Wedding Dress and A New Focus

Through Big Bang’s BIG SHOW 3D Premier on Feb 28th. YG reveled Taeyang’s performance of Wedding Dress, which wasn’t included in the originally DVD.

Cr:DYBLGE on youtube

One thing I noticed was this features Taeyang  focusing less on the choreography during performances and more on the vocals, which is something he has been focusing on all last year. Dancing is known as Taeyang’s forte, and what distinguish him from a lot of other artists, however he seems to be focusing on singing more and trying different singing techniques, which he showed on SOLAR.

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He even mentioned it during his Oct. 2010 interview with F.OUND Magazine.

F. Not only singing, but you pay attention to also performances. The stages of ‘I’ll Be There’ make even viewers tired. Should I say the range of activities is too wide? I feel as if you sing less, locked in the concept that you should do performance well.
T. Um.. Actually nowadays, I feel like I also want to sing more

And the focus on singing was even noted during the SOLAR Concert review.

Here is another look at Wedding Dress at the 2010 BIG SHOW

Cr: minorBminorC on youtube

So what do you guys think about this change?

During the originally Wedding Dress promotional period, people were a bit critical of the fact that he did not sing enough of the song and focused too much on the dancing. Personally, I think it’s a great thing and there was an improvement vocally from HOT to SOLAR. However, he still has some ways to go vocally and he needs a better understanding of how and in which ways he can use his vocals and its capabilities (You’re My, anyone?).

21 thoughts on “Wedding Dress and A New Focus”

  1. He still needs a lot of training for his live performances alright.

    To tell u the truth, I used to be very annoyed when he hardly sang the song when he promoted on music shows (but luckily, one of his performances was really well done..SBS Love Concert xD). but watching back some of the rest a few months later made me realised that WD is a hard to sing live, dancing or no dancing. It’s um dunno how to say, every line is too connected, he had to find some place to breathe in between. And with choreography that was detailed but strongly emphasized on very move, it made it much harder. I still regret it a bit when I watch the performances again now.

    So, I like the change but I have to admit, I miss his killer moves. but then again it shouldn’t matter as long as he delivers well. I’ll just wait until Superman has put on his red underwear.

  2. I like Youngbae’s dancing very much on his live performances. I think, I dont have to mention that this man CAN dance 😀
    It’s not bad the he tries to focus on his vocals, he is a singer at all. And after watching the videos above, I noticed that he is still able to be unique, still able to be Taeyang, with or without dancing.Ah,and besides he didn’t not dance at all. He just didn’t dance that much 🙂

    I think the change is good. As long as he doesn’t completely decide to stop with his great dancing, it’s okey 🙂 For me,his voice alone is enough to melt my heart 🙂

    (Sorry for my english :’) )

  3. I think YB’s just testing himself out. We all know he can dance, and he knows that too. He’s widely acknowldged as one of the best dancers in kpop. But I also know that a lot of people wonder about his vocals so I think he’s trying to prove that, yes he can sing. A lot of people wonder why DS isn’t the main vocal so I think he wants to show people that he’s not there to be taken lightly.

    All of his songs, with or without choreo, are difficult to sing. There’s a difference between being able to sing his songs and being able to sing it well. YB’s puts his heart and soul into his performances and it shows. By focusing more on his vocal as opposed to his dancing ability, YB is able to input so much more emotion and feelings into his songs. His voice is able to catch every nuance of the song and he sing the songs as they should be sung.

    Mind you, this doesn’t mean that YB has no faults. He needs to learn practice singing and dancing at the same time. Don’t shortchange one because you’re trying to focus on the other. Sometimes he focuses a little too much on hitting all his moves powerfully, so his vocals lack. Other times, he spends so much effort singing the song that his choreo is lackluster. Remember, this is all sometimes. The other 80% of the time he’s just pretty damn amazing. 😀

  4. i guess he needs to practice more on both singing and dancing. but i’ve already been happy with his performances nowadays.

  5. “(You’re My, anyone?).”

    As You’re My is a song that I can’t really get into I can see your sentiments in pointing it out but in actuality he understood his vocals enough where he was able to sing it at his concert and it’s one of S.Korea’s favorites oddly enough. if anything its a good step to overcome. his adlibbing needs a bit of work though, and he needs to get the stamina he had from back in 2007/8 back then improve on it.
    it’s also about time for him to bring together the styles his picked up from his idols and add his own style to it breaking him away from them and peoples preconceptions of him.

    1. I actually agree with you and am happy you pointed that out, and he’s adlibs have improved as well (he recently had to sing w/ BB in December and he adlibbed to TMG and it was really really good). I think he’s becoming better able to understand his vocals and You’re My is just a step in that direction – it’s horrible on the album but he did good live with it during the SOLAR concert (I was actually surprised by it). I listened to him live during Seoul Fest through fancams and he was amazing vocally.

      He seems to be testing himself, seeing what fits with his voice and what doesnt. I was just pointing out that it’s been a struggle for him this year but I think by the end he’s figured it out. You’re My on the album is 0_o and during his adlibs with BB during the Spring while in Japan weren’t very good either.

      However he’s improved a lot, slowly transforming into superman, lol. If he continues the progress he’s made, I’m really excited for the next album.

  6. I actually like the fact that he focuses on vocals more these days,I mean we all know he has some killer moves and I do/will miss seeing a full dose of his kick-ass dance skills. But I really dont like it when he runs out of breath because of the dancing and ends up not singing parts, or worse: it comes out shaky and tired,with good reason.I think smooth and solid vocals are absolutely vital so I hope he will be able to find a way to coordinate both dancing and singing in a more harmonius way, in performances that require both, so that we get the best of both.

    ^ I think I see why YB is not completely satisfied with his artistry,but I can also see he is being hard on himself but then again its YB,the man is a perfectionist.Besides no pain no gain.all the hard work will pay off in the end (world domination? lol)

  7. So sad this was not on the Big Bang 2010 DVD. I had it and then I saw the photobook and I know there were a lot of perfs included in the DVD. I hope YG realizes that most of international fans sees only their concerts through the DVD (although fancams help us a lot too) and puts in more perfs.

    Baebae is sexy as always. I love that perf and I’m sad it’s not in the DVD version. But it’s good to know that he feels he needs to improve more. It shows he’s continuously growing as an artist. We don’t want a stagnant Baebae do we? =)

  8. first time I heard Wedding Dress in the first video, I fell in love with it. I love the piano instrumental.

  9. i have a question, this is not BB’s old song right ??? bc i cant recognize it even though it sounds familiar and good

    1. no it’s not but it’s a Big Bang song.

      This if from last fall (fall 2010) during BBTV. At the time YB was working on a song for Big Bang’s upcoming album that he’s composing for the group. It may or may not make the final cut, no one knows.

      I love it too and I’m hoping it make it.

  10. goosebumps all over me!!!
    it’s been more than a year but WD is still the most played song in my phone!
    i love this song so much and love his WD perfs so much more!

    personally, i am glad that he’s focusing on his singing nowadays more than than his dancing.
    it takes a lot of stamina and one excellent pair of lungs to do both perfectly.
    i’m satisfied with what his doing so far because he isn’t really abandoning his dancing altogether.
    he just dances to the highlights of the choreography which is good enough.
    although with his adlibs, i kinda feel that it doesn’t work at times.
    sometimes, his adlibs are off the melody or whatevs (i’m not a music expert, sorry!).
    but over-all, he has improved a lot and i love that he’s experimenting with different styles of singing.

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