KMA Nominations are out: Solar and INAG on the R&B list!

The 8th Korea Music Awards have announced their list of nominees for the awards to be held on February 23.  Taeyang is in both categories for R&B – best album and best song.

Best R&B & Soul Album
Deez – Get Real
Boni – Nu One
Brown Eyed Soul – Brown Eyed Soul
진보 – Afterwork
Taeyang – Solar

Best R&B & Soul Song
Deez – Sugar
Boni – 너를 보내도
Brown Eyed Soul – Never Forget
진보 – U R
Taeyang – I Need A Girl

The full list of nominees are here

This is amazing! Both HOT and Solar have been nominated for KMAs (HOT won and so did LOAM for best R&B album and R&B song respectively.)  It’s been a banner year for Korean R&B and the quality of the finalists makes even a nomination a huge honor.   Two wins in a row for Taeyang are a very tiny, tiny possibility (especially with this year’s stellar line up) but as a dedicated fanmom with all my biases intact I’m definitely rooting for him.

For those not familiar with the KMAs,  it is one of the few awards that does NOT use sales and popularity as the major award criteria.  Nominees and winners are chosen by a distinguished panel of music industry members based on their evaluation of music quality.  (This means that even non-mainstream and indie artists are considered by the panel. )  It’s one of the few awards Taeyang actually keeps in his bedroom (see Real Sound) so you can tell it really means a lot to him.

Congratulations Taeyang! We are really happy and proud for you!

40 thoughts on “KMA Nominations are out: Solar and INAG on the R&B list!”

  1. Was this even a surprise? Haha. Glad to see that YB and the KMAs are living up to my expectations. This is the only award show in Korea that I even follow. I love that they don’t take into consideration an artist’s popularity but basis their awards on strictly their music.

    YB winning both awards would be almost impossible considering the all-star line-up he’s against. But my fingers are crossed! But hey, the fact that he was even nominated for 2 awards is a feat in itself.

    Congrats to YB! I know he’s honored whether he wins or loses.

  2. “as a dedicated fanmom with all my biases intact I’m definitely rooting for him.”

    We all do, Bluemaid xD

    Congrats, YB!!!!! I hope u win!

  3. Congrats, YB!

    This was a really strong year for Korean R&B – I’d say the strongest ever in KMA’s eight year history – so it’s an amazing honor to be nominated. I’ll be pretty surprised if Best Album doesn’t go to Deez, but I think YB might actually have a pretty good shot at Best Song. Regardless, what an achievement! (And I’m crossing my fingers that he’ll get to perform at the awards this time.)

    1. I actually think R&B Album of the year will go to Jinbo (since it was also in the list of nominees of best overall albums) though I think YB might have a shot at R&B song. But I agree that all the songs on that list are amazing and the nomination is fantastic all on its own. So, so happy for YB! I’m more excited at the prospect of him actually attending and meeting everyone on that list. I want pictures!

      1. Actually, I probably listened to Afterwork more than Get Real last year.^^ I think Jinbo’s just as deserving, but there just seems to be more of a buzz about Deez though? He was listed in a lot more of the year-end lists, too, for what it’s worth. BES’s album was disappointing, IMO. I haven’t heard Boni’s yet…

      2. Oh, just finally got around to reading the rest of the nominee list. I hadn’t realized that Jinbo was nominated for best overall album over Deez (like you’d written, duh). Hmm. ^^

    2. TBH, I’m putting my bets on Deez for the R&B album. I think it’s a much more comprehensive album and really represents R&B. And judging on the criteria some of the critics (Kim Bong Hyun mainly) mentioned in their reviews, I think it’s gonna go to the album that brings something fresh, and informative to the current industry. I think Deez’s album does just that. As for Jinbo, I too find it hard to judge because his album was more contemplative, and it came off really ethereal. (The instrumentals were beautiful) But compared to Deez’s or Boni’s album, I don’t think it fit my description of R&B as much. It didn’t have that kind of groove/soul I usually associate with R&B. Nonetheless, I thought it was a beautiful and elegant album. Phenomenal production. It’s one of those albums you just have to sit and really listen to in order to appreciate it.

      It’s gonna be interesting who wins.

  4. If I had to bet money I would say Deez will get it but I’m so proud of YB for even being nominated. He had a great album and I’m happy people recognize that.

  5. Ugh I just have to rant about how many people are misunderstanding the KMAs about being biased against idols somehow.

    EVERYBODY was considered for KMA’s but the nominees were the ones to make the cut based on music quality alone as judged by the panel of 60 industry experts. Sales and popularity were NOT a criteria. For those questioning the awards, they should LISTEN to ALL the nominees (and possibly all the music released in Korea in 2010) LIKE THE PANEL before complaining. Because unless they do, they have no idea what they are talking about. (This means you too journalists.) I don’t know if its too much to expect from biased fankids out there to actually read and think before they comment but even the internet press is so disappointing.

    1. DUUUDE. Yes…I’m reading comments at a certain low-credibility-news-in-quotations-site and it’s making me rage. I blame this partially on the writer’s own ill-informed knowledge as well as the general public’s. The KMAs are quite unknown to begin with. There is soo much mis-information and misunderstanding with regards to the premise and judging of the KMAs.

      Taeyang (my “bias” roffflll) is nominated and I don’t even think he’s even gonna win. SHEEESSSH. *rolls the eyes*

    2. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

      I was thinking it would be great if ATY were to have a post(s) kind of introducing the other nominees that YB is up against. I know a number of ATYers are already familiar with them, but there are also a ton of readers who haven’t been exposed to their music. It would be a great way to provide some perspective re: YB’s nomination and also to introduce them to some “less mainstream” Korean music. Would it be considered too off topic?

      1. WHAT, talk about other artists? But we’re called ALWAYS Taeyang…joke, joke.

        Will look into it during the run up to the awards. (Which will come right before the BB album launch and concert comeback so realizing this makes YB’s attendance even less likely. But still happy for the nomination.)

        BTW, It’s also called the Korea Pop Music Awards because the genres considered are all under the popular music umbrella (meaning not including classical music, traditional music etc.)

        1. I really want to do that. some of these artists are so unknown and it would be a great way to show off the KR&B seen. And like YB says, he’s fans are a fan of music first and him 2nd

      2. I like that idea! lol this is the perfetc opportunity for it too.I know some artists on the list,it would be nice to get introduced to the rest 😀

    3. Preach on sister, preach on!
      Reading comments on certain other kpop sites makes me way to barf. For some reason, they fail to comprehend that the KMAs aren’t all about the most popular artist. If that was the case, YB definitely wouldn’t be nominated. Heck, 99% of the artists wouldn’t have been nominated if their awards were based on popularity.

  6. It’s nice to see that there are actually prestigious award ceremonies that dont give “MUSIC” awards based on popularity and album sales as the basis.There are just way too many good and talented artists who are not mainstream in Korea.

    Mini-rant out of the way,lol,I hope Taeyang wins something! but at least he’s nominated amongst somg pretty cool musicians 😉

  7. Congrats to YB! (& the others) ^__^ i hope he can win something but if not im still proud ❤ so glad he's nominated in such a prestigious award (for the second time!)

    SMH @ the peeps that are complaining (not here, but in an other blog) about why their fave idols isnt in the list: this award is about quality, not quantity or popularity.

  8. I’m so proud of TY. 🙂
    The way he walks the line between popular idol to musician is so fascinating to me. Not many people can do that yet he proves again and again that ‘nonindie/popular’ music can also be GOOD music. I really hopes he wins something but I think he would just be merely happy at the thpught of his music being recognized. 😀

  9. Judging from the feel/albums of the artists I’m familiar with on that list I’m actually really surprised INAG was chosen over TIS or even You’re My. But a nomination’s a nomination ^^ I’m super excited he’s nominated for best R&B album though. Hope he’s enjoying it as he should.

  10. Wow. I listened to a few of Deez. Is he really popular in korea? I like his style! (: I’m glad this award show is truly about the music. Goooood luck taebaby!

  11. Congrats YB! Of course I’d hope that he wins, but even a nomination from such a prestigious award ceremony/contest? must already be an honour in itself =)

    I’ll have my fingers crossed though! Kekeke

  12. i’m so happy that YB got nominated again!
    just being on the list with amazing musicians is already an honor.
    i’m not gonna expect too much but i still want him to win. 🙂

  13. I think taeyang really deserves this, his album was so well received internationally and did super well w/out promotions. I know, I’m taeyang biased! But they all deserve it, although I’m rooting for Taeyang, but we’ll have to wait and see

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