[Discussion] Boys II Men on replay…

I can guess what most of you are thinking: “He must really love that song.’  “Does he actually know the rest of the words?” “When will he actually finish the whole thing?

While I share most of these thoughts, I find it even more interesting how his voice and singing style has  changed through the years and how this little video set shows how he has evolved.  It’s really interesting how he tends to sing on a higher register nowadays. I wonder if his voice has actually changed or its his preferred technique? And do his songs really call for it?

That said, I have this growing list of favorite songs I would love to hear him cover. (Top of the list: Anything by Marvin Gaye. Well, “Let’s get It On” is really the TOP of that list, but I ‘ll settle for anything.)  What one song would you love to hear him cover?

Thanks to 마시멜로우  on bestiz for the clip.


49 thoughts on “[Discussion] Boys II Men on replay…”

  1. Omg, I’ve talked about that endlessly. The fact that he has been singing at a high register when compared to debut days. I’m also curious as to why. I would like for him to sing lower again.

    Since I’m in love with Burno Mars, that would be my preferred cover. Just The Way You Are being #1 but anything by Burno would do. Plus Burno sings at a higher register too.

  2. he needs to finish singing the whole song performing it live or maybe he’s saving that song to his special someone & sing her to sleep? D:
    i remembered i was spazzing when he sang it on Real Sound lol
    it was on replay like crazy >__<

  3. I like his voice the best in the Real Sound clip.

    Song to cover… Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble. Not his genre at all but I’d like to see him try it.

  4. I don’t want YB to cover another song….I just want him to finally finish this one! Maybe he’s planning on singing bits and pieces of the song until someone puts together all the clips to have him singing the whole song. Hahaha jk. But seriously, I just want this song covered in it’s entirety.

    But if YB could cover another song, I would love him to do Smooth Criminal. Complete with the dance. I love Mj and this is one of my favorite songs by him. We all know YB loves MJ so I’m hoping to see something like this soon.

    Also, Ordinary People by John Legend would be awesome. John Legend me makes *swoons* 😀 But sung in YB’s debut style voice. I want him to bring his old deeper sounds back every now and then.

    1. OMMGGG. I’ve ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted Youngbae to cover “Ordinary People.” Its one of my favorites from John Legend.

      And ditto on completing this Boyz II Men song. His voice is quite lovely when he sings it…especially in the first and third clip.

      How about some Usher? Like Burn or Confessions…One Love by Trey Songz?

    2. OMG yes to the “ordinary people” song cover and “smooth criminal” dance cover. That would be infinitely awesome. xD I would also like him to cover anything by Alicia Keys.

  5. His register has def changed. I don;t think it’s intentional, somehow he underwent reverse puberty. LOL. Instead of his voice getting deeper, it became higher (I should say singing voice :P).
    Although I used to regret that YB’s voice isn’t as deep as it was, I think he chooses the right type of songs and melodies that suit his current register, so I can’t complain.

    Song I would LOVE for YB to cover: Maxwell’s ‘Pretty Wings’..I think it would suit him..though he’d have to make it his own someway.

    1. I’d tend to agree with you about the change in register except there are times like this at the 2009 Dream Concert where he’s pretty much the same as he was back then…

      Maybe its the kind of songs he’s been singing since HOT? That’s pretty much when the change happened. Or he just changed his technique altogether – different vocal coach perhaps?

      1. agreed BM I think he’s capable of both but the songs he’s singing now call for the higher register cuz in Lollipop 2 and some parts of other songs- especially live, his voice is lower. I think it’s more of a conscious decision to see which one fits better with a song.

  6. ive noticed that he sings his songs in a higher register nowadays too! for some of the songs, it sounds better with the higher register, but i secretly miss him singing in the lower register. i think it sounded smoother and some of my FAVORITE songs by him are in the lower register. i think its sexier 😉 like a bedroom voice or something. hehehe.

    there are actually alot of things that youngbae changed that i want back, like his carefree attitude from … id say around 2007, which ties into his dance style. its much sharper now than before, when he would just freestyle and roll that bod of his 😉

    i love him either way of course! ill stop rambling now.

    1. Yeah. I miss his carefree dance style from their debut. Hes sharp and detailed now, but it seems his dancing is very reserved than before. I miss it. Or he holds back on his old dancing ways.

      oh youngbae. Yum.

  7. It’s funny, even until just last summer, I was missing his old voice – that “You Are So Beautiful” voice, so deep and smooth and soulful. But somewhere along, during the release of Solar and the promotions and the Solar concerts, I realized that I no longer cared. Because I am SO in love with his voice as it is today.

    And I’m one who feels that it was a conscious decision on YB’s part to alter his singing technique. IMO, the last couple of years was a transitional period vocally. It usually takes a couple of years to fully redo a technique, and I think we’re now starting to see the results of that change.

    That Boyz II Men clip is actually a perfect example of that for me. You can see the early style, the transitional, and the his current singing. And for me, the most recent 2NE1TV (right? not Real Sound?) version is by far my favorite, though I also love the radio version.

    I don’t know what made him decide to make the change, but his voice now is a much more sophisticated and multifaceted instrument, capable of so many different colors and textures and nuances. Listening to Solar, I can’t help marveling at how easily he shifts between different vocal styles and tonal textures.

    All JMO, of course! ^^ Now, if YB can reincorporate his earlier “velvet/red wine” voice (as I like to call it ^^) for the lower register to his current singing voice/style, that would be THE ideal for me.

    And since I can never get enough of it:

    My only regret is that all we managed to get out of this vocal period is really two songs – Ma Girl and A Fool’s Only Tears – and a bunch of snippets…. T.T

    1. I agree too. He’s been changing his singing technique and I think he’s found where he wants to sing out and I’m enjoying it it. I do like the 3rd clip best and yes it’s from 2NE1TV.

  8. I’ve noticed how his voice is a lot higher too. Maybe it’s a change of vocal coach, or YB decided to change to a different singing technique…. the guesses could go on, but I’d say I miss the lower voices he used in Ma Girl, or Goodbye Baby, just BB’s early debut songs, etc.

    However, I don’t mind the voice I hear from SOLAR CD either. If he could add that lower voice register to his current style of singing, then it’ll definitely be great…XD

  9. Taeyangs voice changed but in a positive way. Not a big fan of his high voice in the second clip and youre my. However, I want him to not cover any songs but do acouatics of his songs. Like LOAM, WD, TIS, etc. and I wouldnt mind hearing him rap again. I also want him to do an acoustic veraion of the BB aong for iris. I dont remember the nme lol.

  10. Hahahahahahaha!! This is hilarious!! This is so true. I didn’t realize that even after I have seen videos of him doing this song, I didn’t realize that he never finishes it! Hehe!!

  11. He def switched up his register. I prefer the lower register tbh. It suits him the best. He loves MJ and Usher, and I’ve noticed on many songs on Solar, he’s ‘followed’ their vocal stylings. Especially when it comes to the falsetto. I’m happy that YB has seemed to become more confident vocally, but he needs to realize that he has limitations. ‘You’re My’ could’ve easily been my fav song on Solar, but the middle part…….

      1. YM isn’t everyone’s favorite but “ruined” is rather harsh, no? After all, enough people did like his version, not the least himself! He must have had his reasons for liking and choosing that version after “500 recordings”. Maybe one day he will share with us what he was going for.

        1. I feel that with this Solar era, he’s doing a lot of oversinging. And when he goes for the falsetto, it doesn’t come off well. With YM, he oversung it and it’s kinda uncomfortable to listen to. I love the boy with all of my heart, I’m just being honest.

          It would be interesting to find out his reasons for picking YM.

        2. I’m not a liar and I’m going to go ahead and say it’s ruined, at least for me. I can’t with that song. Love YB but that’s the honest truth. I actually haven’t played it more than once

  12. If you compare My Girl the MV when they first debuted, to now, his voice has definitely changed. It was much more huskier before. To be honest I think he definitely improved…I like how he sings now. But I gotta admit sometimes he does over do the falsetto ad-libs.

    LOL at how the line he always sings in ‘I’ll make love to you’ haha

  13. Even the B2K song, I probably like the 2nd and 3rd version better than the first. Theres so much more feeling and sincerity and raw-ness in his voce. That is till he start being silly at the end hahahaha but gotta love it. Ohhhh

    1. Beautiful. This compilation is just…. I’m lost for words, his voice is just heaven to the ears for me…*melts* LOL

  14. i think he’s just exercising his vocals..it has mood changes lol! jk. but someone mentioned earlier about training his vocals when trying to learn a different technique..it sounds probable to me too. I like his voice now.

    I think when he was “Exercising” his vocals..he was trying to find his voice..now he’s just comfortable with his voice..so I think he’s found it. To be a better singer he needs to train his voice and find the extent of his vocal range.

    Anyways…I really like Musiq SoulChild…so “Love”, “Don’t Change” or “Just Friends” (and sing Musiq did some beatboxing..Taeyang could even do that part in the song too) and maybe “Halfcrazy”
    But he should finish Boys2Men’s song…or any other Boys2Men song too.

  15. omg. i am a huge fan of boys II mens too. when i hear taeyang sing one of their songs. my heart just sunk. ah! much love goes out to taeyang! ❤

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