Behind the Scenes at the GQ Men of The Year Photo Shoot

Remember this GQ article?  Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot.

Original from the GQ site here.  I really don’t know… YB is handsome as always but I still can’t figure out the fur and chrysanthemum concept.

15 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes at the GQ Men of The Year Photo Shoot”

  1. So was dat the bonsai tree that the staff was making a hoo haa abt? the one dat din get there on time for the shoot??

    Anyways, this makes me miss him more…We all need a YB…

    1. We never got to translate the captions of the photos but when I read them much later, I understood why they really wanted the bonsai.

      Apparently it is a pine tree – an evergreen that remains green even for a hundred years – and the meaning is that they want YB to remain firmly planted and not to waver for the long haul, like a pine tree. It’s actually kind of sweet.

      (And the shot with his outstretched arms is a MJ tribute, as expected. It’s supposed to show that he keeps on moving (like a butterfly? idek))

      Still wondering at the chrysanthemum….

      The online version of the article in case anyone is interested (the pictures come out a LOT nicer and it has the captions – in hangul though.)

  2. Wow,thanks for the video (:
    I personally liked the pictures in GQ,through they werent YBs best pictures. I like seeing him doing photoshoots, so professional, just like a model 😀
    I also miss him.

  3. I thought he looked really handsome throughout the photo shoot but once he was surrounded by the fur and the chrysanthemum, I thought he looked less manly.

  4. YB looked really great and manly throughout the first few seconds, but then comes the fur and flowers and I got a bit ….. *see emoticon* =\

    Dunno, I think I (and most ATYers I believe) prefer YB in his casuals, as that’s what suits him best, and he knows it too.

    GQ does seem to be a big fan of the fur though, hmm.

    1. I agree! I think he looks great, no matter what the concept is.
      I think it’s better than one I saw in a Japanese magazine, where he was playing with a banana. D:

  5. That was really nice to see. He seems really engrossed when he gets his shots taken. I would love to have held the flowers so I could be that close to him while they were taking his pictures. ^^ But the ending picture wasn’t as nice. But I guess we just have to let the GQ people do their thing. ^^

    1. I remember YB saying that the hardest thing for him to do in his job is to figure out how to pose for pictures 🙂 He’s probably engrossed with thinking on what to do – but ends up doing what he usually likes anyway. (Um , left profile shot? Just a wild guess 😀 )

  6. Mann, sometimes I forget how handsome this boy is…I mean, of course he’s good-looking, but gosh, he looks amazing in this photoshoot.
    Agree, I could do without the fur and chrysanthemums, but honestly, I was staring at his face the whole time…didn’t even notice the accesories. LOL

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