[Feature] ATY’s Christmas Countdown Day 2

Bet you all knew this was coming up sometime…

2008 Sang Sang Plus

Thanks to AdriPausin21 for the upload.


8 thoughts on “[Feature] ATY’s Christmas Countdown Day 2”

  1. omg i’ve never seen this vid before (some fan i am T.T)

    as a mexican, i couldn’t help but frickin squeal like a little fangirl!!! that was so awesome! 😀

    taeyang you’re so great!!
    oh how i miss seeing news about him ;___;
    but at least he’s getting a break though, and hopefully getting a very well deserved vacation!

    <333 🙂

  2. omo!!best christmas carol this chnlistmas,if only bb could carol just like this,@ our house this christmas^__^.i would let them stay at my house freverrrrrrrrrrr:)lol.ryt vips??

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