Big Bang is Back on the 24th! and YB on Me2day

As I’m sure some of you have already heard, Big Bang is coming back on Feb. 24th.


YG has recently released some concept photos and the tracklist. There will be no multiple title tracks but just one for Big Bang’s 4th minialbum and it’s title “Tonight”. Check out promo pics and the tracklist below!


and another concept photo and I’m not sure if I like Taeyang’s styling (tassels?!? really now?)


To be honest I’m a little disappointed with what I’ve seen so far. First that it was a minialbum instead of a full (but I can understand that, a full one is promised soon but you know how YG’s calender is) and of the 5.5 new songs 2 are remakes of Japanese songs from last year. Doesn’t help that I dislike both those Japanese songs. However, I am very excited to see all my boys back on stage together, it’s been a long time since they’ve all been on stage together in Korea.

In other news, seem like Taeyang has decided to join Korea’s social networking site Me2day. In fact he joined over a month ago.



It seems like he’ll update his me2day about as frequently as his twitter, which is never but this now means that all of Big Bang is on me2day. Hopefully soon all will be on twitter too.

20 thoughts on “Big Bang is Back on the 24th! and YB on Me2day”

  1. Ooohhh…loving the new banner!!!! (first thought upon entering the website. Haha)

    Can I just say that I’m pretty disappointed? Dropping from a full-length album to a mini album. And not even filling the mini album with all new songs after such a long hiatus? TBH….I did not expect this of YG and BB AT ALL. Although the first lines of the new songs seem pretty interesting. So I’ll have to see about those.

    AND our man not having any input into the new songs? No co-composing, no lyrics, no nothing? I’m extremely disappointed to see that.

    I guess I’m just really expecting BB to release a full-length Korean album later this year. And please, please, please have YB’s input in it! What happened to the song he was working on in 2ne1TV? It had signs of being epic!!!

    YG-I know GD is your go-to guy now and that you’re trying to expand his horizons and give him more experience, and I know that TOP is doing more and more on his end….but don’t leave YB out please! His work has been AMAZING so far! Take It Slow was just heaven. Don’t underestimate this guy!

    1. thanks dear =)
      I agree with the disappointment, I think I’m more disappointed YB’s song didn’t make it into the mini album more than the album not being full length…this wait has been way to long, but i would have loved to see all the members contribute to this album more as song writers and lyrcists since they’ve all grown so much individually….

      1. according to 2NE1TV, that song is for the 3 vocalists of Big Bang namely Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri.
        YG said that this album will only contain songs that have all the members in it which is why the song that YB’s composing did not get included.
        maybe for their next album.
        i’m hoping it will be full-length. 🙂

        i was also disappointed with the remakes.
        i had a lot of expectations for this comeback album since we’ve been waiting for this for so long.
        but i love the boys that’s why i think i’m gonna let it slide. hehe. :p
        the reason they chose those two songs may be because the Korean public is not that much aware of it.
        i’m hoping the songs will be re-arranged and will give a different feeling than the original Japanese versions.
        they said the album will have rock influence but those two songs are more electronic so i’m wishing they’ll put a new spin to the songs.
        in any case, i still love them.
        i have invested so much in them to hate them now when it’s their comeback in the K-scene after so long.
        my hopes are high for their title song Tonight!
        i want it to be as EPIC as Haru Haru, the song that made me fall in love with them and started my interest in K-Pop.

    2. Completely Agree! I hope this isn’t gonna be another GD or GDTOP style album. Even Seungri proved he can compose songs as well.

      Definitely the song Taeyang wrote, it was on the same level as Take It Slow. I hope they release it later.

  2. i think most fans are slightly disappointed in the mini album. *sigh* just when things were going reasonably well will their promos YG manages to screw it up somehow >.>

    as for me2day, the boys are supposed to update them w/ video teasers later, so I doubt he’ll be really using it after the album drops.

  3. Being more of a Tae Yang fan than a Big Bang fan, not too upset about it being a mini-album. It’s nice to have something atleast. It would have been really nice to hear the song he wrote for VI, Dlite and himself though. But I am upset about Seungri’s hair… was loving his VVIP hair. 😛

  4. i’m not even going to comment about the disappointment because i know almost everyone else is feeling it …. but doesn’t it just seem odd that YG used all these new promotion techniques from the multi title tracks , different album covers and so many more then suddenly came to a halt with it when it came to big bang’s turn ??

    what ever is on YG’s mind right now , i just hope he’s not being cock about big bang being big bang and throwing out anything for the fans .. I’m pretty sure it won’t come to the point of releasing a so ,so music quality but even as i’m writing this i’m leaning toward the “at least they are coming back ” like so many others and doesn’t that say enough .. after two years and people’s first reaction is i will take whatever !!
    i actually thought they may have a big surprise in store right before the release but i’m keeping my hope of that to a very minimum degree !!

    1. What bothers me is there was talk about making the songs perfect, so they took so long till everything was right. I believe they were making songs even during the 21TV period which was ages ago. And yet 2 of the songs are already pre-made and just put into korean i suppose. So where all these other wonderful songs they’ve created.

  5. I’m actually satisfied with a mini album as opposed to the luxury of a full length one,but 2 tracks being remakes left me dissapointed but my spirits arent dampened yet! I really hope that album YG promised around July-Sep or something really will happen.

  6. i was excited for their comeback but now.. im so dissapointed that YB’s song is not included .. and the fact that they are remaking 2 japanese songs that i hated is not helping.
    hopefully we’ll get to hear YB’s song in his or BB’s futur album.

  7. gosh, it’s always so nice to come here 🙂 over at bigbang’s forums, it always feel like YB doesn’t get as much attention or appreciation as he does here.

    i’m excited to the boys comeback. mini album or full album, i really don’t care. i’m just super happy and thankful that they are finally back together as BigBang!!

  8. i love ATY, other fan sites are all just spazzing about the hairstyles and looks etc. But ATY users actually talk about music, isn’t that what Big Bang are….musicians.

    As soon as i saw the tracklist that was my first thought too, 2 songs from their japanese album, and i dont really like their japanese stuff apart from Stay and Tell Me Goodbye. So really 3 new songs one of which is an intro. Whatever happened to all the songs they’ve created. Wheres the song Taeyang wrote in the 21TV episode. I was really looking forward to it.

    Also not hating on GD or anything cos hes still amazing. But i would have liked other composers, Seungri showed that he can compose too. Yet all songs are done by GD, I just hope this isn’t like a GD style album, instead of Big Bang.

    Having said that…i guess we can only judge when the album actually comes out. I hope they release the song Taeyang wrote, just a preview on 15sec and i love it so much already

    1. GD is always the composer of BigBang songs, like one of his Masterpieces, Lies.

      So i am not worried at all:) I am sure GD can clearly distinguish the style from his solo and BB’s album.. or else GDTOP album won’t even exist (no offense, I am also a YB-bias)

      It seems like BigBang will have another, hopefully, full-length album in Summer, maybe YB song will be included in there.. or with songs composed by other members as well:D

  9. With all new-promo-3-songs-as-title-tracks style, hard work as seen via 2NE1 TV, and even news from YG, I was expecting something more. ie FULL ALBUM WITH ALL NEW WORK.

    Possibly remakes of Somebody to Love and Hands Up…. Though I love both of these Jap songs and I love BB… *sigh* And yes, I definitely agree with you all, where’s YB’s amazingly great song he was producing in that 2NE1 episode?????

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there’ll be a full album dropping later this year, with the news songs they didn’t get to include in there.

    I love GD and all, and he’s a genius, but YG, give him a break. I don’t want to see the leader tire himself out even before promotions start.

  10. as i was watching the film making in solar dvd last week, i can’t count how many times i rewinded that part where GD hug YB and then the rest of the members joined in for a group hug and it just hit me that the boys are really,really going to have a comeback.this time.i felt like my dead vip heart was resuscitated.T T

    with all the pushbacks,i’ve been burned too many times but now this is it.the real comeback.i was so happy and so giddy.i run around the house screaming ‘omg bigbang is back most definitely incredible!’.i was so happy and felt silly afterwards.
    and yeah,YG has to burst my bubble with the remakes.*sigh*
    anyways,i’ve been dissappointed with YG too many times that i felt numb already.
    i’m gonna have to say, like everybody else,at least they’re really back fo’sho this time.

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