[Feature] 8th KMA nominees for R&B/Soul

Since we’ve gotten a few requests to do so, we’d like to highlight all the nominees for the R&B and Soul Category in the run up to the 8th Korean Music Awards on February 23.  It’s one of the strongest R&B line-ups in years and any one of them would be a worthy winner.  Feast your ears on these candidates up for Best Song. (Each of the candidates for best song are also on the list for best album.  And the albums are equally good – I highly recommend R&B lovers check them out when you have the time.)

1.  진보 (Jinbo)  – U R (Album: Afterwork)

The rest of the songs, including our boy, under the cut…
(Updated with the winners )

2.  Brown Eyed Soul – Never Forget (Album: Brown Eyed Soul)

3.   Boni – 너를 보내도 (Album : Nu One)

4.   Deez – Sugar (Album: Get Real)

5.    Taeyang – I Need A Girl (Album: Solar)

(A live because I’m sure you all know the studio version really well.)

I’d also like to clear up some misunderstandings about the KMA that have been circulating on various international k-pop sites.  The KMA is different from other major awards in that a panel of 60 members of the music industry choose the candidates and winners based on the quality of their music contribution that year.  They listen to all the songs and albums that have been released and judge based on the technical and artistic merit of the music itself and how it sounds compared to all the other music released in 2011. They try to look at the diversity of musical genres and do not look at sales and popularity – which is why a lot of non-mainstream and indie musicians make the list. (Because there is a lot of excellent music by relatively unknown musicians that don’t have the marketing clout of a big company or media exposure to drive sales.)  It’s very similar to the awards process for the Oscars/US Film Academy  Awards in which the winners have nothing to do with ticket sales.  Without sales as a criteria, there is going to be a very different list than other awards.  There is no discrimination for or against any one group – everyone, popular and unpopular,  gets considered though not everyone makes the cut.

And as I mentioned before, its a huge honor for Taeyang to be on the list since it means his musical experiments are being validated against the landscape of the other musicians in his genre. He’s bringing something fresh to the music scene, even among those who are veteran musicians compared to himself. And he is growing even compared to what he achieved in 2008 – here’s hoping he keeps pushing boundaries with whatever he is doing next.

Update: Congratulations to Deez for winning Best R&B Soul Song and Jinbo for winning Best R&B Soul Album!  Extremely well deserved!  Congratulations to Taeyang for being the Netizen’s pick for Best Male Vocalist.

21 thoughts on “[Feature] 8th KMA nominees for R&B/Soul”

  1. I love the heck out of Boni, her albums are just perfection her voice her everything. If Tae doesn’t win I hope she does.

  2. Oooo excellent post.
    As much as I love my boy, the best RnB album for me, was Deez’s Get Real, closely followed by Jinbo’s Afterwork. Boni’s album was awesome as well..But ofc, I ain;t gonna complain if YB wins 😉
    Def. such a large and talented lineup this year. I’m so happy for YB to be nominated once again. I think Solar has enabled him to move one giant step closer to the artist and performer he wants to be. So many opportunities, recognition from all over the world, I seriously cannot wait to hear his next album…(it’ll be another 2 years, yet I’m still excited just thinking about it ehheee).

  3. Sorry for repeat/double response does Deez remind anyone else of D’Angelo crossed with Maxwell… loving him too, man such a talented bunch of nominees.

  4. An awards show which is actually genuine finally. Seriously theres no point taking the other awards shows like MAMA or anything seriously anymore, its just a popularity contest.

  5. I really loved Jinbo’s album and Deez too was wonderful, just the fact that YB was classed with some of these people is amazing.

    My money is on Deez but I can definitely see YB winning another KMA in the future, esp if he keeps going the way he has been.

  6. Amazing competition he has there. All the best to our boy, this is already something we fans should be grateful and proud for 🙂

  7. All these artists are just pure RnB awesomeness,I’m so glad and proud of YB because through his hard work and talent he has been deemed a worthy contender amongst these artists.So proud!

    I personally feel that there are artists on this list who are more likely to win than YB,he is still young and he’s improving everyday so I have no doubt that the future in KMA looks bright for him,Goodluck Young Bae!

  8. Thanks for the great post. Yes its quite amazing that Taeyang was nominated among these artists. A lot of the complainers have to listen to the rest of the nomination list before they start discrediting this award show. Then they’ll realize that their idols are in a different category actually. hahaha

    Anyhoo, I rewatched the part in Real Sound where Taeyang cradles his KMA awards. It was such a sweet moment. I hope he gets to at least attend the award show. It would be super cool if he did.

  9. Wow, I listened to all nominees, ummm, I agree, YB has some competition! I found a new interest, BONI! Love her voice her song has me. Thanks for doing this, best of luck to every nominee!

  10. It’s an honor for YB to even be nominated. He’s up against some seriously dope artists so I don’t mind at all if he loses. His music is speaking for itself and growing with each album. I can’t wait to see what happens with his next album.
    I love the KMAs because if sales were calculated, none of the amazing artists would have made the cut by a long shot. It makes me so mad when haters try to bring their biasness in and are like, ” well this artist was so much more popular or sold more albums.”. Obviously the KMA panel looks beyond the realm of popularity. So two thumbs up to YB for his nomination!

  11. iam really into R&B
    so glad that i’m a YB fan
    his music is so appealing !!!
    love all the songs : LOAM , sinner, … ❤

  12. dang… i must say that the real contender of Taeyang is Deez ( maybe this is the first time i see and heard Deez sing but i like Sugar song melody, coz i imagine that i heard at night and it feel relax )

    but for me TAEYANG IS THE BEST and must deserved the award

    coz Taeyang have anything music sense, music style, face, body, fashion, voice, awesome body, low profile, stage performance, phylosphy and anything ^_^


  13. isn’t jinbo and deez and YB the R&B trinity in korea?
    i think some critic tag them as that.

    what a tough competation.i’m leaning more on deez .

  14. I couldn’t agree more with the results. Deez’s sugar was amazing, and Jinbo’s album was so well-rounded.
    And ofc, icing on the cake that YB won netizen’s pick for best male vocal (is this for all categories? if so……..how awesome is that!).
    Ahhh what a great way to start my morning 🙂

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