[Blast from the Past] YB Taekwon and Rapper Taeyang

Remember these cute little tykes?

YB Taekwon has certainly grown up into a fine young man (as has his buddy GD.) Still a bit shy, but thank goodness he still has the big smile that lights up his whole face. And while I’m very glad he decided to make the career change from rapper to singer, I can’t help but want to hear him rap again every now and then.  (Thank you YG Fam concert!)  A collection of some of his older raps:

Though come to think of it, he may have been too polite to be a rapper to begin with. Instead of “Yo! Check it- I’m the best and the baddest!” I can pretty much imagine him trying to say “Thank you to everyone I know and have ever met in my life. I know I still lack so much so I will continue to work hard. “ And many variations thereof.

Thanks to kjwnsh and cherrysweet654 for the uploads.


16 thoughts on “[Blast from the Past] YB Taekwon and Rapper Taeyang”

  1. I am also glad that he is a singer now 🙂
    Nowadays, the rappers are somehow all the same. Its always the same : “Yeah, I am the best, i have everything and you all suck” Well,there are exeptions, but still.. Taeyang is born to be a singer 😀 And he can express his feelings better when he sings 🙂
    And thanks for the uploads, it was interesting to watch them.

  2. OMG, he’s soooooo cute. His rapping is pretty good too lol. Thanks for posting this, i’ve never seen the full video before

  3. I never thought rapping suited Taeyang. He looks more bad assed when he is singing or dancing. He has it down to a science. G-Dragon and TOP are more suited for rapping. They have the sound. G-Dragon though sounds really good when he sings slow ballads. His voice is very clear. The video where it Says “Big Bang sings to a lucky fan vid. You can really hear G-Dragons voice.

  4. YB deffinitely shines brighter with RnB music but having said that his rapping his pretty darn good,its like singing is something he was meant for and rapping is like something he’s good at but not born with,if that makes any sense.

  5. LMAO @ the just plain throwbackness haha just made the word up of it all. i’ll agree with you bluemaid, i’ll take yb rapping every now and then as a treat…makes it a little more special.

    1. Speaking of throwback- the clothes are killing me though. I kind of sympathize with him wanting to be as simple as possible nowadays since he had to wear all those stuff in the past. Kind of making up for all previous fashion crimes.

  6. They’re so cute. I think GD’s voice didn’t change hahaha. I agree. Even though Taeyang’s rapping isn’t bad, it’s better that he switched to singing. Although, mixing it isn’t bad just like “Baby I’m Sorry”.

  7. Word, Taeyang is better in the R&B aspect however tbh his flows aren’t great and he sometimes forgets his lyrics HAHAHAHA but definitely he enjoys them good ol hip-hop as evident in this real sound performance 8D

  8. Gotta say i prefer YB as the singer to. I think it does suit him the best.. HIs raps are okay to me thought sometimes his tone when he raps is just delicious to my ears. Gotta improve more on the flow though… Anyways I agree, a lil bit of rap here and there once in a while would be nice. 🙂

  9. Look what I found on youtube….. chubby YB rapping with Swi-T for Swi-T goodbye stage.(Go to 7:21) He does remind me of Bow Wow when Bow Wow went by Lil Bow Wow. Besides the major fashion crime he committed he was so cute especially the dorky way he went over the soundbox. lol

  10. >///////< I've just realized I've never really hear YB rap!
    He's good with it and the gangster look is just super cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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