[Twitter] Taeyang Hits the Slopes

Taeyang finally got his much wished for snowboarding vacation with the rest of the YG Family.

On December 9th, one of Big Bang’s managers uploaded a picture onto Twitter with the caption, “We went to create beautiful memories. Perhaps this is the reason I’m still with the company.”

From Se7en’s twitter:
“Skiing after the concert~ I really love it, especially the people I’m with~ Good times.. GD YB!!! We already know each other for 10 years!! Celebrating our 10th anniversary!!! our HOT time.. P.S. I’m not in the photo because I’m the one who took it. kk n e wayz I LOVE U~ MA BRUHS!!”

Nice to see our boy out and about and having fun (and looking mighty fine when doing it if I may add…) Target for next year : Finally take that long planned for vacation to Bali or Okinawa .  (And maybe spend a little time in North America?)

sources: twitter.com/Rcolraemp (YG manager) + twitter.com/officialse7en + twitter.com/translatorkorea + bigbangupdates


16 thoughts on “[Twitter] Taeyang Hits the Slopes”

  1. YGFamily is truly the best. Guess that’s why we see the same people over and over working with everyone. If YG treats everyone like this, no wonder no one wants to leave!
    GDYB-10 years and still going strong! Dare I say that they’ll be together forever? I can already see them being each other’s best men at their weddings and godfathers to their children.

    Can I also just say? YB is definitely one of the hottest snow bunnies ever! Haha

    1. I must really be a fanmom because all I could think of at first was that he must really be happy to be out there. Remember when he said some of his happiest memories as a trainee was when Se7en used to take him and GD wakeboarding and snowboarding?

      And yeah, 10 years is a long time for all of them – they really are a family.

      I don’t blame the fans who saw them up there for being starstruck — look how cool YB looks. He certainly wears those outfits well. I think I like his style the most when he chooses his own outfits because he certainly knows what looks good on him.

    1. Cant stop laughing on your comments! Its the funniest thing I saw today!

      Really happy to see him having a lot fun with friends.Love the bromance between GDYB, not a big fan of gd myself,but as long as ‘GDYB never stops”, I guess I gotta to love my favorite boy’ s BFF.

      1. @adophi

        i love the bromance between GDYB too even though like you i’m not a big fan of GD but still i do love him cause he’s my baby’s BFF. (:

    2. lol. i just saw this comment and can’t help laughing now. i just noticed it after reading this. i mean i saw that pic like so many times but never realised that at all about his hat.

  2. Aah it makes me so happy to see pictures of YB like this – relaxing and having fun.
    I wonder if he’s using the snowboard and gear YBMania gave to him..I hope so!

  3. hope the YB-GD-Seven’s friendship is getting stronger and forever …
    also look forward to seeing their collaboration in the near future

      1. i wonder where baby Minzy and Chaerin + the other BB boys were. would be awesome if all the family were there :p but it’s okay seeing YB is enough to make me smile.

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