More SOLAR Performances…

Some lucky fans have gotten their hands on the SOLAR DVD and have uploaded a few performances on youtube. This is the one I’ve been waiting for!!!

And it’s as good as I had hoped it would be ~tears~ I love this song and this performance and he’s amazing, happy fangirl is very very happy. “baby you’re my superstar and I’m you’re biggest fan” truer words have never been sang.

More videos under the cut~


-I’ve been turned into a fangirling mess after Superstar and it just got better. I like that he’s on stage be himself at the start, all that stage just for him and nothing distracting you from the glory of the Sun. I’m definitely experiencing feelings of love right now.

Anyway, loved it or loved it?!?

Just got my SOLAR DVD today and wow, wow. It was glorious. It was extremely emotional and I cried during a good 2/3 of it (bring tissues fans). It blew HOT straight out the water, he’s improved soooo much. It’s been like 30 minutes since I’ve finished the DVDs and I’m still emotional, shedding tears. I have seriously never ever ever been prouder to be his fan, to spend money and time and energy on him and his career.

He says he feels sorry for his fans but he should feel happy for us instead because it’s really us who have been truly blessed, that concert was amazing and we’re in his debt for giving us all that passion. Personally this concert was a very good investment, it was beautiful and so was he. Proud fangirl is beyond proud, she’s humbled and grateful. Peace and Love to everyone, especially Mr. Dong Young Bae.



++DVDHEAVEN w/ poster and w/o poster

++YESASIA w/poster in tube and w/ poster folded

++KPOPTOWN w/poster

28 thoughts on “More SOLAR Performances…”

  1. I don’t want to watch just a feeling because i want to save it for when i get my dvd. Its my favorite song by him and the teaser of it looks sooooo good….

  2. OMO, yes~~~ SUPERSTAR was definitely a great performance! I almost (I somehow just can’t cry that easily anymore…) shed a tear during the part you mentioned toozdae! This man’s definitely a gem.

    Absolutely agree, SOLAR concert just blows HOT’s away….. The stage, his performances…. were all truly amazing. :’)

    I’m a bit sad they didn’t edit the speech into the DVD, but I can always watch that on Youtube…:P *runs and hides*

    I have a box of tissues you can use toozdae, you’re more than welcome. 😉

    1. omg, I started crying during Wedding Dress and just never stopped. Like seriously, he got what he wanted, a very very emotional concert.

      I have seriously never been more in love with him than watching that concert, he’s a blessing. He had his A game on during the whole thing.

  3. Well every cloud has a silver lining. The deluxe album that i was supposed to be getting got sold off today becuz the shop owner thinks he sold it to me. I booked and called and he said he’ll keep it aside but he sold it off to another customer, thinking it was me. I’m mourning I am. On the other hand, the SolarCon is available at half price(Valentine’s Day sale) So F yeah I’m getting that instead. Can’t wait for mine to arrive!

    1. You will love it. I just took the night off and watched it on my TV and bawled. If you think you love him now, just wait. The DVD left me an emotional mess, that’s how much I loved it.

  4. Did anybody else think that the camera work was a little too much? I think they went back and forth on different camera angles a little too much.

    But other than that, I love it. It arrived before I got home and the second I saw it at my door, I played it. And guess who’s a new Taeyang fan? My mother. lol

    I was playing the DVD kinda loudly and after a while, she came into the room during the freaky part in ‘Ma Girl.’ Let’s just say that she was impressed. lmao

    1. Yeah i thought so too, in some of the performances, they switch the camera angle ever 3 seconds, kinda gives you a headache.

      Sad that the 1st concert speech wasn’t used when he cried, and IU performance wasn’t there.

  5. Awwww…I’m so proud of my bae bae. I don’t want to watch the performances b/c I’m still waiting for my DVD to come in but I’m loving them all so far.

    Is it just me or he looks alittle exhausted in “just a feeling”? Still a good performance but not as great as the one where he was wearing his red jacket.

  6. I still haven’t gotten mine yet!!! How long does it take for it to reach Texas! I’ve been patiently waiting and trying sooooo hard not to take a peak on YouTube.

  7. I watched my SOLAR concert dvd on Valentine’s Day. All I can say is I definitely enjoyed the second half of the concert more than the first part (this song is from the second half). But overall the concert was BAMF!

  8. It has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!! GOSH finally!
    Haha i think im becoming a bit too obsessed i actually washed my hands before opening it LOL
    i dont understand how they can fold such a beautiful work of art (the poster)
    WOW the card is just amazing, its as if its a Taeyang credit card, or like a Taeyang membership card haha FTW

  9. omg i was supposed to get it yesterday but my dad missed the mail man and now i have to wait until monday for them to redeliver. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  10. i’m still waiting for my dvd too. i got someone to get it for me but somehow there’s a delay sigh. i probably will only be getting this in march now but i guess i will not be able to wait so i might just get another copy when i go to seoul in a few days’ time and watch it at the hotel lol. taeyang’s concert definitely is one that i regret missing out on, i hope i can be there when he has his next concert.

  11. This concert was absolutely spectacular. And the review you guys posted was right, the concert sounded amazing. He placed so much care in making sure that it sounded perfect. He was perfect. As with his other works, the concert was really honest, not a little ounce of pretense. I think the greatest thing about Taeyang as a performer is he gives up himself entirely to his performance. It’s like, during it’s length, he’s only living for that song. Nothing else really matters.

    I didn’t cry though it was really emotional. I’m really happy for him, satisfied with his accomplishments. I can’t wait to hear from him again. I know it’s a gonna be a while, but I’m quite satisfied. With the last concert, I wanted to see him again right away…eager to see him prove something, but this time around, I don’t think he has to do that anymore.

    1. I know what you mean, sinners is a perfect example, he sang that as if he was in so much pain. Its impressive how someone who apparently has never been in a relationship before, can captivate so much emotion and passion when he sings.

    2. me too. Like I can totally wait for him, he’s satisfied all I wanted him to, and the concert was amazing.

      I want him back performing but I also want him to take his time and do it as he wants. Learn and live, he said a very proper goodbye to his fans.

    3. I really loved his Superstar and Breakdown performances for this reason. He loooked soooo happy. He was really enjoying himself throughout the entire concert.

      @vipwong Sinners was sooo intense. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving the song. I loved the original arrangement (sooo sexy…>_<) but the new one was fantastic too. I loved that they tried to keep the same narrative. I was glad he decided to continue to perform that song…Not many like it, but those who do…LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

      1. i love sinners so much that i have trouble chosing between this song and loam as my fave in HOT album.both bad boy songs lol

  12. Hai,
    I really want to order that DVD but I don’t know how. I’ve been trying order in YG shop but always failed cause I don’t understand the language. Please help me…. Can’t somebody help me cause I really… really.. want the DVD. Thank you.

    1. YGeShop is confusing. I gave up on it a long time ago. I always suggest Free shipping for orders over $25 dollars!!!! Go order now. The DVD package is totally worth the money. Concert and Making of bits are fantastic. Taeyang always has smart things to say. There’s also a live CD…which is a must for this concert because Youngbae sounded PHENOMENAL.

  13. i dunno how many times i’ve watched my dvd love it so much that even in my dream i was watching it lol

    as i watched the making film of solar i rmb that when YB came back on stage for the re encore,as he was talking to the crowds,he was using banmal(informal talk ).knowing YB,who is a stickler for politeness,i was surprised,…and please.
    see,you can use banmal to either younger or hobae or friends.obviously it’s not the former since there were people in the crowd in their was the latter.clearly YB,when he talked to us,he treated us like his friends and not just some concert goers.i felt warm inside thinking about that.
    anyway,that re-encore was like a real party between friends and YB was the host lol.
    aahhh!!so many things to quote i dunno which one is my fave.
    ‘seeing me,i felt they understood my sincerity’
    -even if YB trip on his foot and fall on his face,i’d still say his performance during solar con was perfect because he perform with sincerity.and that makes him special.there’s so many singers out there who dance,sing and perform for money or fame’s sake,but YB,he’s different.he don’t have greed for money or fame.he simply just wanna share his music to people.and that makes me so proud of him.and i’m very proud to be his fan.

  14. omo!!sniff2♥
    “i dunno what to say
    but i wanna hout to the whole world that

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