[Feature] The Thing with You’re My…

Well, this is interesting. You’re My, one of Taeyang’s R&B ballads on the Solar album, has had decidedly mixed reactions from his international fans upon its release. (I know a number of ATY’s routinely skip this on their playlists.) However it had a much warmer reaction in  Korea and was one of the more popular songs on the album apart from the more heavily promoted songs.

The song featured on 2 separate variety shows last week.

In this clip from the show Actress’ Butler,  Noh Minwoo sings and plays the guitar and Son Dambi immediately recognizes the song as Taeyang’s. One of the gag women on the show makes a joke about the song being overly sensual. Didn’t get that part- perhaps it’s because of all the food references?

The other featuring was part of an MNet dating show. One of the erm… bachelors… sang the song by way of impressing his chosen girl (and she blushingly gives him the thumbs up.) Unfortunately the video was taken down by MNet right before this post, so we can’t show you the rendition in all its cute and awkward glory. (But trust me it wasn’t about the singing anyway. It was a game effort though…)

In any case, looks like the song is a favorite for wooing the ladies. Who knew?

I was also surprised by a number of uploaded covers on youtube. One fairly recent find – an English version:

The song was also covered by Korea’s Prince of Ballads, Sung Si Kyung in a recent concert:

What did you think of his interpretation? (Love the part when he stops at the falsetto, saying “sheesh, Taeyang…,” implying it was too high to sing. ) Compare to Taeyang’s September 26 performance at the Solar Concert (my favorite version):

The song was never a favorite of mine from the album (500 recordings and he goes with that one?)  but I’ve warmed to it a lot after the concert version. Any of you have a change of heart as well? It certainly seems to have its share of fans.

Thanks to YB Mania, StudioSylar, DCYB and DYBLGE for the clips.

44 thoughts on “[Feature] The Thing with You’re My…”

  1. If he comes out with an acoustic version and throwing away the falsetto then yes I would love it to bits other than that I forgot to delete it from my Ipod BUAHAHAHA.

  2. I loved it the instant I heard it. Never could understand all the hate it received. YB was testing his waters vocally on this track and I loved him for it. But you can’t please everyone. I thought all the food references were so cute. It’s still one of my go to tracks on the album. Every time listen to it I turn to mush.

  3. i actually kinda like Youre MY, but just the certain bits of it, and i *despise* his shrieking. LOL. if only that was left behind the editing room. *sigh*

  4. Yup….it’s the falsetto that killed it for me. YB, I love you but it had to go. The live concert versions were sooooo much better than the album version. He just seemed to go outside his natural range on the album and it didn’t come off as smooth.
    But YB and his songs are such creepers with me. While YM isn’t one of my favorite YB songs, TBH it’s not even close, I do have to admit that I do like it more and more with each listen.

  5. I love this song when i first listen to it. but find it really distracting at the falsetto part..my friend heard it as well and she burst into laugh LOL

  6. I never really hated YM, its actually good…its just those falsetto were a bit much. I remember listening to YM for the first time and totally feeling it till those falsetto. Nonetheless, I could totally see how this song can be used to woo the ladies haha as evident in the first video hmm I won’t mind having YB singing the concert version with a piano or guitar to me lol.

    1. Agreed actually liked Your My…the falsetto was the only thing apart from that its still a great song. Very toned down and stripped, compared to some of the upbeat songs.

      Honestly no song i dont like from his album. And im quite critical and honest.

      1. Sung Si-Kyung version was AWESOME, even the falsetto part, it’s the high point of the song. I was turned off when I heard YB’s album version, but I really like Sung’s version, it’s perfect.

  7. the song was never an issue for me…just the damn falsetto killed it dead for me.the extra shit wasn’t needed but he made it HIS song…and that I can never hate on.

  8. i have sinned!! I think i actually like YM now after listening to Mr. Sung’s version! oh, taeyang…the shrieking. but i must agree, the concert version does warm me up a lot more to it! he’s so…gleeful singing it!

    1. I love YB’s concert version! I think he knew he got it right too because his expression right after was like he won a contest or something….

      I think YM is one of those songs that sounds very different each time you sing it because very small changes in the way its sung make such a big difference. I ‘m really hoping for a live concert CD because its probably never going to be sung quite that way again…

      1. there’s supposed to be a live CD included with the HOT/SOLAR concert DVD next month (which we can preorder with YesAsia now if you’re an international fan)

        1. The set includes DVDs for HOT & Solar concerts plus a Making of DVD and Photobook (in Japanese.) No official word yet about the live CD or the Korean version of the Solar Concert DVD.

  9. I read somewhere that “your my” was to show off YB vocal ability, even though it has a… unique sound to it, it does demonstrate that he can hit those notes.

  10. i was probably one of the many that didn’t like it as much at the beginning..but i really warmed up to it. it’s actually one of my favourites too. the thing i like about it…is that it’s so raw and honest. not only the lyrics..but how it’s sung..it’s raw and honest. it’s not perfect, which is how taeyang is..he’s not perfect. but it’s love..love ain’t perfect.

    it’s just an honest and pure song. really like it.

  11. I like this song. I always have. It’s a GOOD SONG. I think the problem most people have is how it was executed. I too didn’t like how YB’s voice was….I don’t think it fitted Taeyang’s voice which tends to be lower, but fuller, richer. I don’t think this type of R&B fits him. (Maybe Daesung’s) However, I’m am still glad he tried it…always pushing himself.

    1. Oh yes. Another reason I’m glad that Taeyang did it (despite being so difficult) is because its provided me a glimpse of the type of music he wants to pursue. It reassures me that he really wants to do R&B and all forms of it.

      1. I am unreasonably tickled by the fact that wordpress automatically generated Maxwell and Trey Songz as possibly related posts to this article when they have absolutely no relation to it (except maybe for the mention of falsetto in the comments?) Someday, YB, someday… (and hopefully sooner than later.)

    2. Yep, the way it was executed was all wrong for me,I love the melody and it really is a good song just the way it was sung,not the best,perhaps they should have done a bit more work on it before recording.

  12. I love this song so much. And I’m I the only weird one who liked the falsettos to an extent?? I noticed that TY had been singing in falsetto a lot prior to this song being made. So maybe he was already preparing for taking such an admirable and bold risk. But it just goes to show that YB wants to give more as an artist. And I posted this on my YT awhile ago, but since it’s fitting the topic, can you please include my cover of You’re My? It’d be greatly appreciated and if not that’s okay.

    1. Wow,you have really awesome vocals! really good cover *thumbs up* 😀

      And if I may add your Korean pronounciation is really good,I’m assuming your not Korean at all,sorry if you are. =)

  13. Ok, so I wasn’t the only one who skipped over this track everytime. I support his music and 99.9% of his songs off his solar album, I absolutely loved but watching him sing you’re my on them music shows made me twitchy. He looks like he’s in pain when singing it but the concert version wasn’t so bad. I understand why he chose that song since it sounds like old time r&b singer Maxwell.

  14. I actually don’t mind the song… The falsetto part was kind of weird for me… But one time I woke with this song playing on my ipod… And the lighting in my room was perfect… after that… the song grew on me…

  15. I actually LOVE the soft melody but the falsetto and the loud breathing really put me off,the falsetto literally made me go “PLEASE NO!” lol but I really loved the concert version.So I have a kind love-hate relationship with ‘Your My’ it makes me cringe but at the same time I love the melody…hehe

    Moving onto the clip, maybe what the gag woman meant by it being too sensual was the excessive emotion its sung with and all the repeated “I really wanna have you” etc…it is kinda sensual and over the top…lol

  16. Guys, (ATY staff of course) I was wondering if you were going to do a post about the fact that Taeyang is nominated for ‘Best Male solo artist’ for allkpop awards.I dont know abour you guys but I have been voting every single day since it was anounced (lol) since its international and all,imagine if he wins,he’ll probably be super happy by the further confirmation of international support! 😀

    1. oh, I’ve voted by did’t think much of it since it’s not an official Korean Award like MAMAs, Golden Disk, etc.

      I’ll let the other staff know

      1. yeah its not really anything prestigious,lol,but it still represents international fans so I thought how awesome it would be if YB won,he’ll know that he still has international support 😀

  17. I like the song. The melody, the arrangement. But the thing is, YB’s voice sounds so stretched and awkward… and just by listening to the song the first time, I was thinking ‘he must have had a hard time recording this’ and I was right since he mentioned it in an interview later. So for me, it’s the singing.. so uncomfortable and not nice to my ears i have to say… But this song, if given to a person who does falsettos really well… like Se73n for instance, I think it would have been better… vocally that is.

  18. ooh i forgot… concert version was good since he looked great and the fact that the audio wasn’t clear so if there was any misshap i wouldn’t know hahaha.

  19. Lol I’ve always liked it. I like how he says ‘lollipop.’ It kinda sounds like he has a Brooklyn accent or somethin’ lol.

  20. i take it i’m the only one who actually enjoys taeyang’s “shrieking” aka falsetto in you’re my?

    he did a good job and hey you try singing like that.

    give taeyang some props. 🙂

    1. you’re not the only one; me too like his falsetto in ‘You’re My’.. i believe he has improved with his falsetto as compared to when he was in Big Bang.. i dun know; i might be wrong but that’s how i feel.. 🙂

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