Taeyang’s Plans for 2011+New Fanpics+Fan tweets


YG recently released information about Big Bang schedule for next year and it seems like it will be a very busy year for Taeyang.

Here are the translations of the parts relating to Taeyang

4. On Seungri and Big Bang’s album plans:

At the time, we planned to kick off Big Bang’s Japanese tour in April of next year, so we wanted to promote Big Bang’s new album for two months, beginning February 1st. Because of this, GD&TOP and Seungri’s album promotions would have been shorter than normal.

Fortunately, we were able to delay Big Bang’s Japanese promotions by one month.

-stuff on GD &TOP and Seungri

The dates for Big Bang’s album will be revealed at another time through the official channel.

5. Will the “BIG SHOW” be held early next year?

Big Bang’s “BIG SHOW” concert, which was held annually on January, will be held on February 25th, 26th, and 27th next year at the Olympic Athletic Stadium.

Since the “BIG SHOW” is scheduled right alongside Big Bang’s new album, all of Big Bang’s latest music will be featured, including GD&TOP and Seungri’s mini-album. We’ll be releasing a more detailed announcement soon, so please check it out when it’s revealed.

6. What is the schedule for Big Bang’s Japanese tour?

Starting next May, Big Bang will be holding a two-month tour in Japan, which is expected to bring in a 160,000-member audience.

Up ’til now, Big Bang has only done short-term promotions during their week-long stays in Japan. Starting next year, they’ll be promoting more directly and aggressively.

The agreement between YG and our Japanese partner is to completely differentiate the group’s Korean and Japanese activities, and to focus completely on one at a time.

Again, they’ll be in Korea for March and April, in Japan for May and June (due to their Japanese concert), in Korea again from July through September for their new album, and in Japan for October and November.

Big Bang’s popularity in Japan is a lot higher than what is known in Korea, so we are hoping to garner more favorable results with more direct promotions.

source: Allkpop, to read it all go here

So starting in February, Taeyang will be really busy with Big Bang activities.

For those wondering where he is, he’s currently in Japan and has been for most of the week. Some lucky fans caught him.





Here’s the tweets from the lucky fans

TWEETS from chisa18@twitter
– まなまなまなまなまなまな!りんちゃんりんちゃんりんちゃんりんちゃん!テヤンですよ!てーばっ!

– took a photo with Taeyang!!!!!!!!!! still can’t believe it… omg.. he said “I love you all too” to us after yumi said “I really love you!”.

– SOLサランへ!byゆみ(笑)
TRANS: SOL I love you! by Yumi (laugh)

– SOLすてきすぎた!握手もしてもらった!手袋つけてたけど(笑)急いでたのに立ち止まって写真とってくれたし( ; ; )てか富士急にいるとか奇跡的すぎる。きてよかったーーーー♡
TRANS: SOL is so cool. I also handshake with him although I wore gloves. I stood there quickly and took photos. It’s amazing that he is in Fuji suddenly. That’s so great.

– @_D_cole もーミラクルでした!せっかくだからOFFテヤンをおすそ分けしたくて、友達のデジカメを写メったんですけどぼやけちゃいました( ; ; )真ん中がテヤンです★
@_D_coleo Oh, what a miracle! Since it’s not easy to see him, I got to meet Taeyang he’s not working. We used my friends’ digital camera to take photos with him individually and in groups. It’s the real Taeyang.

Credit: chisa18 @ twitter (via darkaz619 @ soompi)
Translated by: Didikuro @ 21bangs.com

So what are your hopes for YB next year? Not only is he going to be busy with Big Bang but he’s also said that he wants to grow more as a person, in addition his contract with YG is up too. I have my own hopes and wishes for him but I’ll leave that in the comments section. 2010 was a big year for Taeyang, I wonder what 2011 will bring.


39 thoughts on “Taeyang’s Plans for 2011+New Fanpics+Fan tweets”

  1. Looks like 2011 is already on the busy side for Tae Yang!

    I’m not sure what to expect from BB with their comeback. The way GTOP went isn’t really my thing, though I love a few songs they have. They also said Seungri’s style is different from theirs, so I’m looking forward to what the maknae would bring.

    Or more correctly, what BB will bring. They’ve all grown up indiviually, so I’m expecting something different to come out.

    As for YB, I think he’ll be taking a backseat in terms of spotlight. He’s had this awesome year with his concert, him reaching out to his international fans with Twitter, and we all know how he is with those things, hahaha.

    So I think he’ll let his other members shine for the time being, he deserves a break too. A break to grow as a person, get to know himself, and know other people than his YG Family 🙂

    I’m not saying I’ll like it though, since I’ve definitely become YB biased….XD I know he’ll do his part well, and we’ll see more of him because of his BB activities, but we wouldn’t be able to see him as close as we did this year you know? With Real Sound and his concert, I think we got to know him at a deeper level.

    Since I think I can’t make much sense anymore, I’d stop, or this will be a min essay. On the joking side, I just wish I got to see him! Those fans were lucky!

    1. I love your essay and I agree with it. He’s going to take a backseat with BB and he did say he’s focus right now is to grow as a person and experience life more.

      He had an awesome 2010 and I’m happy and proud of him.

      1. Awww, thanks toozdae! 🙂 Am really proud with all he’s done in 2010. He’s achieved many things the last year, more on the professional level though, rather than personally. Guess 2011 will be his “me-time” XD

    2. I agree w/ pretty much everything you wrote. I’m interested to listen to BB’s album, considering how much they’ve changed. Also since they’ve been repeating the importance of ‘going back to the basics’, I hope they renew some of the swag and feel they had during their debut days.
      Also, I ain’t gonna like it, but I guess it’s YB’s time to shed his solo mentality.
      Since his contract is coming to an end, I’m curious to see how he’ll negotiate the terms…his circumstances have changed dramaticaly, since his debut, and I’m sure both YB and YG understands that.
      Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR’S to ATY. Absolutely loving those pics and fancam of YB in the airport. I’m a happy fangirl 🙂

  2. My heart just sank after reading the last question about Taeyang. Is he gonna leave YG? What will be his plan in 2011? I hope there will be many good news!

  3. It looks like he’ll be really busy next year. idk I was hoping there would be a single released next year a la WUA or WD. Guess not.

    A big part of me is still holding out hope that there will be an announcement of an American debut for YB or at least a YG family concert in the states.

    But I’m happy that we’ll still see plenty of him in the next year.

    1. I doubt the YG fam concert but you never know. I really doubt the American debut since YG is focusing on 2NE1’s American debut.

      However, they may be some digital singles released – depends if he starts work on the next album. YG’s plans change all the time and YB hasn’t even started work on a new album yet.

      He seems to think the promos of releasing singles first was great and I hope and think he’ll do it again. However, I don’t see that happening before late 2011, maybe 2012.

    2. Take all YG announcements with salt (and tequila and lime if you are drinking age.) Dates and plans can always be changed depending on what happens – YG is nothing if not mysterious and flexible.

      No mention of DS and Top’s solo albums is one example. And I have my doubts about 2 BB releases in the same year when they can barely seem to get one out. So we could still see some solo activities from YB if everyone else is busy – it would be a good time for him to travel and meet international fans for one.

      My 2011 wish for YB? I hope he gets good advice (legal and otherwise) when he negotiates his next contract so that he has more room for his solo work.

      1. I do pray YG’s flexibility on schedule changes please..
        as I plan to go to Korea on spring to see YB, but they will be in Japan
        NOOOOO…… :((

  4. I have a feeling he will take a long break before his 2nd/3rd solo activities.

    So, I’d say he’ll drop a new album in 2012. Not earlier, I suppose.

    Anyway, this year was awesome for him, that’s for sure!

  5. soo our bae will be very busy this year huh?even on the month of his birthday–he has to be in japan(im hoping him to be in korea,)–well lets support bigbang oppa’s avtivities:)bb fightinng!!!

  6. Since YG is known for not following his laid out schedules i’m expecting a lot of changes to it. However, they pretty much keep their Japan schedules/activities intact so if anything changes it’ll probably be their Korean one. Maybe instead of their 2nd BB album, a Dae solo or YB one?

  7. Hey y’all. Happy New year! 🙂

    I’m just hoping to see more YB next year haha. GDTOP’s album is a good warm up to what they have in store for us, both Seung Ri and Big Bang. I’m actually excited for Seung Ri, which is really funny, cuz I’ve never really paid any attention to him before. Anyhow, all I want is good music from Big Bang. Oh! I hope YB get a lot of parts as well as being able to sing all of it live ;p…. and I want YB’s song to be in the album, and I hope he does 70-90% of the song this time.

    Whatever dates YG has given us, I’m not going to really believe it until, well, it really happens. Anyway, Big Bang is gonna be a lot more busier as a group next year so I do hope they stay healthy (let’s not have any fainting from exhaustion cases) while pocketing a lot of money and just be rich for their own sake in the future (wife and kids, anyone?).

    I’m hoping for a better treatment for BB too… send all of them for a vacation or something. Also, a choreography by Lyle+Shaun/shit kingz for the group will be nice too 🙂

  8. omg! i hope they don’t postpone anything that is said here. Because i’ll be in Japan for about a week and abit in May. I think I’ll be heading to Fuji too…so maybe if they ain’t busy I could meet someone from Big Bang…GAH! 2011 please bring me luck lol!

  9. Where exactly did you find your last info from? All the translations I’ve read, I haven’t seen that part about YB at all.. .just asking..

    but wella see, they keep changing everything, just go with the flow, loll.

        1. ^
          Oh that. It’s a known fact. BB only has a 5 year contract and next year is their 5th year since debut. TOP is the only one who doesn’t have a contract ending but that’s just his actor contract (which is longer than his BB contract). I remember seeing all the contract lengths somewhere of kpop stars -SM’s was ridiculous.


      The absolute best YB thing to happen in 2010, in my opinion, is that he got his smile back. I really missed seeing it throughout most of 2009. The critical and commerical success of the album, the amazing performances, the interviews, articles and Real Sound – I enjoyed every second of it but nothing compared to the times when he looked genuinely happy and excited. Whatever 2011 may bring, I just hope that he can be happy and unburdened amidst all his activities and that he has great “success” on a personal and not just professional level.

      1. That was the best thing for me too. All those times when he would look up or over and just smile and it would look so warm and real. It showed just how depressed he was last year. That was the best YB thing in 2010, seeing him so happy. And he’s still so happy and I hope that this new found happiness carries into 2011.

    2. This pic and the one shown earlier definitely made my day even better!

      he’s gotten so much stuff from Japan! hahahahahahha!!!! Sitting on those boxes while his manager tries to push the trolley, too cute and such a dork! XD

      For those already into 2011, hope this year will be an even better one than the last. For those waiting to celebrate, have a happy new year! ^^/

      1. Awww poor Boram. I guess he’s lucky that YB carried some of his bags, even if they were the smaller ones. As much as I pity Boram, I’m so glad YB looks like he’s so happy. He was like the naughty little boy that just loves to test his parents’ limits. I hope 2011 brings him even more happiness!!!

        On another note….Happy New Year ATY! May 2011 be another awesome year for you!

      2. Hahahhaha, aww I love this vid! He is so cute! XD

        I feel sorry for boram, but I’m sure he is also as happy as us that YB is finally feeling happier and better~ :))

  10. Hello my ATY family!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Best wishes for 2011 for you all.

    Ahh those pictures and the video are so adorable. All the reasons why I’m a fangirl wrapped in one neat package.

  11. i’m really excited for Big Bang’s comeback.
    i’m a huge BB fan as much as I’m a YB fan.
    i hope this year YB will be able to have a clear direction for his next album and hopefully a solo album in 2012.
    and i also hope he is genuinely happy this year!

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