Taeyang with the YG Family for CJ CF

Looks like things are heating up for the Big Bang comeback on February 24.  Apart from the solo activities of the members, they’ve been starting to increase the number of CFs and all the related interviews that go along with it.  YG Family, along with the Superstar K finalists, recently shot a series of promos for CJ which was featured by Mnet Wide news. See Taeyang being interviewed starting at 1:35.

Yay to the shoutout to IU and Bom! And are interviewers still asking about his ideal girl? Pretty sure we can give him a break on that for a long while; he should be all talked out about that by now.

Thanks to solshin3@21BANGS.com and Isha@21BANGS.com for the translation and subs!

18 thoughts on “Taeyang with the YG Family for CJ CF”

  1. YB’s adorable as always. I especially loved the part when he says “it would be nice if she was pretty”. I HAD to replay it! I’m so glad to see him more relaxed in interviews. I wish it was longer! 😀

    The shoutout to IU was the icing on the cake! Yey for her 🙂

  2. guys you should read this got it from allkpop big bang forum is about Jung Eun father message i will only highlight Big Bang part you can read the rest at allkpop.

    Big Bang! Not simple stars, but the nice oppas next door
    Despite his busy schedule, Daesung visited the hospital room of a sick girl twice to support and cheer her on.
    Some may think nothing of it, but that is not easy to do. It was the first time in Jung Eun’s short life that I had seen her so happy.
    Jung Eun spent her last moments with Taeyang.
    Ever since he came to visit Taeyang would occasionally cheer Jung Eun on through text messages.
    Jung Eun requested not to reveal the texts that Taeyang sent back and forth with her so as not to cause a bother to him though.

    The texts that would come occasionally stopped coming one day, and Jung Eun’s mother consoled her by saying “He’s probably busy” and suggested to send a text first, but Jung Eun refused and instead decided to wait claiming that “A girl’s got to protect her pride”, and occasionally talked about Taeyang with her mother.
    It seems like an angel was with Jung Eun until her very last moments.
    The day before Jung Eun left this world, Jung Eun was ecstatic that Taeyang had sent a text saying that he had come back from a trip to America, but she didn’t have much strength at the time so she probably couldn’t have sent a lot of texts.
    I’m sure that in the last moments of her short life the innocent love as clear as a spring deep in the mountains that you showed towards her is something that she will take with her in her heart to heaven.
    She said that she would keep the pinky promise that she had made with Taeyang.
    Thank you.

    1. youngbae’s relationship with the late jung eun is so heartbreaking to read. and she held on until he came back from america. i can’t help but cry.

    2. this is heartbroken, wow.

      that poor little girl. I’m so glad that the members of BB came through for her and cheered her on, I wish she made it to at least the big show.

    3. Rest in peace Jung Eun.

      It’s wonderful, what YB did. He made us all proud and Jung Eun happy till her last days.

    4. dang,crying right now.i knew he would do this.he have a big heart.all of BB are angels.

      ‘The day before Jung Eun left this world, Jung Eun was ecstatic that Taeyang had sent a text saying that he had come back from a trip to America, but she didn’t have much strength at the time so she probably couldn’t have sent a lot of texts.'<—-this sent chills to my body.she hold on until he came back.T_T

      YoungBae,sweety,please never change.

    5. He is such an angel. But really, what am I saying, all the guys from BB are. I’m proud not just to be a fan of YB but BB too. They made the last moments of her life the most lively and great days her family will remember. Rest in peace Jung Eun.

  3. Of course YB would give a shoutout to his future wife IU 😀

    Hahah I thought it was funny that Bom automatically assumed that either TOP or YB was the one talking about her. I wonder what that says about the two guys. I hope she bought YB a nice dinner!

  4. Hahah!! Ohhhhh, this video just made me smile so much!!

    YB’s dance was awesome, he seems more relaxed with these interviews that’s awesome too. 😀

    Shoutout to IU and Bom was cute and sweet of him. Though I think he said he likes her voice from 2009 already….

    Bom’s been getting so funny on TV lately, I have to smile at her progress….Hahah.

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