Taeyang at the YG family Concert – Day 2


The 2nd day of the YG Family concert followed the 1st one pretty closely in terms of schedule. We had Taeyang being a team player again and he performed 1Tym’s HOT Ddeu Geo with GD, Top and Se7en and also 1TYM’s One Love with Gummy, Se7en and Dara where he took on the role of a rapper and he did We Are The World with the whole YG family. Outside of these special performances he performed Lies, HaruHaru, Heaven, GaraGaraGo, Last Farewell and Hands Up with his Big Bang bandmates.

Here are some fancams

One Love

Hot Ddeu Geo

We Are The World


Hands Up

Haru Haru


Talk -Big Bang


Tell Me by Jinusean, cover

Ending credits

You can see that YB and the rest of the YG fam had lots of fun preparing for the concert.

sources: DYBLGE+wunwun03 + jaslovesYG + YBmania +roset546 + ggmajh90 + bbupdates @youtube






Cr: Photos by YBmania

For those lucky enough to go to the YG concerts there were autographed copies of SOLAR for sale. Earlier YB’s manager tweeted a picture of Taeyang signing them here

cr: codeboram@twitter

and a poster at soompi had an opportunity to go and snagged 4 signed copies here is one

cr: theLOSER @soompi (don’t repost without asking)

she said he sounded different live than what she expected but in a good way, and that his performance was good during the concert.

36 thoughts on “Taeyang at the YG family Concert – Day 2”

    1. LOL I found the dancing/movements at 0:20-0:27 slightly amusing but he’s having so much fun and being a dork as well,Bom shoving his face playfully =D

    1. aww and lol,but that was cute! them two hopping aways with arms around each other and is that Dara looking over in jealousy I spot? haha

    2. i want no more Dara-YB shipping , please!!!
      BomBAE is way better (but i think Bae need a younger girl..haha)
      Dara seems to be the girl for a ladies’ man, more exactly, a lady killer… not for our innocent YB ^^

      1. lol, Dara is younger than Bom actually (by only a few months though).

        And YB just likes the noonas – hopefully he’ll get himself one.

  1. Oh how I love this site once again. I’ve been seeing fancams of gd and top but never focused on taeyang. Thanks aty, as always, your the best

    1. expect more fancams later. Some of his other fancafes haven’t posted their videos yet. I’ll add them to the comments when I find them.

  2. Deep bow to 518%… I have no idea how she managed to get all these awesome fancams, but soo grateful for them!
    And the way y’all are acting, gonna make me into a BomBae shipper too..but not yet. LOL 😛
    Prefer YB for myself!! (selfish fanmom)

      1. I’m glad TY stuck to his guns and stuck with singing BUAHAHAHAHa although his raps are pretty dope he realy ain’t much of a rappa BUAHAHAHA anyway his ass jus got smacked LMAO!! Gotta love that dance break though during lollipop haha.

  3. Bless these people who have been supplying us with these fancams.. really grateful to them. Also, to ATY cuz y’all are awesome as always.

    Second concert is much better than the first 🙂

    Lolli lolli lollipop ❤

  4. I love you ATY! Thanks for posting these fancams:) the people who recorded these are amazing!
    I tried looking for fancams of Bae but I could only find GD and TOP 😦
    And OMG! Bae rapping *dies* he should do it more often 🙂
    Haha gotta love BomBae :’)

  5. Miss 1tym so much! One love and hot dda ga ain’t the same without them oppas. Mr. YG if you are reading this please have a concert in the US and bring Jinusean and 1tym back. Even if some of them are married with kids and over idol age, we all still love them and miss them very much!

    1. yeah I would love to see 1tym!!! sigh…why can’t they be like U2 and hold a concert every couple of years!!!! And U2 are closing in on 60 years old! So I think someone who barely in their 30’s can do the same thing 😦

  6. hopefully this works.

    should be a link to the full lollipop performance. definitely of YB. I definitely see something between YB and Bom. always starts out with playful hits and what not. never really was into this song but I’m digging it.

    1. I almost missed out on his little dance session there because I was trying to find the TAEBOM interaction. The man never fails to break into dance any chance he gets. Love it, it just shows how much control/influence music has over his body.

      1. Sorry!? WHY? LOL haha 😉

        and ooh is ‘ATY’s’ now our “(un)official” fan name? I remember coming up with it one day when we were all spazzing in the chat box,hehe there were so many amusing ones like ‘sunscreen’ ‘freckle’ and I remember saying ‘sunflower’ as well! LOL
        I rarely come to the chat box though =(

        1. Hehe! I don’t know that we have an official fan name but it’s how I think of us in my head (and remember, the apostrophe-S is the important thing!)

          Join us in chatbox whenever just to say hi! 🙂

    1. ahhhhhh…. love that pic LOL ^^


      so how do you post pictures in the comment??

      since im already commenting might as well comment on the post as well..

      LOVE the fancams thanks for sharing them and too those who took it thank you so much..

      YB rapping weeee i really missed that.. Bae you need to also practice your rapping its getting alil rusty.. but i love it LOL.

      And YB dancing in lollipop.. my bombae moments.. adorable..

      And yes YB you should have taken that white jacket or coat whatever it was ^^

      1. I think he and stylist noona have an understanding. If he really doesn’t like the clothes, he is free to take them off on stage any time after the first song. Just give a little time for official pictures. As a fan, I can’t really argue with that logic.

  7. awww..bombae moments. I thought it was interesting how when Dara moved to a spot close to YB, he left her and went to dance with Bom. hmmm…

    Anyways, this is my first post on ATY. Hi everyone. 😀

  8. Lol what’s with that weird outfit? and lmao he tries, but the dancer that he is, he can never keep his shirt tucked in. wished he performed more of his own songs.

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