1. Isn’t this one for the Japanese ver.?

      There still no any sign for Korea ver. or International ver. now. So I suppose the standalone ver. of Solar concert must be coming out (later).
      Because If not, YGE may had to deal with YB’s Korea fans for sure…..

  1. Happy Christmas :]
    and i have a question to bluemaid~

    i saw this video in here. but
    [This video is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it].
    then how did u get this?
    I can’t find it in the sol-mate.co.kr fanpage.

    1. The video is from early on in the year – be sure to check both the free post and video sections of Sol-Mate if you are looking there. (I can’t remember where if was posted exactly anymore, sorry.)

  2. Yaay Happy Holidays 🙂 Oh man, what a year it has been for YB..and so many ups and downs for me, but I am soo happy for YB, and I cannot waittt to see him live sometime in the future. And thank you to ATY for being so phenomenal (as always). Gotta check this site every day.

    URTHESUN created a compilation of fancams of YB in 2010, and watching it, I realized how much he has grown! Been following YB for 3 years now, and it’s so incredible to see how much he has matured. I love this:

    Also, WENEEDSOL, a fansite for YB’s Japanese fans, created some cards and bought presents for him. I have a feeling he’ll really like those MJ dolls 🙂

  3. Merry Christmas, everyone. And a very Merry Christmas to those who run ATY, keeping all of us up to date on everything TaeYang. Please keep the great work coming in 2011.

  4. Merry Christmas everyone! I wonder what the BB boys and YB are up to this christmas? apart from doing that amazing deed by visiting Jun Eun, who suffers from a terminal illness.Thats really a class act,I tip my hat to them.

  5. Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks to ATY for being such a great community and such an awesome outlet for YB fans all around the world.

    Everyone, from the creators to the writers to just the general readers are amazing people. Hope Santa got you guys all something nice this Christmas!!! 😀

    1. I’m planning on getting that hoodie! would you say its worth it? it certainly looks it! 😉 Also Janelle where did you get it? YGE shop or yesasia…or…?

      Btw awesome presents! (I take it they were gifts from you to yourself?)

    2. Having this hoodie is like holding a piece of YB’s incredible year in my hands, so it’s definitely worth it. Santa brought this to me all the way from YesAsia. Well worth the wait. I’m a happy fan today!

  6. Merry Christmas everyone! I have to say I’ve got my BB presents for the holiday spirit as well! Hehehehe, posters and photos galore XD

    Thanks to bluemaid for this lovely way to countdown to Christmas, and thanks to all the staff and members of ATY, may you all have had an awesome time wherever part of the world you all are! 🙂

    CHEERS~~~~ ^^

  7. Teaser from official YGE on Solar Concert DVD!! Topless YB!!!

    Hopefully this is an international version/korean version with English subtitles instead of the Japanese version we mentioned earlier on

  8. AARRGGHH!!!!! I”M SO GONNA GET THIS DVD!! gosh!! i wonder how i will react when i watch the entire concert cuz i’m already hyperventilating juz by watching the teaser!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! =O

    YB is the only artiste that makes me wanna fly to S.Korea to see his concert; no matter where i am.. GOSH YB!! how can u make me, a noona fangirling u like a teenager?? i’ve failed in terms of self-control.. i’m so embarrassed!! =X

  9. I’ m very very disappointed that YG don’t let Taeyang to go any Year end Music Show. Taeyang has released a full album this year,and also very successful. Even the TV program always cover INAG. And Seven also appear on SBS Gayo Daejun that he was finished promo activities. When I see the promo’ s video of Gayo Daejun, I see Boa,2am,2pm,Suju,SNSD…I just thinking why YG let GD to perfrom on Gayo2009, but don’t let Taeyang on Gayo2010? Even another group fans see the perform list, just ask” where’ s Taeyang?”

  10. I am so getting the SOLAR concert DVD!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now that the teaser is out, it only means either the Kor. ver or international (or both? XD) will come out soon!!!

    Hopefully they’ll be with Eng. subs…. gosh, I can’t wait to watch the concert on my TV screen!!!! Ack!!!

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