Entertainment Weekly ranks SOLAR #3

In September Taeyang had a 2 day concert to celebrate the end of SOLAR promotions.

cr: Bigbangupdates and DCYB for the video

From the fancams and fanaccounts we could tell it was an amazing concert and it seems we are not the only ones. Entertainment Magazine listed SOLAR concert as the 3rd best concert of the year. Psy’s concert was #1 and DJ Doc’s at #2.

Knowing how amazing Psy and DJ Doc’s concerts are, the fact that our boy was listed right behind them tells us how great of a performer he is. Then if you add in the number of concerts that occurred in Korea this year (a lot of idol groups and solo stars had concerts) and this tells you how awesome the SOLAR concert was.

This makes me so excited for the concert DVD. Are you guys ready for the SOLAR Concert DVD? I am.


For those who want to relive it here’s out post of Day 1 and Day 2 of Solar concert with fancams.

28 thoughts on “Entertainment Weekly ranks SOLAR #3”

  1. congratulations youngbae! you can tell from those amazing fancams that it was surely a great concert. i’m hoping that they’ll release the concert DVD with english subs soon.

  2. I’m still hoping for a dvd with eng subs. I’m also hoping YG included the encore performances and his speech from the first day.

  3. psy totally rock the stage during YG concert.

    so,i’m not surprise he’s on the top of the list.psy…omg…what a crazy performer.i say from the crowds reaction,best entertainer during YG concert too.

    but for me,i’d still pick solar concert to any of the concerts i’ve been to including big shows.i love it
    probably because it was intimate and very emotional.YB poured his heart to his performance and i felt the sincerity in which he wanted to share it to the crowds.
    YB got so much love to give that night that it pours out of him,til this day,many months have passed i still feel it.
    aigoo, iono if i made sense. i’m so emotional right now,mere mention of solar con brought back memories.

    well,that’s just my opinion.i’m so bias lol.

    1. I hate you. so much.

      Don’t worry, it’s the jealously talking, lol. Yeah, even from the fancam I can tell it was an emotional and intimate concert and probably why it was so good. I wish I could have been there. I’m hoping to be there for the next one.

      1. haha.love you too,tooz.:)
        dun worry,you’ll have your chance.by then,he’ll be more than amazing on stage.

        i hope the people who made the DVD captured YB’s essence.

        before someone will side-eye me about my solar con>big show opinion,i have to say BS were great.it’s just that i prefer the simple yet intimate SC than the grandeur stage of big shows.annnd prolly because i’m over BB.:((

        1. really? You’re over BB?

          That’s sad to hear. Hopefully it’s just because of the change in musical direction and nothing else. I’m still in love, tho I do love YB more.

          But yes, I’ll be at the next one. Which will be for REAL – I’m excited even thinking about it.

        2. ^
          sad,i know.well,i felt this separation from BB for months now.
          almost 4 years of stanning a band is quite a feat for me tbh,since normally i don’t follow celebs.
          so,time for me to move on.

          it’s not the change in musical direction tho since i love almost half of what GTOP produce.iono why.i guess too many pushbacks got me pissed,that i just stop caring.lol
          i still love the boys,though,but not as intense as before.annnd i still feel the same with YB.in fact it gotten 10X stronger.which is nice.

          i have a question,is this the same concert review that’s been floating around like months ago?

          OT i’m glad kvips don’t give YB a hard time performing in a club before like they are doing to GTOP now.poor bbs.:((

        3. ^
          I’m not sure about the concert review but I think it’s new. The video backing it up is new at least. DCYB just posted it.

          And yeah, I understand. Being a hardcore fan is hard. And sometimes you just grow out of it. But yeah, from what I’ve heard I like about half of GTOP’s album too. Boys are still great.

          I think the problem with the club thing is that a lot of KVIPs are underage anyway, so they can’t even attend the clubs anyway.

    2. gosh i feel you. I’d give anything for a chance to relive that concert. greatest musical spectacle i have ever seen. words just can’t describe. and you’re right. months have passed and the emotions still linger.

      1. aigoo,i wanna relive the moments too.*sigh
        i ache inside everytime i think of that concert and knowing that i can’t go back to that night.aish,why am i being like this?i’m so silly.
        i guess that concert just really made a huge impact on me.

  4. This just makes it official….I am definitely going to YB’s next solo concert!

    But until then….Papa YG, can you PLEAE hurry up with the Solar concert DVD? Kthanxbye!

    1. omg. I can watch taeyang dance all day. he’s so hot. he can pull off the masculine look very well while looking soft and sweet. not a lot of Korean singers/actors have that look imo. they’re either very feminine looking or too rough. either way, he’s a hottie

  5. that just makes me even more jealous to the people who was able to watch the concert.
    damn, i wish i was there.
    YG better release that DVD now cause i’m itching to watch the concert in HD.
    and Congrats YB for making it to the Top 3 of the list!

  6. i think and hope yg releases the 18+ concert on dvd, then he can release the non 18 one onto the ygconcert youtube concert thereafter.

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