11 thoughts on “[Eng Subs] Taeyang MAMA 2010 Award Speech+Interview”

  1. He’s forever so humble, love him more always. Actually I wanna know what YB secrets Dj DOC’s Haneul knows about haha, he’s scared his secrets will be revealed so he thanked Haneul onstage LOL. Go Baby! Hope you will be appreciated more and more for your talent and everything else you do. I love to see him glowing this year, wishing it keeps getting better!

  2. How much lower and humble will you get YB? Always, always, ALWAYS so modest…. I don’t think I can take much more of it, he is so darn loveable! Gahhh!!

    Very happy that you won the award YB! You deserved it! CONGRATULATIONS~ =DDD

    He really shined and smiled on MAMA stage that day, hope with this new state of mind and how things are going, things will get even better for this lovely artist! Chukae~

  3. he’s always so sincere and humble and down-to-earth. i feel all the more proud to be his fan. 🙂 love the part about DJ Doc threatening to tell the world his secrets!

    congratulations to YB for winning this award! i felt super happy. 🙂

  4. Such a nice boy! ❤
    Congratulations YB
    I'm really, really anticipating the Korean Music Awards…I wonder if it's wishful thinking, but I would lovee for him to win an award at the KMAs

  5. Some news posts mentioned how touching YB’s acceptance speech at the MAMA’s were. It was even quoted in Hong Sung Heung of the Lotte Giants (a baseball player) acceptance speech at an award show.


    He says: Not too long ago, Taeyang said ‘The fans have raised me up…I’m going to lower myself…humble myself to them.’ “My wife has raised me up, so I’m going to humble myself to her.” Then to his wife he says: “Don’t abandon me.”

    1. It’s mindblowing that a base ballplayer would even pay attention to Taeyang. (secret fanboy perhaps?)

      It’s no surprise. He always says the most profound things. That’s why he has the most compelling interviews.

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