28 thoughts on “Taeyang watching Kanauru’s WD Remake”

  1. OMMGG. I fricken LOVE this.
    WOW. How awesome is it for Qui and Richard to have THE TAEYANG watch their videos? Awesomesauce indeed.

    His english is quite impressive.

  2. this had to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Like seriously, i’m left incoherent by cute.

    YB’s english is was being adorable and really good.

    “Yo, that’s better than me” is now my favorite quote. And I really like how he was so surprise and engrossed by the mv. He seems very surprised that Richard and Qui and everyone in the mv took such time to create a quality mv like that. Richard should be hired to direct the next YB mv, lol.

    And it was so cute watching Qui and YB play table tennis, love it.

    The only disappointment was that we didn’t get to see YB react to the banana scene.

    You guys were so lucky to have met YB and he was lucky to have met such awesome fans and make some new friends.

    1. dang! yeah the epic banana scene, I forgot that! now I’m dying of curiousity as to YB’s reaction…LOL

      and that last sentence is so true toozdae =)

  3. Spazz spazz spazz spazz SPAZZ!!!! Especially at the “Yo, that’s better than me” part.

    I love that YB just seemed to have an awesome, fun time hanging out with the ML crew. They treated him like one on the guys instead of THE TAEYANG. He definitely deserves all that fun and then some!

    Congrats to Qui and Richard! To have YB watch your cover and comment on it, it epic! All of your hard work paid off!!!

  4. damn why did i almost faint every time Taeyang acts like a regular human being rather than the superstar that he is!!! squealing like crazy watching this video hahahha

  5. glad they really took good care of him and treated him like one of their own.
    awww,i wonder what Qui felt when he showed YB his cover of WD.
    Qui should visit as again and tell us the details.^^

  6. I squealed and still squealing right now like an idiot. damn that was soo cute and cool! taeyang watching a remake made by his fans. how awesome is that??

  7. AWW this clip is so cute and awesome! it left me with a big fat cheesy grin the whole way, I love it. His English is impressively quite good.It makes me so happy when I see him speaking English and proper English at that,lol.

    Taeyang just relaxing with ordinary people made me think how awesome it would be to be his friend (I want to!!) 😀

  8. Really great video!
    I feel so happy for them.Showing YB all their efforts sure made them proud 🙂 And YB liked the video very much,he was smiling the whole time 🙂 Thanks for showin us the video!

  9. was smilling like an idiot throughout the whole clip.
    YB..so precious .<
    And I love how Shaun and friends made him feel so welcome ❤ My YB deprivation was pretty severe, but this makes up for it 🙂

  10. “Yo, you’re better than me”

    LOL I lovee his english =)

    Thanks to Richard and Qui for this little clip, it must be such a great honor to have Taeyang watch your own video~

    Now if only I can capture YB checking out ATY LOL

      1. This video was just overloaded with laughs! Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Kanauru! ^^

        YB’s English is definitely great, and “yo, it’s better than me” would be something we’d all spazz and remember, hahaha. Too epic and YB-like XDDD

    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad I recorded it since I almost didn’t. I know YB was down there to relax ( especially from the cameras and all) but I couldn’t pass up this chance ( of course it’d be great for the fans also! ). Though if you’re thinking I setup the situation I didn’t haha. My friend who was there suddenly came up to me and told me to show him our video so I did. Oh by the way we plan to have a raffle ( not free 😛 ) with a signed copy of the Solar album by Taeyang, Shaun, Aimee, Keone, Jeka, and maybeee Lyle ;D

      1. We’re really glad you did! Totally unstaged stuff like this shows how great a guy he really is – chill and such a good sport! (We’re rather YB-news deprived right now so this was a fantastic present.)

        BTW, you shouldn’t tease the fangirls too much… they bite (sometimes.) Kidding! You can tease all you want as long as the videos keep coming… Let us know about the raffle too. There should be some interest . 😉

  11. hai guys…

    i just read from bigbanghaven.blogspot.com that

    BIGBANG goes to America for shooting new MV

    is that true ?

    coz i read it from bigbanghaven.blogspot.com

  12. wow, i read in a magazine that taeyang will be in us for 2 months to practice dancing for their 2011 big show. i really LOVE this video, the real taeyang watch a remake video, wow, maybe i should make one (even though i’m a girl, a tomboy girl)
    ps: i wonder who is “Vinh” at the first min of the video. is he vietnamese? cuz i’m a vietnamese.

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