[COD] It’s a Taeyang Clip Day! Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!


It’s a bit of a Taeyang news drought out there, but while waiting for that comeback here are some much needed scenes of our boy in action – being cute, hot, serious, silly and generally adorkable. Clips are from BBTV and the special Japanese limited edition of the Big Show 2009 DVD.

More below the cut.

And because Valentine’s Day should always have some chocolate…

Hope YB is doing something this Valentine’s Day besides working….

Thanks to YBMania and Big Bang Updates for the clips.

17 thoughts on “[COD] It’s a Taeyang Clip Day! Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!”

  1. lol, I love him in that black fitted shit, my fav YB look right there. besides a half open white collared shirt and a nice plaid shit. I’ve been getting more into him dress lately than shirtless

  2. Thanks for the post!!! Happy V’Day to all~~~ Or as one of my mentors call it, Single Awareness Day, haha. 😉

  3. The 0:06 area in the second clip where he just woke up from the nap is so cute,looks like a little baby. ^_^

    btw who is the lady on that pic linking to the ATY youtube channel ‘Vancee girl’? is it one of you guys? toozdae? bluemaid? 😀

  4. What a yummy man !! my “Beautiful Man”…… half naked or all dress he’s what the doctor prescribe me hahaha I Love Young Bae =)

  5. happy valentines bae♥
    bae was like eeeeehh?on the second clip.lol
    love bigbang at clip 5..kekeke

  6. Hi. does anyone know if YB ever sang the whole boyz II men song? (I believe its the 3rd clip) I cant seem to find it anywhere. I think his voice is amazing when hes that song. any help would be nice. thanks 🙂

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