Some Taeyang on the Radio

YB hasn’t been on the radio for a while but his name comes up every now and then…

Yoon Do Hyun and Lee Sae Joon of Yurisangja

YDH: Taeyang’s LOAM is playing. How did Taeyang become a bad guy?

LSJ: This song’s premise is bad – “even if i cheat, don’t cheat”.  When I first listened to the song, I questioned my ears how can these lyrics come out?  After hearing the whole song, it unraveled well. (He meant that the song doesn’t seem so bad/evil/mean, even with the lyrics.)

I was impressed and jealous of how he was able to fit “even if i cheat, don’t cheat on me” into the song.  I personally like Taeyang’s voice color and singing style.  If I was 15 years younger, I think that I would have tried and practiced to sing like him.

YDH: Even though Taeyang is a young friend, a lot of musicians recognize him.

LSJ: In an event, someone requested me to sing it and I did.  So I became dubbed more of a bad man than Taeyang….

YDH: LSJ played some of his songs, the response was so so.  But when he started singing Taeyang’s song, the response was Wow.  It was really like the sun was rising….

LSJ doing LOAM


Woo Jong Won and Lee Soo Young

Creative fashion director Woo Jong Won recently complimented Taeyang  on his fashion sense on Lee Soo Young’s music show.  According to WJW, he likes Taeyang’s fashion and he thinks Taeyang has a good mix of rock/ wild hip hop.

LSY: Though, his height isn’t [tall] he expresses fashion well

WJW:  I don’t know about height, but I think about my complexes when I dress and how to hide my flaws. I don’t think Taeyang thinks about it.  I think he dresses thinking about his music and about how to express himself.  He expresses himself with confidence.

Rather than mixing many colors, he picks one color to express the music and matches accordingly with accessories, dance, and eye (stare).  If it’s like that even Hollywood stars can learn.

You mentioned that he is short , but I’ve never thought that he was short.

WJW goes on to say that it’s probably because YB knows what works for him.

LSY observed that  even his every day fashion is good and WJW agrees.  He says that he often meets YB at shopping centers and checks out what YB is looking at. “When he comes out of the fitting room trying on clothes, he is more fashionable/cool in every day fashion than on stage.

WJW: And personally, his expression when he sings – his  rhythm, and the lyrics are very good.

LSY: He is a singer that expresses the lyrics (one by one) well.

(Looks like Taeyang is getting a lot of points recently for his style choices. I wonder what WJW had to say about YB’s taste in bags… Hmmmm)

Thanks to piglet for the rough translations and to YBMania for the original clips (here and here.)

21 thoughts on “Some Taeyang on the Radio”

  1. That gif made my week BM…excellent choice 😀

    YB’s a man’s man. His style is very guy-friendly so it just makes sense that other guys would like his style. He dresses for his comfort, not to be in the latest styles. It doesn’t hurt that he has enough swag to wear the stuff he likes and be able to pull it off. A lot of people can dress like him, but without the swag, they just look like they’re trying too hard.

  2. Yup, he knows what works for him. I also think the way he dresses makes him a lot easier to approach…? Just showing even more of his down to earth personality, really 😛

    That GIF is love. Period.

  3. Taeyang though dresses mainly like how most American men would dress anyway. Not all because you have the preppy look, retro whatever. He does not have to be primped and sucked up and wearing the tightest jeans just because it is fashionable. He wears the skinny jeans but his tops are mainly T-Shirts and hoodies which makes his pants not so bad. Now if he started wearing halter tops or something then yeah, I would be like okay, that is too much for me. LOL!! I like his simple style. Taeyang is a manly man. He is not going to experiment with nail polish and clothes you would find that some girls would wear. He is not delicate whatsoever. No hate on the other K-pop stars who do happen to dress like lady Gaga or anything because that is what is considered the look for many K-pop stars. Different strokes for different folks.

  4. hehhh the gif ,why is he so adorbs?<3

    YB dress himself down as he pleases.
    i like that he established from the very start that he'll wear clothes that's comfortable to him,so i'm kinda reassured that he'll never turn to some kind of freaky fashionista to me,but i do admire some people who attempted to reinvent themselves,but this kind of things will never works out on YB.

    YB need not change anything to succeed.

    LOAM lyrics is so represents male chauvinistic guys in this world,yet why this song is so amazing?

    i'll never get over LOAM.
    10,20 years from now,people will still sing this song on noraebangs.
    this classic song give YB a good start at being a solo artist.

  5. I personally love YB’s style very much. He knows what suits him the best. Even if I’m a girl,i like his clothes so much that I sometimes try to look a little bit like him 😀 For example he once wore black coat that I really liked, so I bought one similiar. ( But for girls of course^^)
    But I also have to say that Taeyang hisself makes the clothes so stylish.Even in a simple white t-shirt ( I heard he loves wearing that) he can look so fine. He can express hisself and thats fashion. We all should express ourselves as good as we can 🙂

  6. oh mann that gif is precious ❤
    I agree w/ 'G.' his style is simple, yet he looks amazing..even in a plain white tee, or a tank his individuality and HOTness shines through 🙂

    Similarily, whenever I watch YB sing LOAM, it never registers how insane the lyrics are. Even if he sang in english, I don;t think it would make a difference. I agree, he has a way to make everything sound sincere and heartfelt…even double standards! LOL

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