Taeyang’s SOLAR DVD is finally out!

It’s been out a few days now but I’ve been hoping and praying that SUPERSTAR would be uploaded so that  I could use it as the featured song but no such luck, not even a clip of it. But this more than makes up for it, sort of. My DVD is coming soon so I’m super excited and these teaser clips are making me more so.

Source: MrMori90@YT

Check out under the cut for more performances and pictures 🙂 Remember to order your copy!!!


The Japanese version came out and made it as #6 on the weekly sales, #4 on release day.


And the Korean was #1 when it came out and is still topping the charts on Hanteo.


Source: alla @soompi

A few performances

Source: smile7022@YT, BBHOLIK@YT, MrMori90@YT


Not for fangirls with faint hearts

And some pictures






Source: 작성일시@YBMania  // 南永裴是星星 @ baidu
Shared by Trisya@BigbangWORLD

And here’s a video of a lucky fan opening up her solar DVD

Source: reallywally@YT



++DVDHEAVEN w/ poster and w/o poster

++YESASIA w/poster in tube and w/ poster folded

++KPOPTOWN w/poster

I’m soooooo excited for my DVD. Most excited for SUPERSTAR and LOAM remix. Can’t wait.

38 thoughts on “Taeyang’s SOLAR DVD is finally out!”

  1. I can’t to get mines also!!! A couple more days!!! I hope it’s on it’s way flying over sea to get to me in the USA! Hurry up now!!!

  2. i received mine early this morning!!yesasia.com is the best!!standard shipping in just two days. haha:)) i haven’t watched it yet but i will later tonight. 😀

  3. I just picked up my copy at the store earlier tonight! 😀 i was so paranoid about the poster getting wrinkled/wet that i went straight home after.

    I was debating a bit about getting the Japanese release also or not, but it was double the price of the Korean release. Any news on the difference of the two in terms of the SOLAR concert itself? 🙂

    1. I haven’t watched the Korean version yet, but from what I understand the Korean DVD has been “cleaned up” by muting certain objectionable words/lines, notably in Take It Slow and After You Fall Asleep and maybe Move as well.

      In Take It Slow, the first half of the bridge has been edited out:
      A little deeper,
      Baby up and down
      Tonight, you and I…
      We just bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce

      While in After You Fall Asleep, the main refrain has been edited so that all you hear is “hoo-ae, hoo-ae” (after) and not the first part (you fall asleep). The word “alcohol/drink” was apparently also muted out. As to WHY these words were found objectionable – well, that’s a bit of a head scratcher. (Btw, Swings’s rap was not performed on the 26th, so its omission is not an edit.)

      They’re pretty minor edits, I suppose, when all is said and done. But if you’re like me and love that bridge in TIS and hate the “hoo-ae x4” in AFYA… bleh.

      And then of course the main difference that we know about is that the Japanese version comes with Japanese subs and the HOT Concert DVD while the Korean one has English subs and the Solar live CD instead. The live CD is a “clean” version and excludes the following songs: Move, AYFA, TIS (Encore), LOAM (Double Encore), TIS (Double Encore).

      Hope that helps if anyone is still trying to decide. As for me, I got the Korean one anyway because of the live CD, but I expect to watch only the Japanese DVD since subs aren’t an issue for me.

      Having said all that… For anyone who’s still on the fence – GET IT! ^^ Regardless of which version you choose, it’s well worth the purchase, IMHO.

      1. Thanks so much for such a detailed description about what’s included and not included in the package! It’s a little disappointing that they aren’t including TIS and LOAM encores in the live cd. I lived seeing the fancam performances and was looking forward to hearing it on the live cd. I also love the bridge in TIS so that saddened mr 😦 YG should have included everything in the package for those VIPs who couldn’t attend the concert at all! But I’m glad we get a DVD at all.

        I have a friend going to Korea soon, so I asked him to grab the korean version for me. I can’t wait get it so I can each everything in HD!!

      2. thanks super, silly for the detailed explanation! I need the English subtitles so I guess Korean version’s the right choice for me. I’ll just watch out for uploads of clips from the Japanese version 😀

        1. i just got the dvd and it says that LOAM and TIS [double encore] are on the 2nd live concert [solar] making of film. this came with the korean version i ordered. i also see Move, AYFA and TIS [encore] on the regular dvd tracklist. maybe they changed it last minute.

  4. can anyone here help me please? T^T
    i’m just wondering.. ’cause with the pictures above, i noticed that there was a sticker included in the package but mine doesn’t. T^T
    with those who already have their copy, help me please. thank you!:)

  5. Orhhhh dammmm i wish mine would hurry up and come!!! I don’t wanna watch the vids cos i’d rather watch it on my DVD in HD. But i can’t help myself >.<

  6. I’m so jealous of everyone that has the DVD. I can’t wait until mine comes.

    I refuse to look at any of the youtube clips in the meantime.

  7. Got mine from the store today!!! Haven’t spinned the DVDs yet, but am uber excited to watch once I have the time!

    The poster is EPIC. Just touching and looking at the stuff makes me feel like I got my money back already, hahah 😛

    Thank you YG, thank you 95 music store!

    1. i love 95 music store! thanks for sharing Chanting! 🙂 when I was there GD/TOP’s MV was playing on the TV, saw a lot of Big Bang goodies… I was in heaven 🙂 haha

  8. I envy her soooo much. I can’t wait to get my copy though and my sweatshirt!!! 😀
    I have to wait till teh 23rd to get my copy with is 10 days away T_T but it’s worth the wait

  9. Hi! Can anyone here please help me? I bought a solar normal ed. and realized that there was no yg family card inside when there should be. Please help me!:(

  10. Just wondering has anyone from the UK ordered the DVD from Yes Asia and got it yet? Mine was shipped on the 9th and it still hasn’t arrived, starting to get really annoyed!

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