Taeyang’s Number 1 Fangirl is still true…

Surprised that IU chose Yoo Ah In as her ideal man in the latest news stories? IU herself clears this up…

Translation under the cut…

IU says that her mom gave her a warning not to talk about Taeyang anymore on TV because it’s embarrassing. (Her mom said that if she talks about Taeyang one more time on TV “you are not my daughter.”)

Since she remembered what her mom told her, she mentioned someone else on another talk show she attended when asked who her ideal guy was because these days that actor seems cool. (Sorry Yoo Ah In.)

After she said that people were asking her “Then what about Taeyang?”

“What ever I say, I get scolded. I’m just an innocent fan. Please don’t misunderstand.”

Why am I unreasonably happy that IU is still YB’s number one fangirl? So glad she’s still repping the fandom. Hope her mom goes easy on her and  understands that there’s no harm in innocent fangirling. Or even a lot of fangirling especially when she does it so cutely.

Thanks to DCYB for the clip and piglet for the translations.

13 thoughts on “Taeyang’s Number 1 Fangirl is still true…”

  1. i love IU! she’s so cute with her sincerity and humble attitude. I can understand how she does not mention TY anymore because some immature netizens may start rumors of them dating that could hurt both singers’ image. the kpop industry is cut throat about celeb dating haha

  2. IU and YB together foreverrrrrr!!! YB, hurry up and get at that already! 😀

    I knew IU would never throw YB over like that. She definitely still holds the title of the Ultimate YB Fangirl.

  3. If I were IU and people keep on asking me who my ideal man is I would just say “someone like me”, so crazy people who get off of me and no one would suspect that I was dating YB. LOL!

  4. I love, love love this girl. (But Firefox or WordPress might have some problems – what’s with the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t with this post on the ATY homepage? Maybe Mama Lee has some pull with WordPress too – I kid, I kid.)

  5. I was beginning to think that something bad might have happened between the two that made IU dislike YB or something LOL

    its nice to see she is still true to her ideal man! =)
    and lol it really must have been embarrassing for her mum to watch her daughter going crazy over this guy on national TV 😛

    1. LMAO! Her fan-oppas know her soooo well.
      Buahahahaha. This is soooo adorable.
      I love how both the IU and Taeyang fandom support this pair…even if it’s just for fun.

  6. IU finally won me over.
    so loyal to YB.how can i not like her?
    adorable,pretty and mad talented as well.

    i get her mom though.being in a strict society like s.k,where everything’s a big deal…aigoo,what a dilemma.

  7. i wont care if IU changes her idol again

    but i’m a little disappointed : she replaced YB with another new star to make her mother happy 😉
    her mother must love Yoo A In so much =)) lol

  8. I also don’t care if IU changed Taeyang as her ideal man type.

    I mean IU has a crush on him , but it doesn’t mean that it would be always have to be taeyang. I mean it’s only a crush so why make ita big deal? It’s not like their boyfriend and girlfriend.

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