[Feature] ATY’s Christmas Countdown – Day 5

To get into the holiday spirit, we’re counting down the days to Christmas looking back at some old videos of Taeyang and the BB boys. Old performances, red and green outfits (some with the sparkles, natch), carols and fake snow galore. Take a walk down memory lane with our ATY Christmas Spam – we’ll be posting videos every day till December 25 (Korea time).

The early, early days – what would Christmas be without the reindeer antlers and the santa hats? (And I miss Taeyang being all cute and bouncy like this.)

Big Bang Christmas Party

More under the cut ~

Jingle Bell Rock

Thanks to ultimaterosebud and JuliaGmoon for the uploads.


16 thoughts on “[Feature] ATY’s Christmas Countdown – Day 5”

  1. this is off-topic, but i just wanted to ask whether or not taeyang will be performing in the end of year ceremonies ? (i’m starting to have my doubts because apart from MAMA, yb really hasn’t attended any of the other shows) i haven’t heard any news of him performing in them yet, and YG has just said GDTOP will be performing with no mention of taeyang performing.

    1. i’m think too Jessica.. apparently; YB hasn’t been on the news ever since he ceased his solo activities.. seems like YG has completely forgotten abt YB (and maybe se7en) who had a comeback tis year as well)!! 😦
      i’m really hoping that YB will be performing in the year-end music festivals as i really missed his live performances!! 😦
      am i the only one who feels that YG seems to be favoring more on GDTOP+2NE1?? *dun bash me if offend any of the above-mentioned fans*

      1. don’t worry i know what you mean.
        i mean i love love LOVE 2NE1 and GDTOP. but i really miss taeyang too. i had a feeling that once his solo activities ended this would happen :/.

        but i’m sure once BIGBANG comes back we’ll see more of him! 😀

        1. @Mmm: thanks for understanding.. i was worried that my message would conveyed the wrong meaning.. when YB ended his solo activities; he would ‘disappeared’ & ‘resurfaced’ once again with Big Bang.. i mean; it doesn’t hurts to appear in a show once in a blue moon to let his fans know that he’s still pretty much alive.. haha.. 🙂

      2. as far as now, taeyang is not in the sbs year end awards. se7en, gd&top and 2NE1 will be in this. i miss taeyang loads too. i just hope the reason he will not be in those are cause he’s on a break and not cause yg is now promoting gd&top or the various channels didn’t invite him on.

        1. Hey.. dun worry.. GD mentioned in a recent interview that YB is taking a break now, when GTOP is promoting, Seungri is preparing his solo and Daesung filming his drama..

          I dun think YG papa is GTOP biased.. I mean YB promoted his solo since July and have his solo concert!!! I think YG is more like GD-YB biased as he had always been even before their debut.

          We always worry that YB stressed himself too much so why don’t we let him enjoy the new year eve vacation and maybe find himself a girlfriend to meet his 2010 goal!~ Then he will comeback with BB in February in BANG!!!!

        2. In the article about not attending KBS gayos, it stated that TY was one of those who attend SBS and MBC, so at this moment it is still a bit unclear as to whether or not he’s attending.

          We’ll have to wait and see when YG updates BB”s schedule.

          I also don’t think YG’s being biased since GD and TOP only have 2 weeks to promote their album so it would make sense to have them attend as much award/variety shows as possible.

  2. Aww he’s such a cutie.
    I miss him, just like y’all do. But like “Mmm…” said, I’m waiting til BB comes back, so I can catch some glimpses of him, and of course that darn Solar Concert……..hopefully it’s taking so long b/c YGE is tryna make it extra nice (though ofc, this is YGE we’re talking about –___–).

  3. It’s weird because I just finished reading an article saying he would be appearing at the year end shows (SBS Gayo Daejun/MBC Music Festival) but then he wasn’t shown in the lineup for the Gayo Daejun. I was looking forward to seeing him perform since the last time was at the MAMAs. I know we have BB’s comeback to look forward too but I miss seeing him on stage. It’s been so quiet since he ended his promotions.

    1. oh the articles mentioned him appearing in the year end shows? i sincerely hope if he’s not on a break elsewhere, he’ll be in those shows. and yes i was kinda a little heartbroken when i didn’t see him on the sbs line up. cause it’s like he was being ignored or overlooked, guess i’m a little more sensitive when it comes to taeyang cause i think he’s like underappreciated and all. oh well we all just miss him on that stage i guess.

  4. I feel bad and painful, I hope to see his pref. SBS Gayo and onMBC Gayo Daejun as a Christmas gift. not fair for him and me. i’m sorry for YB this’s so hard for me T.T

  5. Bluemaid, having this is an awesome way to have a countdown. I’ll hope u’ll post the one u showed me last time. that was a favorite.

  6. that first video is one of my all time favourites of YB! I can NEVER watch it once,I have to replay it a good 100x LOL its juts that cute “Merry Christmaaaaaas” ^__^

  7. lol”)i miss bb like this:))hope to see them soon february please come..lollll.but gd and top will keep us busy:)))ryt vips??

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