[Feature] ATY’s Christmas Countdown Day 3

Don’t blame the Big Bang boys for hiding in the back as soon as they were done – probably needed to protect their reps as the cool guys in town. (Though GDYB gets an A plus for effort at being cheery.)

2007 Christmas Medley + Last Farewell + Win Music Bank

Thanks to AnaKaide for the upload.


4 thoughts on “[Feature] ATY’s Christmas Countdown Day 3”

  1. As an aside I have to say that the choreo of the medley part cracks me up, but not as much as the looks on their faces when they are hiding in the back. (TOP has a complete FML look on his face and even GD’s smile can be called polite at best. YB really tried hard though.)

    I don;t know why BB always reminds me of those guys who sit at the back of the classroom and get get up to all the shenanigans while the teacher stay up front. (though yes, they were just probably sleeping back there in real life.)

    1. MTE BM! They were probably thinking, “Oh God…we’ll never live this down.”. Hahaha.
      But notice that they did get the loudest cheers out of everyone! (it’s more apparent when you watch the while clip with everyone else’s performances too…so I guess their reputation didn’t get hurt too badly)

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