to these songs. It may not seem obvious at first, but it’s apparent that BB pulled upon so many different genres of music for this album. Not everything that uses a synthesizer is autotune. But where they do use autotune, they use it correctly.

    I have a feeling that they’re using the mini-album to put themselves back out there….show the public exactly why they’re supposed to be on top. Every track just comes up and smacks you in the face right away. I’m betting the full album will have the slower R&B songs some of us are waiting for.

    And can I just say the YB’s voice is just exquisite? I was literally just waiting for his voice to appear in every song. And this might sound weird, but I know YB’s voice was autotuned in Tonight, but it works for me. Am I the only person that feels like YB’s voice works really well autotuned. We all know it sounds heavenly without it yet I feel that it’s good slighty autotuned as well. I don’t know….maybe YB just has that type of sound. Haha

      1. Hahah I know…great minds think alike! 😀

        I thought some of them sounded great, not just YB. But Dae’s lovely voice was barely heard on any of the tracks. I was expecting more of Dae tbh. And SR…while he is becoming a stronger singer, his voice is just not my cup of tea. GDTOP were either hit or miss for me. They either sounded really awesome or blah at different points.

        But like everyone knows, BB’s live performances go a loooooong way in making the songs more polished. Their live performances just bring the songs to a whole different level that’s not apparent just through the CD.

        1. Lack of Seungri had me wondering whether he was actually in this album at all…Dae and Ri should have got more time on the songs.

          and love that last para,thats definitely the case with BB 😀

        2. I don’t know if it’s the usual YB effect (and perhaps because he does have a lot of parts) I thought “ah, these songs will be growers” the first time I heard them.

          A dozen listens later, I’m finding it to be true though. I’m liking them more with repeats and am hearing more details each time. Different than my previous BB listening experiences.

    1. I agree with your comment,this is exactly how i feel!
      I think many people are missing the point here,yes its different and they have used a lot of electro-pop and some autotune but its used in a positive way to compliment the songs. So where exactly is the bad thing? autotune is used to add a certain effect to a song,it only becomes a bad thing when its over used or used aimlessly,which is definitely not the case with this album.

    2. I can see where you’re coming from… sometimes autotune fits the song or artist… but not for YB. GD maybe or Seungri. Idk whenever I hear his voice in autotune its like an angel loses its wings… why cover up that beautiful voice?! That’s why “I’ll Be There” will never be one of my favorites… unnecessary autotuning.

  6. I like the album…but as for the rap verses, it’s not as good as usual. I’m also disappinted in the electro pop sound saturating the album. Cafe is one of my favs because it is actually different from generic Kpop.

    Whatever BB release, it will be HUGE in Korea anyways, but after2 years, I was expecting more. But I’m not complaining, they’re still better than average, and like most of you guys, i’m waiting for live perf. too.

  7. This is such a diverse album and the electro sound is used in such a way that the songs arent drowned by it but we can actually here their vocals.My favourite has got to be CAFE and I like TONIGHT too,not a bad title track.Also,I find the remakes alot nicer,the Japanese versions werent exactly my favourites but the Korean versions are better to me because,the electro/autotune or whatever is A LOT more milder.

    But I need MV’s!! lol and translations too,Overall,I think its a good album!

    But like many have already said and I agree with this too: what really makes BIGBANG’s songs great are their performances and stage presence, so I cant wait for that! especially with Shaun’s choreo of which I already hear great things 😉

  8. i feel as in TONIGHT taeyang has too much autotune. but V.I sounds really good in there. BUT i love taeyangs part towards the end when there isnt any autotune on his voice. around 2:30

    and for the rest of the album, taeyang sounds reallly good because there isnt a lot of autotune on his voice

    and im really feeling there somebody to love even though its a remake again from the japanese album.

    i really hope they have the full album coming out with slower songs and more meaningful songs.

    BUT i cant wait to see them live for their 1 hour special!

  9. I’ve always been a fan of techno/house, even before it became the IT sound, so of course I’m loving songs like Tonight. But I admit I’d like to hear more like “Cafe”, it was different and I’m liking that. And yes, autotune needs to freakin DIE already… not only in Korea…

  10. I’m a quiet follower of ATY, and I just feel like speaking up for this one. I think us fans just got way too hyped up. Too much hype is bad because it’s like we expect their comeback to be legendary so that’s why some of us get a bit disappointed. This is Big Bang’s greatest fear, so I can understand why they included some familiar tracks and familiar autotune sounds.

    I don’t think the mini album isn’t too bad. Big Bang definitely has a more mature sound. I feel like Tonight was a bit over the place. I think it’s a track that you need to listen to multiple times to realize you love it. So hopefully with the countless live performances coming up, we’ll all fall in love with it over time. But man, did I love it when they switched the sound up to an acoustic guitar towards the end. And yeah, way too little Seungri and Daesung. It sounded more like a GD-TOP-YB three-way collaboration album (which actually isn’t a bad idea at the moment right now, haha!). I’m personally not complaining because I’ve been wanting to hear YB. However, it’s the Seungri and Daesung fans that’ll be missing out. I just wish they’d equal out the voices on their title song at least. Everyone seems to like Cafe. Am I the only one loving What Is Right?

    All I can say is that we just need to be patient till they release a full album. I’m sure they’ll cater out what we’ve really been wanting to hear until then. I have a feeling they’re just saving the best for last.

    1. Welcome to ATY! You’re right about the overhype. I guess we have a tendency to do that whether it was for YB or BB. When there’s to much hype for something, it’s really easy to get let down.

      But you’re not the only one. I liked What Is Right too!

  11. Hi all!~~ I had to tune in and post about this album…two years in the making and finally its out =D
    I’ve been reading a lot of the comments and I’m surprised at some of them but ofcourse, everyone has had different expectations from the boys with this comeback so I’m not surprised there are some disappointments and some rounds of applause. That being said, I went into this comeback not expecting anything – the boys have matured and grown up so much in the past 2 years, their musical tastes have diversified so I knew it would be hard to bring back 5 musically different men together to make one album that shows their strengths together, however I am VERY PLEASED with this album.
    GD has always had a penchant for throwing in a lot of autotune in his music (GD fans, don’t deny it) so when I found out all the tracks would be composed by him, I was a bit skeptical (and disappointed YB’s track wasn’t included) HOWEVER I think GD did a good job of trying to balance the autotune tracks with the more “different” tracks for this album.
    For one – CAFE – has to be my favorite song off the album. It’s like “Good Man” off their Stand Up album, so different jazzy and feel good but still has that “bad-ass” Big Bang vibe to it. I absolutely LOVE it.
    TONIGHT – their main track has to be one of my least favs on the album BUT I can live with it. I know the music video will make up for the track and remember, they’re trying to appeal to all types of people listening to KPOP now. If Big Bang was only trying to please their fans, what’s the point? I get that, they’re trying to reach out to the masses who have only come to know of them, or haven’t been their fans for a while. Every group hopes to gain more fans who will enjoy their music with every round of promotions. I hope that this is their intention.
    I never really liked SOMEBODY TO LOVE and HANDS UP on their Japanese album, so I wasn’t too thrilled with the Korean version, but I can get over it. Maybe if one of the tracks were new, I’d appreciate that for someone buying the album.
    And that leaves WHAT’S RIGHT and the INTRO, both of which I think are decent tracks in their own, very reminicent of Big Bang’s “Remember” album, I feel like they chose a couple of instrumentals/beats in their catalogue and threw in some lyrics.

    As for YB’s vocals – absolute love. He always sounds good but I think his voice has gotten “cleaner” this round…whether its the vacation or just better quality production, either way, I’m loving some YB after a drought. And I agree, the lack of SR and Dae on this album makes me sad, as much as I’m not a huge fan, they did deserve a little bit more sunshine on this album. Let’s hope their full album brings more new tracks and possibly even tracks from each of the members themselves. I’m okay to let go my grievances about this album knowning that a full album will be there, however if the same thing happens again (aka. some recycled tracks), I will not be a happy IVIP. lol.

    So I hope all BB fans waiting for this album have found atleast one (or more) songs they like off this album. It’s always hard to love an entire album, and especially with your favorite group, you want an album that you’ll love to pieces but I think this is one that might take some time to grow on and getting used too, which is good, cause Big Bang ain’t going anywhere (atleast not for this next year!).

    Okay, I’m done, whoever reads this is love. Consider it my “popping in to see if anyone remembers me” post LOL


    1. I’m with you in terms of the deliverence of the album and all,I never really liked SOMEBODY TO LOVE and HANDS UP,although I find the Korean versions a lot better,its still nothing amazing,so that leaves me with just TONIGHT,CAFE,INTRO and WHATS RIGHT.At first I didnt think the intro was anything special as it felt a bit all over the place and GDTOP’s repetition of “I’m fine,thank you and you” like really? I still dont get it fully but it became one of my favourites.TONIGHT goes back to BB cuts from 2NE1 TV and I didnt like the sound of it at all, also I saw YB’s vocals being autotuned and I was like oh no…I was hoping that either I heard wrong and made a silly judgement since the full song hasn been released or it will be one of the not-so-great one’s out of the album,the teasers later on didnt help as they were really inconsistent,after the full release I still didnt like it but after the 3rd listen I started liking it.CAFE was an instant hit,I dont have to explain,its just pure awesomeness,you said it better than I could.

      So My favourites are CAFE,TONIGHT and the intro,I didnt have any expectations,although I was kinda preparing for some autotune/electro given the route GD has been taking recently with his composing,maybe it was having no set expectations that left me open minded and enabled me to like the album,I mean INAG taught me a lesson about expectation from artists who are at a regress of growth, they must be left to explore and experiment new things,if you set your mind as to what you expect of them,disappointment is inevitable.

      so yeah thats my view,I’m pretty much in agreement with you Kay. I’m happy with this mini album but with only two favourite tracks…I really DO hope there is a full length album heading our way WITH YB’s track,or I will be a very unhappy IVIP too,lol.

      Oh and btw HELLOOO! I took time to read your essay,so I must be love right? 😀

      1. I forgot to say I dont understand WHAT IS RIGHT it seems out place in the album,I dont know,but its still a pretty decent track.

    2. It’s interesting that you brought up how the appeal has to be broader this time around for this album. The Kpop world has changed a lot since the time BB has last promoted and they do have the triple challenges of keeping their signature sound, appealing to a new batch of fans, and yet breaking away from the same-y musical trends infecting most of idol music. A tall order, and a seemingly contradictory one, yet they manage to do it I think, on the most part.

      As someone who got pulled into BB mostly because of Hot Issue, I’ve been trying to ask myself if I were hearing BB for the first time because of this album, would I be encouraged to seek them out more? While the album is no Hot Issue, the answer would still be yes. BB (and certainly GD) has a way of making sticky pop, well, stick. The music is well produced, catchy. danceable and interesting enough to stand out from the pack. (And truth be told, YB’s vocals are a stand out to me. Can’t help the bias there.) I think it may actually be harder for older fans to appreciate this, but I can see a lot of new fans for their new music. Which is not a bad thing, really.

      1. I was actually thinking about that before. They have to still seem relevant to the general public since they’ve been away for so long. I think that’s where Tonight and What is Right come in. They both seem to appeal to the type of music that is out right now, Tonight moreso than What is Right. But they’re also letting us know, “Hey, it’s still us. We’re Big Bang and we’re trying new things.” That’s where Cafe comes in. Cafe is probably one of the more different styles of kpop songs I’ve heard release recently. Cafe shows that they are expanding their mindset and musical styles, incorporating things that kpop music doesn’t really focus on nowadays.

      2. I know I was trying to think that too: “If these songs weren’t made and sung by the Big Bang I know and love, would I still like them?”. It’s so hard to make a fair assessment when you already stan a group/artist. ^^ Answer: I would’ve zoomed by tonight which sucks because I started to love it around the third listen. I would probably be intriged by What is right and of course I would still love cafe.

    3. Hi Kay!!! I’m sure those who have stayed longer still remembers you *grins*

      The thought that BB might make songs that would appeal to new fans in this album never came to mind for me, so it’s good that you pointed out! Then how this is a mini album, the two Jap songs are included, and they’re still in the electro-pop all makes sense. 😀

      My train of thoughts were similar to yours as the days drew closer to this album’s release. So am definitely quite pleased with what I’ve heard.

  12. Just putting it out there: I love reading ATY comments. I swear Taeyang must have some of the most mature reasonable kpop fans out there. Kinda like Taeyang himself. Not to brag… heheh ^^
    Now to put my two cents: I’m still in the process of digesting this album. Tonight is predictable and very typical of sounds these days (in the U.S. as well as in Korea) but strangely also addicting. My first thought was “Bleh. Electropop. How typical” but next thing I know it was on replay on my ipod. ^^ It’s also an obvious club hit. For cafe, I really didn’t know what to expect because of the name (except for maybe some more akward french phrases– which thankfully didn’t happen). Very rarely do I describe mainstream kpop as “refreshing” but that’s cafe for me. I’m glad to see this song receiving lots of love because I really wish to see it promoted. What is right seems to be unpopular but I also like that song. I personally adore GD’s ventures into other musical styles and I can definately see the modern punk-rock-pop-rap (think stereos and down with webster) influence. In the end, the minialbum didn’t WOW me but it didn’t disappoint either. I’m regarding it as an appetizer for the bigger and hopefully meatier full album on the way. *crosses fingers*

    1. yeah thats us YB fans,again not bragging 😉 lol

      I felt that way about TONIGHT at first too but I really like it now,I can really see the use of autotune/electro or whatever has been used in a good way,I dont know how to say it but its nice to listen to,unlike many heavily autotuned typical tunes. Also,CAFE I was like thats gonna be an interesting one with a title like that,lol but that was the instant hit to me,out of the whole album.

      I can see GD’s improvement as a composer and all 5 boys’ growth over the past 2 years in this album,I think thats one of the reasons why I like this album so much,depite it only containing two or three tracks that I really like.I hope there’s a “best saved till last” situation going on and that a better FULL lenghth album is in fact heading our way.

      *Why am I commenting so much? I feel like I’m spamming the page,lol*

      1. please keep spamming, I love hearing your thoughts.

        Also, I agree, there is some evolution here and tho I only like 4/6 songs there is definitely a maturity to BB’s music now. There’s growth. It makes me excited for the full album which I think is what it’s suppose to do.

        1. Why,thank you now I have just cause for spamming 😀 but careful what you wish for,I’m usually a listener but once I’m passionate about something I have a lot to say and never stop,lol.

      2. I feel the same about Tonight! The autotune is not overwhelming and the whole electro thing is used appropriately. Idk. lol I usually have very little patience for those kinda songs (because they are everywhere these days :P) but somehow I’m okay with Tonight. Also the bridge is forever stuck in my head xD

  13. I personally thought the songs were good. looking forward to be big bang music.

    FYI… bug bang is finally available on iTunes. noe they just need to get the rest of it on there.

  14. my first listen …
    CAFE is just ok to me. but I really like YB & Dae’ parts
    HANDS UP , INTRO and TONIGHT are ok, too.
    and i like WHAT IS RIGHT the most
    i think i have to listen many more times to judge

  15. i liked Cafe, but only because of Dae & YB’s parts. Dae killed it! and YB singing in a lower tone!? so sexxyy! <3333
    What Is Right isnt as bad as ppl said it was, i really like it (:
    Tonight was good too, but why you want to autotune YB's voice?! that is a crime!

    Question: those who have listened to Somebody to love and Hands up, was is worth it? should i give it a try? cuz i hated (like really HATED) the japanese versions.

  16. Loving reading ATY comments 🙂
    Won’t say much more else because my views and opinions are shared by fellow ATYers. You guys put into words better than I could have.
    Either way Bigbangisback and we can look forward to see them rock amazing live performance.
    A lil comic relief, who else was thinking they would love to go cruising “shotgun in the whip’ lol with the top down with TY while watching the Tonight MV Teaser. XD

  17. wooahhhh For “Thank You & You”, it’s okay.
    For “Tonight”, I really like the chorus already. However, it took me a couple more replays to like the whole song. But it was very uncool autotuning Taeyang’s voice.
    For “Hands Up” and “Somebody To Love”, I like it but I prefer the Japanese version.
    For “What Is Right”, I loveeee it. It’s unexplainable. I just love it right after listening to it at the first time. I’ll tell you, BB, what’s right is by making this song. What’s wrong is this is not the title song.
    For “Cafe”, OMGOSSHHH I died right away. Totally love it. Top’s sexy husky voice, yummm. GD’s, Taeyang’s, & Seungri’s falsetto voices, veryyy seductive. And Daesung’s tone, I don’t know how to describe it but its good.
    Overall, it was alright. I feel like they can do better though. I was disappointed in their album cover. Their concept photos were okay as well. If they take out the auto-tune probably I’ll go from “like to love” or “love to greatness/ something like that”

  18. Oooo~ Whenever BB or YB drops an album, I know I can count on ATY to bring up discussion and insight into the music and guesses of the BTS, hahahhaha.

    I’m really happy with what GD and the boys have put together. Sure there’s autotune, but it’s not overused that it totally ruins the song. I also felt it wasn’t used too much like some of their Japanese releases.

    My favourite track, like many here, is CAFE. It was love on the first listen. ❤
    Tonight and Thank You and You sound great too. What is Right sounds fine, it'll have to take a few listens for me to like it though. I'm OK with the Jap songs, in there, am a bit miffed that newer songs couldn't take the place of those two.

    YB's vocals really stood out for me in all these songs. A lot compared to their past releases. Dae and Ri's there but sort of not there vocals in the songs I'm bit sad about… I'm keeping my fingers crossed they'll shine and show their stuff in the promised full album.

  19. You know, I guess I can understand why they chose Tonight as the title track. First time it’s just a decent song but it gets so much better after every listen. For me anyways.. and it’s wormed it’s way into my brain really. Also, YB sings the chorus..kekekeke well, that makes me like the song better ;p

    Cafe is good, everyone’s favorite but ya know, i got a lil bit shocked at myself last night, cuz i couldn’t distinguised whether it’s YB or GD singing after TOP’s first rap. Failed as a fan there. When YB sang ‘moteuga’ it sounds so much like him but then the rest of the line got me so confused. Thought GD was singing..

    STL… It’s not a song i’d listen to always but I will anyway cuz YB’s got soo many parts xD
    HU, I like it. that’s all.

    Anyway, what I really liked about this album is that they use the autotune machine right this time. It’s not excessive.. and those guitar parts actually make the songs less electro-pop. Another reason is YB’s given a lot of parts, it’s love really, but i’m a lil bit worried for his live performances, hopefully he can sing well but this time his parts are in lower register, so that should help.

    More Dae would have been fine but hey, he’s coming out with a solo album, there’s your chance to hear his voice more 🙂

    Sorry for the long rant

    1. totally agree, didnt know if it was yb’s good high notes or gd. youre not the only one!

      that was after the first listen..towards the end, after hearing yb’s greattt last few lines where his voice was really low that I figured the chorus was gd

      just to confirm…it is gd singing?

      1. after listening for the second time, the chorus is gd but the part right after tops first verse sounds like yb.

        yb needs to sing this low more often. sounds amazingg

  20. so after listening to all the songs over again, i think i can safely say that ‘what is right’ is my favorite off the album, though i thought some of taeyang’s parts could have been shared with daesung or seungri. i love taeyang but dae and ri had like one part each; it is suppose to be a bigbang song afterall 😀

    looking forward to their live stage!!! oh and big show…fancams!!!! ❤

  21. I waited til I got the album to listen. Everyone that hyped up CAFE – thank you! That was my favorite song. YBs part was amazing. He improved so much. I hope they make a MV for it.

    Honestly thou, I’m reallllllllllly sad Dae is barely in the album. We’ve been hearing less from him and it’s like he is slowly disappearing. I want to hear him sing his ass off cuz he has an amazing voice. It’s like a tease when I listened to the songs.

    However, I’m okay Ri wasn’t in as much either lol. Jkjkjkjk. (:

    I expected a lot of electro pop and autotunes. Thas what’s in right now – unfortunately. But they gotta appeal to the larger crowd and not just their fans. Hopefully end of the year we get more of them. More variety in their album. And more Dae… Please (:

    Im glad they had more YB thou … Can never get too much of him. YUM!!!!!!

  22. CAFE,CAFE,CAFE! My faverite in the whole album including somebody to love. At first i wasn’t into the album,but the song get addicted and you keep liking the songs as time goes by. Cafe was my faverite from the start! I can’t wait for their performances! Love taeyang’s voice in Cafe,also top and daesung. ❤ they got some sexy voices..over all,everyone did great! 😉

  23. So I skimmed throughout all of big bang’s sites and ended up only commenting here (much love ATY ) even thought most of my thoughts had been stated above , please bare with me this might be the one and only chance I get to talk about the album with anyone 😦

    For me the highlights of the album were sadly few but memorable … dae’s part in ’ café’ just blow me away , I had no idea that I been underrating him , I knew he was good but now I’m sooo looking foreward to his solo , the drop part in tonight when the song seemingly ended and the guitar start up again was just right .. I think I only re listened to it for that part but now I’m getting a little hooked to the song .

    YB in the album over all was brilliant .. i already have undying love for his voice and it’s texture but it’s just got renewed , listening to ‘what is right’ he seemed the only one to shine but out of my bias mind I hoped for more dae in there … surprisingly hands up and somebody to love wormed up to me this time around .. I didn’t even bother listening to them beyond the first time before .

    And the same thing happened to me that “bluemaid” stated .. I was left wondering if I would have even bothered taking another listen if it wasn’t the big bang that i so musically admired and I don’t think I could come up with a definite no other than for café .. I’m not disappointed and not just because of my lack of expectation , I’m not disappointed because I know this is what they wanted to bring out , what they wanted us to listen to and enjoy and I did for each and every song … no new fav song between them ,no breaking my most played list ( 1. taeyang ) but it’s ok , I still find my musical respect for them unwavering , it might not have been my kind of an album but I could still enjoy it .

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