Junon Magazine for March 2011 : 10 Questions for SOL

Q1. What are the highlights of SOL’s 1st (HOT) & 2nd (SOLAR) concerts ?

HOT was the first solo concert after I released my first mini-album. You can see the “20 year-old SOL” with all the songs from HOT album.

SOLAR concert was after I released my first album. With SOLAR, you can see the present SOL. Because there were moments with sharing [emotions], excitement, laughter and tears, it became a concert that will stay in my memory for a long time. I hope it became a nice gift for the fans who experienced it with me together and for all of the fans who love my music and stage.

Q2. As hardworking SOL, what kind of preparation did you do for the concert?

First, I had to prepare the suitable performance for each of the songs. Other than that, I had to think a lot about song arrangements and ideas for items [props and effects] to display the stages.

Q3. The memory of the first solo concert? [He described the solar concert though.]

Because it was my first solo concert, all moments of the concert left an impression and memory.
But there was the moment fans called for an encore once more even after the concert and the last encore finished. It was not a planned encore. All the staff and I had already started to clean up and were getting ready to go home, I wore my plain clothes and went back on stage wearing my own clothes.

Q4. The memory of the second solo concert?

Because there were two years’ time [to prepare], I think I was more composed on the stage and in particular, I was able to share the feeling with the audience more.
I think I was able to do that because of HOT and other concerts. It is not a thing made possible only by practice.

Q5. The difference of Big Bang concert and Solo concert?

At the Big Bang concert, you can see the different color of each member and you can feel energy [synergy] when five members become one.
At my solo concert, I can express my own color and music more deeply – expressing richer color and [my] own music more clearly.

Q6. The memory of recent private life?

GEN (president), YG JAPAN staff,  Boram(my manager) and I traveled to HAKONE and cooked and ate the meals together and enjoyed the ONSEN (hot spring).
And I was also happy because I could give a small gift last Christmas to the people who supported my career.

Q7. What are your favorite Japanese [terms]? and why?

“NARUHODO”…The reason is “NARUHODO” [“NARUHODO” means “that makes sense” or “I see.”]

Q8. It will be Valentine’s day soon. I heard that men give women chocolates on Valentine’s Day in Korea.What kind of things have you done for a woman before? Have you received the love confession before?

No, Women give men the chocolate on Valentine’s day in Korea too. Isn’t it the same throughout the world?
Unfortunately I never received a love confession before. I usually receive the chocolate from my fans.(laugh)

Q9. 2011, What kind of year do you want it to be?

I want it to be the year that is happier than before. It would be great if I can share happiness with more people. Also I want to discover myself more.

Q10 : Give a message to the Japanese Fans.

TRANSLATIONS BY YUKO@ ALWAYSTAEYANG | Please credit when posting elsewhere

Thanks to YB Mania for the scans!

23 thoughts on “Junon Magazine for March 2011 : 10 Questions for SOL”

  1. Boy is lonely. So lonely. Boss in no help. Someone confess to hi already. It’s already at the point of pity T.T

    1. I’m ready to confess to him… where is he? where is he? hehehehe have to agree boy is just picky and almost perfect…

    2. Oooh, us fangirls would want to confess! Me, me!!!! Hahah, but we’re fans~ =\

      I’ll say the guy’s too picky for his own good, but he’s perfect and a big star… so have to choose carefully.

  2. lol, he doesn’t know what he wants.

    He’s said in the past he doesn’t like girls who come on too strong and pursue him and now no one has confessed to him.

    Picky, picky.

    I can name a dozen girls who have given him shout outs – theres a dozen between IU and Yoobin alone. Boy is either lying or …just lying cause those where clear confession. But he can keep his business to himself.

    Or is he talking about getting Valentine day chocolates thing? I would give him chocolates but I’m a fan too, lol.

  3. I can’t help but watch these utube vids >.<……..hurry up and arrive Solar DVD so I can watch it in full HD….these utube vids don't do YB justice

  4. omo bae!where u at??
    i wanna marry uuuuuuu
    only uuuuuuu

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