Taeyang at the YG Family Concert – Day 1

No solos so far – looks like Taeyang was a team player for the YG Family Concert. Aside from his performances with Big Bang (who reportedly performed Lies, HaruHaru, Heaven, GaraGaraGo, Last Farewell and Hands Up according to some early concertgoer reports), his main performances were joint stages with GD,Top and Se7en on 1Tym’s HOT Ddeu Geo and with Gummy, Se7en and Dara on 1Tym’s One Love. It’s the return of rapper Taeyang!

Some goodies from the first concert day:

Taeyang doing We are the World with the rest of the performers as part of the encore.

The full audio of We are the World

The full audio of One Love

With Big Bang on GaraGaraGo

More to come with the next two concerts and as more fanaccounts and cams come in.

Thanks to YBMania, DCYB and ipink89i for the media clips, 518%, pink and bigbangupdates for the photos.

41 thoughts on “Taeyang at the YG Family Concert – Day 1”

  1. wow, his picture where he’s wearing a taeyang hoodie brought back memories of how he used to dress up before. He looked younger..

    and it’s so funny coz then right after I saw him with that hoodie and the hat, his song “where you at” just popped in my head! ^_^


  2. I agree. I had to do a double take cause I’m not used to YB with his cap backwards like that. he’s looking good as always

    on a side note, is that fila? that’s still around? haven’t seen that brand in ages.

  3. Thanks you For the YB pics & fancams ^__^ (I was getting sick of trying to find YB pics in BB forum/fansites; I felt like I was in a gtop n sometimes sr forum -__-)

    he looks young when he wears his cap ^_^ && rapper!YB ❤

    1. haha yea its hard to find youngbae in BB fansites. Bae fans aren’t as crazy as Gtop or maknae fans probably. but we take whatever we can get (:

    2. What BB fansite do you visit? I saw a whole bunch of TY’s photos there and also at Soompi. Even if you can’t find his photos there, you can’t possibly balme them coz they post whatever they find in korean websites. If you really want to complain, you only can do that to kvips or should I say TY korean fans? No point whining here.
      I assume you are new. It has always been like that_ GTOP get most fantaken photos. You need to get use to it if you follow the news of TY(of BB). For solo it is no problem

      1. 1. im not gonna give names
        2. im not new
        3. i know gtop always have the most pictures. Im not gonna blame them (the people who post it) but dont put the title as BB at YGFam concert when ur only putting gtop pics.
        4. if i only wanted pictures of YB i wouldn’t have gone to a BB fansites/forum; i wouldve come straight to ATY or go to YB’s korean websites.

      2. YB’s fans usually post their pictures late, and upload fancams after the concerts are over so not to ruin it for people going on the 2nd day. They did that with SOLAR too. They post fancams after the concert is complete, the other member’s fans usually post earlier so it can be harder to find fancams of him. Plus some are private fancafes (like 518%) and u have to wait till they open it up to see thing. That’s why we get practice videos for things like LOAM now instead of when they were originally given.

  4. Don’t hate me for saying this but the YG concert was whack. I have VIP tickets for Saturday show, and both shows on SUnday, but after going to the Saturday show, i ended up giving my sunday tickets away. The Taeyang solo is a COMPLETELY different artist than the Taeyang with Big Bang. Don’t get me wrong, I love Big Bang to death, but when Taeyang performs with Big Bang (recently anyways) it seem he’s not as passionate. I’ consider myself one of the bigges Taeyang fans there is so I observe him to a tee. He’s not the same performer from the Solar Concert. Anyways, let me end my rant here. If you guys don’t mind getting a headache from the shaky fancam, here’s Taeyang covering Jinusean 전화번호


    1. i thought i’m the only one who think that.
      lol.you nailed it.i could’ve gone today as well.i know someone who got extra ticket.but saturday was enough for me.

      not enough YB.and it feels like he was barely there.
      i wasn’t satisfied with his performance because i guess he barely got lines?iono,he lacked something that night.totally different from his concert and seoul festival.:(((

      1. Hell Yeah ..I was beyond disappointed. But then again Solar was soo amazing, maybe it’s difficult to top that kind of quality. But Taeyang with Big Bang is not the same Taeyang as a solo artist. He performs like its his job instead of as something he loves. He’s amazing still, don’t get me wrong. Among all the YG staff he’s still the best in charisma and energy, but compare to what he’s capable of, yesterday was lacking

      2. me too… it feels like he was not really in the concert. i couldn’t really feel his presence even though he did really good based on some fancams i saw…

    2. Haha. I’m all the way across the blue ocean here in the US and I could feel the difference myself between solo YB and YB in BB, but of course I’m biased because I’m personally more of a YB fan than a BB fan. I guess I am most disappointed that he did not get a solo stage, but it is understandable because it was a family concert and not a BB nor a solo concert, so there are time restraints to consider. I just regret not enjoying his solo promotions more than I did, because as we all know it will probably take a while for him to make another solo album. I don’t mind waiting for his next album and hope he takes his time to make good music, as well as live life. Maybe, YB is trying to adjust from being solo to being in BB again. I do hope that he gets some good parts in BB’s next album or at least that the songs are well distributed between all of the members. I’m crossing my fingers for that to happen, but we will see. It would make the wait in between his solo works a bit more bearable for me. Yes, I am a selfish fan. Hehe

    3. Like piglet, I too could feel the difference..really, like night and day for me. His presence was lacking, which is regrettable, yet understandable. Although he didnt get to show as much as the other BB members did, I almost don’t mind, b/c I know he’s on another level when he’s standing on the stage singing his songs, music he has invested in. Watching Seoul Soul Fest and Solo concert fancams…was really incomparable to anything he had performed earlier..feeling physically moved by a performance. I still watch them to this day.
      I also hope that when BB returns, YB will be able to transition well. I enjoy BB, but I’m not sure if I can call myself a fan..but as long as I get to catch glimpses of YB til his next solo album, I guess I’ll be content. 🙂
      However, watching other fancams, I’ve realized how much I love Gummy, Daesung and Minji. They really are the best, and I’m happy they were able to shine.
      Thanks for the fancams!

      1. That’s how I feel. I like Big Bang, but I don’t know if I can call myself a fan. I understand what people mean when they state a difference between solo YB and group-member YB. But I don’t believe that’s it’s something he’s doing on purpose. I don’t believe he’s trying to lag off or be lazy. A lot of artists who are a part of groups say that they tend to “hold back” when performing with their gruop members.

        1. To be honest I think it was GD and TOP’s night and he knew it. They are the ones who will be releasing a collab album and I’m sure he’s astute enough to know marketing strategy. I mean, he did also sign all those SOLAR CDs night (or nights) before the concert.

          And as for performing, there were other people part of his family there on stage–sunbaes too–it would be impudent to go all out…like that time Daesung sang How Did We Get with Hyori-he knows his voice could overpower hers but it was her show. But in that it just proves that Youngbae (and Daesung) are gracious and professional performers.

        2. ^^This is so very well said, JJ! I am very interested in seeing though how the group dynamics will change with the upcoming BB album promo. YB has gone through a lot of changes throughout the course of Solar and while he is naturally modest and yields the spotlight to his team members willingly, I would also like him to show a more take charge attitude on stage. (In short, be more of the soloist YB we saw over the past few months.)

          Of course, this also coincides with the fact that the maknaes are also growing up and are coming into their own as far as their performances are concerned. I don’t know how BB will manage to let each one of them shine in their group performances over the course of the promo, but I hope they can do it.

    4. i know how u feel.. i was watching the fancams and i was like “what is this.. where is the passionate YB??” =/
      “The Taeyang solo is a COMPLETELY different artist than the Taeyang with Big Bang.” ive always felt that way and that’s why i like him solo better.

      anyways, thanks for the fancams 🙂

      1. im looking forward to BB’s new album because i really love YB’s voice when all 5 members sing together
        he often stands out among BB ‘s members (that’s why im a YB fan more than a VIP)
        but sometimes you can feel he’s lack of passion or sth else in group perf.
        it’s reasonable, maybe he’s not in a good condition or he’s just trying to adjust .

    5. i thought he did pretty good in ‘one love’ .i guess i just miss him rapping.
      another reason why i didn’t go on sunday was i was too tired to get up from bed.lol
      did you have his signed cd?i wasn’t able to get one.sold out:(((

    6. I think it’s cause he’s gearing up for becoming Taeyang of BB. I remember he was interviewed about it once (GQ probably, they’re the best) and they said he looked sad or not passionate during BB performances right after he stopped promoting HOT and he said it was just him transition and getting use to being part of the group again. Not that he wasn’t happy being part of the group but just that it was a huge change from being solo.

    7. you guys make it seem like Taeyang has been gone from BB for years lol. they were promoting in Japan all this year together. unless Taeyang is sick or really tired then theres no reason to appear impassionate. that would be unprofessional and not playing as a team member which could hurt his solo career eventually. he’s been a team member for years and just a soloist recently so idg the “adjusting” part. I remember he said in one interview he doesnt have to worry so much during BB’s stages because he knows the boys have his back and he can relax a little so maybe thats what you guys see as being impassionate. Another thing is don’t expect Taeyang to have solo stages at a company concert. He’s had his own this year and in the next group concert so lets not be greedy here and let everyone in the family shine. Calling it “whack” for that reason is immature. Don’t expect to be a Taeyang concert. I agree with J.J. I love Taeyang too but lets be fair to everyone.

      1. don’t misunderstood us,please.
        put it this way,we’ve invested money,time and effort just to see him,a LOT of him in this concert.after seeing him being sooo amazing on his concert,knowing what his capable of doing.. that we wanted some more of that.and now we got nothing from this… just looked like he didn’t made an effort.:(
        we’re just dissappointed:(
        we didn’t mean to offend anybody.i guess we just expected too much from him.

        i hope he did better on sunday.

        1. Sorry if I was harsh with my comment. Its just that his concert was SO AMAZING because you got hours of just him and he was the main focus you know? He had to hold back on this concert since its a YG concert. I dont think you offended anyone and it was nice to hear your opinions(:

      2. I didn’t say the concert was WHACK because Taeyang didn’t have a solo stage. I didn’t expect that at all. But i stand by what i say. The concert (not Taeyang) was whack because it was just a bunch of perfomances jammed together. The only differences between each stage was outfit changes and sporadic fireworks every here and there. THe concert was not orchestrated like the Big Show concert or Taeyang’s Solar Concert. It was like watching a YG version on Musicbank or Inkigayo. Do you get what I saying? Im a BIGGGGG taeyang fan but I went to the YG concert not just for him, it was for Big Bang too. But truth is Taeyang was not passionate on stage, and that stands out the most because I watch him mainly. Take it from someone whose tryna deliver a objective point of view. So imma say it again, that concert was WHACK as hell

        1. And Taeyang was not his usual self not just compared to solo taeyang, but also compared to taeyang from 2006-2008 BIgbang. I rewatch big bang performances from 06-08 over and over again, and he always always always stands out. At the YG concert, anyone with a keen observation would notice the immediate difference.

          Hahaha I knew people was gonna hate my honesty

        2. Actually, thanks for sharing your reviews bebeluv and jayvuafter8! You’ve actually seen both his solo work and the YG concert live so you have a totally different perspective than most of us. And you are certainly entitled to share your opinions.

          I hope any perceived differences are just due to his “readjusting” to having to work with the group again. As I mentioned earlier, it will be interesting to see how BB will be once they come back since the members have changed a great deal in the past 2 years since their last Korean promo. Even the glimpses we see of them in Japan point to a very different group dynamic.

        3. In another interview BB said back then they had to do anything to be on the camera and get fight for the camera so that could be why he doesnt seem to be in your face unlike the past. Taeyang to me is the most mature out of all the members which is why I like him the most. Now he maybe wants the others at the concert shine and let them have their time like he did at his concert. Seeing it live is diffrent then watching it on fancams so I can’t say your opinion is wrong. I just think he was tired from his busy schedule and wanted the others to shine for him. I love your honesty and I’m not trying to hate at all.

        4. I get what you’re saying about it being Whack. It wasn’t as elaborate as say a BB concert or as intimate as a YB concert. I agree that there was more that they could have done to make it stand cause it was a little as if they crammed everything together.

          They could have invested more in the concert that is true, esp considering how big of a stage they had. Knowing what they did for YB, BB and GD there was a lot more they could have done with the stage imo.

        5. I’ve been noticing his changes lately though. my conclusion is I think Taeyang has grown to become a big fish in a small pond. BB/Taeyang’s fanbase has grown astronomically to the point where they are performing for audiences that will love them no matter WHAT they do.. Maybe Taeyang has gotten “bored” (once again im not tryna offend korean fans as if you guys arent important, so don’t take it that way). That fire would probably could back if he ventures into the international stage and get that adrenaline rush from brand new challenges/audiences.

          or maybe he just had an off day haha..don’t get me wrong, YG concert fall short, but I’m still getting in line for Big Show concert from Feb25th-27th

      3. Either way, solo or with big bang, at least we get to see him so I’m not conplaining!! Hes too humble to want to be the center of attention all the time in the group. It’s a group for a reason so everyone has to shine fairly and he knows it. He was too stress out during his solo so now he gets to be lay back n enjoy singing with friends.

  5. thanks for the fancams jayvuafter8! i only saw a few pictures and fancams of YB for this concert which is so sad. i’m also wondering why he didn’t have any solo stage for this concert considering he also promoted his album this year…

    here’s another short fancam for One Love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Fgg523rjeA

    1. i think cause he already had 2 solo concerts this year and he’s gearing back to being Taeyang of Bigbang, he’s trying not to perform as solo Taeyang at the ygfamily concert. giving the chances to the bigbang maknaes and well gtop who are releasing their album soon. but in a way, it’s refreshing we get to hear him collaborate with the other yg artists on their sunbae’s songs.

  6. aww my baby 😀
    he looks like Teddy with the hoodie and the hat like that
    bt still HOT 😀 tnx so much for the vids

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