Taeyang and Teddy featured in Chris Brown’s “Art Style” Webisode!

Taeyang with his homeboy Teddy (YGE producer) were recently seen in Chris Brown’s webisode about style. He’s at 3:33.
This was shot during Taeyang’s 2 week stay in the US where he traveled from LA to Vegas to New York.Β  What does it mean that Taeyang and Teddy were meeting up with Chris Brown and his people, not to mention rumors of Teddy meeting up with producer Swizz Beatz? No one knows what this is about.

Me and Bluemaid are theorizing that Luxury Clothing brand MCM may have set this up considering that YG is sponsored by MCM, YB has been seen wearing wearing several MCM items including those man purse things (you know what I’m talking about), and Chris Brown is collaborating with MCM for his “Be Yourself” Line, more info here. Considering that this webisode is about style and fashion this may be how the connection was made.

While this could be all there is to it, it does look like they’re in a studio so who knows. My personal opinion is that if YG is in anyway planning to debut Taeyang in the states he has to take it slow, do some club tours, collaborate with the right people. Don’t try to hit it big quick cause that rarely works here. I don’t know how I feel about any sort of US debut knowing how difficult the market it. Anyway, feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section below.

47 thoughts on “Taeyang and Teddy featured in Chris Brown’s “Art Style” Webisode!”

  1. Honestly with BigBang’s comeback around the corner, I don’t feel a US debut is a good idea right now. IMO, if Bae does want to debut in America, he’s gonna want to better than Chris Brown since Chris doesn’t have the influence he used to. I was never a fan of Chris so I’m completely biased. I think Bae should wait it out until YG can properly promote him here. The artistry that Bae has should be good enough with the right amount of promotion or a bigger American star. Back to the video, I like Bae with facial hair :3

    1. i definitely agree with what you said about the timing of a US debut. he should definitely focus on BB’s comeback first, and when the time comes for youngbae to come back out as a solo artist (who knows when that might be — given that yb had said he wanted some time for himself first), he should work with some more influential artists to make his debut in the US. not that he would need their social popularity to become a hit in the US (because, look! yb hasnt even debuted in the US yet, and he already managed to gain attention of many american fans), but to have a positive association in the industry.

      when i watched the video, i basically squealed like the fangirl i am. SO ADORABLE. he looks good with facial hair πŸ™‚ the facial expression he made though — what was that about!? its okay, bae, i still love ya ❀

  2. It seems like it’s more about the clothing line.
    I got excited for nothing.
    The US market is difficult for foriegn artist and home-grown artists as well.
    But with YB’s looks and talent, I believe he has a bigger chance than a lot of kpop artists to be successful here. He would have a better chance than 2ne1 in my opinion.

    As far as the video, I always thought he looked good with facial hair.

  3. I’ve talked the issue of YB’s possible US debut to death in the chatbox so on that note….

    YB facial hair=deliciousness. YumMmmmMm!!!

    I doubt this for a US debut…but definitely NOT for dance lessons. YG insults all the fangirls’ intelligence and stalking skills. Like we won’t know! lol.

  5. I don’t think YB is in the states for a debut either..not even for dance lessons too. His probably in States for pleasure haha!! And possibly to get some influences some inspiration that he can’t find in Korea..either musically, to have fun/adventure, or just to find himself.

    Just my thought.

  6. I can understand why some of you want him to focus on Big Bang for now since they are having their comeback… but please don’t forget… he will have to enlist sometime… it’s not like he has unlimited time to make music like American artists. And honestly I don’t want him to debut in America first, they aren’t really accepting people when it comes to new ideas or music, America is prone to only like their own… I mean honestly how many Susan Boyles are there? I would much rather he debut in Europe first. I can imagine how much support and places he can tour in Europe. I’m not even saying it with bias because I live in Europe or something, I actually live in Canada. I’m sure most of you have seen ‘I Need a Girl’ being in the top ten radio singles in the Netherlands. Over American singles on the same chart. Europe is just more open to new stuff and they can recognize quality and accept it. The fact that he did so well in radio and newspapers in Europe (which shocked me) it seems like the right direction to go to begin with. As much of a fan I am of Big Bang, I am more so in support of Taeyang expressing himself through solo work which he has shown he can clearly do. Just considering the lifespan of k-pop celebs, it’s promised you will have decades, and he already is 22. Obviously there are those like you and me who will support him no matter what but its a very fickle industry. That’s all I have to say, please forgive the rantings of a mere Canadian fanboy. It’s just late at night and felt like saying it. :3

    1. I don’t know know what you mean by new ideas or music, but the US charts have a little bit of almost every musical style and genre. And Solar made it to #2 of the US itunes charts. Also, kpop artists have been featured in many American articles as of late.

    2. Yeah but i think
      Asian market > European market.
      … not sure about this tho. I’m solely going by population here. lol Besides if Taeyang debuts in America and makes it big, its considered ‘international’ so he’d be known everywhere. btw Canada represent! and Taeyang Takeover FTW yall!

  7. mhmm from the moment YG said Taeyang went all the way to America JUST to get dance lessons I smelt some untold ninja-works,lol who knows…

    I highly doubt they’re collaborating for a US debut,don’t think YG would be so careless after what happened with Se7en.Anyway whatever Teddy and Tae were doing with CB,its pretty cool πŸ˜€

  8. If YG was to promote Taeyang in the states, I think he should work on getting him in guest spots like being in someone’s song like so many artist these days do. Like drake, T-pain, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West who was originally in the background doing beats for Jay-Z until Jay-Z gave people a chance to take a look at Kanye West etc…. That is just like for instance, If Jay-Z right now was to walk out on stage and say “I would like to introduce someone and this guy is on fire, my man from S.K doing it big,….My man Taeyang!!” People would cheer because Jay-Z just bigged up Taeyang or something and if Jay-Z says “This guy is the man” and he was promoted very heavy, there would be success. I mean could you imagine? It is almost like the concept of “Lending Face” from someone who is very influential, who is respected and who has many fans to give the word “Hey, this guy is good. It would be hard to just for YG to just put him out there like that. He need someone who has great influence on the public and bingo! We have Taeyang who becomes the first Asian star to have so much influence over many all over the world who will be loved by many. Hey, that is what I would hope happen anyway!! LOL!! I would die from spazzing!!

  9. Oh yeah, that dance lesson thingy Taeyang is out here for? Sure, yeah right!! LOL!! Taeyang don’t need dancing lessons when he already knows how to dance! Big Bang is about to debut in February so secondary dance lessons coinciding with Big Bang’s new album? I don’t think so. Like I always say, S.K has a thing for doing things in secret and right now, Taeyang is doing more traveling and chilling out than dancing. I mean I am pretty sure he danced a little. Shaun has a dance studio of course however, he is not here to get dancing lessons. Taeyang won’t have a solo album for a minute so dance lessons? LOL! Who is YG kidding? LOL! Taeyang was in Los Vegas and New York City in downtown SoHo for Christ Sake!! Aaaahhh!! I wish I could have saw him. I live right here in Manhattan!! *dies*

  10. Another thing is that I really believe that Taeyang might have success more so than Se7en did. I think that went so wrong. Why lil Kim though? YG is working on a new game plan for our boy Taeyang and this time, YG might be successful.

  11. As long as they don’t rush it and I believe they wont after what happened to Se7en hyung. Dance lessons or not I’m just glad he got a break. You get more and more news of kpop idols overworked and be taking advantage of. I’m just flad YG is family, and want whats best for their musicians rather than whats best for YGE. At least that how I hope it is.

    P.S I rather see Taeyang with Usher or Neyo…if any get together was made

    1. I agree. Usher or Ne-yo would be great and they are at the top of their game right now. Imagine adding Taeyang to the Trail mix! I would so love it. Taeyang is one of a kind. He is almost rare to me in my eyes.

  12. When I first heard that he’s going to the US for dance lessons, I love the idea. I mean he could come back with sleekier moves, sharp movements and probably has the initiative to choreograph more. And we all could expect something good again. But YB’s been having a lot of fun, I don’t even know if he’s done any dancing lessons other than popping together with Shaun but seeing him so happy and carefree makes me happy too. It’s like looking at your child/little bro playing in a new playground.

    Ahh that video, gave me a herd attack, it did. for one, somehow he’s in a CB video. two, he looked damn awesome. three, there’s Teddy and a studio..er maybe we get to see something with CB’s produceer? But alas, he got complimented for the hair and the bag was the reason he was in the video. Eh. False alarm.

    About the debut, no, i don’t want him to debut there yet, not another Se7en please, no offense. Like Toozdae, I’d like him to perform in clubs or maybe a concert tour first, fan meeting or something. Let’s not rush. I don’t want YB’s name to associate with the words ‘failure in US’.

    For a collab, i won’t mind Usher, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Tamia or really anyone who’s good with music.

  13. Not a CB fan… would love to see Tae Yang collaborate with someone like Ne-Yo… someone talented WITHOUT the tainted reputation. Or maybe with a new artist like Far East Movement…. but honestly I don’t think the US is ready for YB. It’d be a cool idea for a US artist to collaborate with him on music released in Korea though.

    1. YES! Or even Bruno Mars. Start an Asian takeover. But as a whole the US still for some reason can’t, I guess, value Asian artists even ones that are American born.

  14. I think the American music industry sux. I hope Taeyang stays real to his music if he is going to debut in the US. I hope everyone stays true. Actually I don’t want anyone from YG to debut in the US πŸ˜› Is that weird? I want to keep them for myself because they are so awesome and I don’t want people to listen to my music πŸ˜› YG Baby~! No offense or something.

  15. If YB works with chris, then he works with chris. theres not much we can do about it. yes, chris has a bad reputation for what he did, but if YB can look past that and still see him as a good enough artist to collaborate with then, we’ll just have to see what they come up with. but then again, this is all just speculation. and yes i also feel that he shouldnt debut yet here in the us. He should definitely take his time in getting his music recognized more here in the u.s first. make some concrete relationships with other stars here first instead of just popping up out of the blue and then disappearing like ashes in the wind. He’s got too much talent to be contained in just Korea, i think we all know that by now, but if he’s gonna debut in the states, they need to take their time and make sure everything is good to go first, instead of rushing it and taking whatever is first offered to them. Taeyang is just too epic to be half assedly promoted in any country. and i believe he knows that, and that is why he puts so much thought, consideration and hardwork into everything he does. and last but not least, he’s such a sexy beast with the facial hair!!!!

  16. I don’t think it would be bad for YB to work with Chris. REASONS why is because Chris is really getting his fame back. People have forgiven for what he’s done and his music is doing well. BUT let’s not jump the gun people. it’s just for a fashion line.

  17. Taeyang should’ve done a Deuces Remix with Chris. That would’ve been dope and would’ve gotten major attention considering the popularity of the songs… If Taeyang does some R&B remixes that could get major attention

  18. Oh god, tae’s face and everything in this video is just UUUUNNGGFF. I can just *censor for the minors* and everything on him.

    I completely agree with swizz beat’s: “fashion is art, art is music”. I dorm at an art school for a few months and let me tell you; in an art college you either have fashion sense of “i wear what compliments me and with swag” or “i wear whatever the hell I want”. Im the former. And honestly, art kids always gets questions like “wth you wearing, blah blah” and most people dont know that it’s their way of expressing themselves. And im not excluding the other types of art, i’m just narrowing it to fashion, cause I can go on. LOL

    TL;dr: I can relate

  19. I totally don’t have a problem with Taeyang debuting in US Market because I know he has what it takes. Ever since I saw he’s mini-album solo activites (first time I knew him in LOAM), I already knew he can successful come to Western market. He can sing, dance, rap (so/so), look, style, swag, determination, everything….but I want him to perfectly communicate in English without an accent before he debuts.
    If he does debut in US market, what will happen to Big Bang (in a sense, for the future, not for their upcoming comeback)? He cannot debut in US market as a soloist and then later introduce him as a member of Big Bang. This will confuse people for those who doesn’t know Big Bang and Taeyang. I don’t think YG is that dumb to make that move. If ever, YG would promote Big Bang first and then Taeyang in US. OR If he’s not with Big Bang anymore (hopefully this does not happen and keep a promise about them lasting for 10years or more), then he’ll debut in US.
    Taeyang fighting! Big Bang fighting! YG family fighting!

    1. and about his facial hair, I think he’s trying to get rid of that cute-image by replacing it with maniless. LOL Like he said he doesn’t want people to think that he’s a softy. I like both image but I prefer cute-image Taeyang LOL ’cause I prefer cute boys.

    2. This video was one of my favorites. It is like he has the image of a bad boy without being bad and looks confident. It still bugs me how he is so shy sometimes. This is why I call him a natural when it comes to entertaining. He oozes sexiness without any kind of dating or whatever experience. Natural “Swagger” all day and adorable and cute off stage and behind the scenes. He is a very level headed and reserved guy.

    3. Yeahh. I always ask myself that too. lol What will happen to Big Bang if he debuts in America? I think that probs YG will let Taeyang debut in America to test the waters. But he’d do that when Big Bang is on hiatus (from working hard on the year long or *cross fingers* longer promotions in Korea then Japan). If thats the case then this is the perfect time to be meeting up with producers etc. These kinda things are usually done 1-2 years in advance so producer peeps have time to draw up contracts, make in between artists to focus on Taeyang, come up with ideas etc.

  20. Umph. I really firmly beleive taeyang is ready for the U.S. market. He’s got everything: talent, looks, sincerity and most importantly the willingness to learn. Sure the U.S market is tough but I think if any kpop artist can tackle it its Taeyang. I mean just look at how many international fans he unites already. Or look how he took a style that is not popular in korea, r&b, and made it work for him. Isn’t that why practically every kpop critic loves him?
    Plus, I find that Taeyang’s music is very universal. If I ever had to recommend my nonkpoplovin friends someone, id be taeyang cuz his songs are not as tailored to the asian market as other artists’. Frankly when my friend was trying to get me into kpop at first, I wasnt buying it lol but then she showed me Wedding Dress and its been love ever since.
    Lastly, I kinda agree that the U.S market isn’t usually as open to new things (ie: Lady Gaga was famous first in Canada then in the U.S). But Taeyang isn’t new. He’s freshfaced for sure but the only thing I think would really set him apart is he’s nationality( which isn’t a problem. really. just look at Shakira). He has an amazing voice and he’s a great dancer. That beleive it or not, is enough. The face/body is an added bonus and who doesn’t like bonuses? πŸ˜‰
    All in all, this is all to say that if promotions are done right, I really don’t see how he could fail. And by this I mean going at it slowly and making the right connections ( You re my connection, when Im with youuuuuu) and most important of all not loosing Taeyang’s essence for the sake of making songs that YG thinks would make it in the American market. Also not being fake. People hate fake. All Taeyang needs is one song, one opputunity. Then I think the Americans will eat him up like the Sweet sweet chocolate( har har har) he is. πŸ™‚
    Taeyang Takeover FTW!!!

  21. Taeyang has everything it takes to survive in America.

    But I really don’t think he is mentally ready yet. America is BRUTAL! Considering a cultural shift and all that..

    He needs to be exposed one step at a time.. maybe this trip is actually preparing him for a US debut.

    or, maybe he’s just here to enjoy himself like a 22 year old (=

  22. My first reaction when I knew that YB is heading to the states for dance lessons – AWESOME~~

    But then the pictures and tweets while on his trip in US didn’t involve dancing that much, more like a trip to relax and be with good friends.

    Not that I’m complaining. He might have had the chance to get a few moves from Shaun in between all his pictures and tweets.

    Now that this video’s showed up, I’m starting to think it’s a first step in getting him prepared for a US debut.

    It’s the first thing I thought of, but I doubt that debut is within these few years. From what I see, he’s only making connections so far. IF this really is a preparation trip, and not what YG papa says “dance lessons”… XD

    YG treats YB and GD like his own sons, and with what happened with Se7en’s US debut… I think he’ll be a lot more careful with YB’s possible debut, if YG does have plans.

    I haven’t got to watch the video (stupid home Internet), but I agree with keeping the facial hair everyone is talking about. LOL

    As for my opinion of whether YB is prepared for a US debut… I think not yet. He has to be mentally prepared. I think he’s got all the skills: dance, singing, personality, looks, etc. The English needs some fine tuning, but I can look over that because it’s a part of what makes him so cute. XD

    Ahem, back on track. He needs to build some self-confidence. Yes, I love his modesty and humility, but it can’t be to a point where he’s holding himself back or being too hard on himself.

    Furthermore, if a debut is ever planned… What will the circumstances be like? With BB? By himself as a solo artist?

    A US debut would be nice – let people know about this rare jewel of an artist! His dream will come true~ =D

    But then there’s the selfish part of me that doesn’t want to share YB with the world just yet, only ATYers. XD

    I’m really enjoying the discussion going on at ATY! You’re all awesome *hugs and kisses everyone* LOL

    1. Video finally loaded properly, and YB looks Uber-licious, whatever that means…. He looks damn fine. hahahahahah

  23. I’m one of those who don’t want him to debut in the US yet. I don’t want him to lose his style and be fake to appeal to the international audience like some of the other comments said. If he starts singing about sex, drugs and clubbing till you pass out kind of mainstream music, I’ll just cry. He needs to grow more in himself and his english. Plus US is no way near as conservative as SK so the adjusting would be for the worst. I feel like the US would have a bad influence on him. But most of this is me being selfish and still thinking of him as a shy innocent boy. I even thought of him getting married in a day in las vegas x_x.

  24. Lold so hard when i saw the stubble and stuff! Remember him freaking out when he found out his stubble had been photoshopped on his album cover?! Mission accomplished Bae Bae, u looking every inch the manly dude u set out to look like!

  25. Taeyang has the highest chance of succeeding in the U.S market out of all KPOP artists with the right set of promotions that is.

    I knew he didn’t come for dance lessons. He is probably scoping out the music scene in the U.S, meetin producers and such. YB’s nature will probably make him overthink becoming a completely different person to fit in. But I think on the contrary, the more honest TY and th emore earnest he is with himself and his love for music, he’ll have a better chance of winning u>S acceptance

  26. If he ever plans to go to US for promotions… I say… He should do some featuring in other artists’ songs first. Personally I don’t really mind if he does anything with CB, musically. And being connected with CB does mean something as the R&B scene is pretty tight i think. CB’s connected with Usher and the likes. His new album is gonna feature even Bruno(love this man btw)! and yes JB too. lol.
    Anyway, by featuring, that way he can get his name out there lil by lil..And then do some small tours with the (korean) songs he already has, hit some clubs, and after a while, bam! come out with a single! it it’s hot, drop another hotter single. if it’s also hot, then mini album! if not so hot, drop another single. lol.

    anyways, am loving that new look he’s sporting. looks cool. love the facial hair. and he looks so damn fineeeeee!!!

  27. if I personally see … apparently he is not just learning to dance and recreation …

    I see here … he was looking for inspiration, monitor and prepare for what will he need, when he will be debuting in the United States …

    andOf course Taeyang, YG Teddy and must have thought about this all … even GD …

    I was just a little bit confused … if later some point in the next few years Taeyang debuted in the United States …. question is: what will happen with a BIG BANG?

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