Taeyang greets his International Fans on Youtube

Pinch me…am I awake?  Hearing Taeyang with an english greeting on his own youtube channel has been such a long time dream of mine I haven’t quite processed that it exists yet.

And while his accent is adorable, I have to wonder if he reads his youtube comments. Scary thought.

But gaaaah! English greeting….

40 thoughts on “Taeyang greets his International Fans on Youtube”

    1. He sounds so much more comfortable than he did when he did the youtube greeting for BB. He really has been working on the english. I guess all the international love has really inspired him to work harder at it.

      Now that I finally got a YT english greeting, I wonder what else he can start posting to YT. I’m kind of hoping for a Christmas carol myself – just for the fans. So excited by possibilities. Think we can make requests?

  1. OMFG cute!!! Can feel his nerves, but I could care less, he’s too adorable.

    www dot youtube dot com SLASH!! ygtaeyang hahah, DORK~ ❤

    Though I wish he'd take off that neck warmer so I could see his lovely jawline. It's getting cold, guess I can't complain… The guy wants to keep warm probably, haha.

    Now that there's a personal greeting, I wonder what he has planned (or the management planned?) for Christmas? 😀

    English is DEFINITELY going up hill, keep it up YB!!!

  2. gahhhhh im spazzing over this video!!!!! alone! no one in the chatbox to spazz with!!

    seriously, 20 seconds of Taeyang speaking English is heaven. I like that at least he’s making an effort to connect with his int’l fans. definitely a smart move, YG!

    next time smile more YB! would love to see more of your awesome natural smile on youtube!

  3. Oh em geeeeee!!! Finally! Magic chatbox working full force here! Christmas single definitely coming soon Bluemaid! 🙂

    Yeah, he has an accent. But English isn’t his first language so I hope people will cut him slack. I mean, you can still understand him 100%.

    But oh boy, is it wrong that I think his accent is sexy? Hahaha

    1. I think his accent is adorable – and improving all the time too! And yes, you can understand him 100% which is the important thing. Maybe he needs to be around english speakers more so he can practice (ahem – North American vacay!)

      1. YG should just hire me as his English tutor. I’d have him accentless in no time! Actually, scratch that. YG wouldn’t even need to hire me, I’ll do it for free! 😀

  4. So adorable ❤ I love how his English is always improving ^__^ u go YB
    waking up to this already made my day 😀

    does he have a tutor or he's just hanging out with Teddy?

  5. Wow, his english has gotten much better…though the accent is still there, I’m impressed and he seems much more confident with it.

    YB, wanna give ATY a special message? LOL. Fine i shall have to settle with this one haha.

  6. guess I’ll be watching this over and over again for at least the next hour…his accent is so cute! ^_^ however I’m impressed that he’s actually improving =)

  7. dear taeyang,
    i’m your huge fan here in L.A. i’m super happy seeing you perform in MAMA eventhough i only watch it on youtube.i hope someday,i’ll get to meet you or watch you perform.and by the way, you and Dara will make a very cute couple.i love Dara since she debuted in the Philippines back then.you have a lot of filipino fans all over the world..much love and take care of yourself..

  8. I’m glad I came when I did, it’s been awhile since I visited, but OMG!!! He sounds absolutely adorable!!

  9. Lol, I literally flipped when I saw this. He’s so adorable.

    Also, I see Teddy’s influence in this. Haha, I guess since living with him YB has taken on his accent.

    So cute.

  10. My heart was racing when I saw this on ATY’s twitter and I’m still amaze by the 20 secs of TaeYang speaking in English. *repeat* His English is so cute…I definitely see Teddy’s influence on him. His English has definitely come along way from his debut days and it keeps improving every time I see him speak in English.

  11. His English is really good, but you can definitely tell Teddy’s been teaching him lol.
    His “channer” and “w” were so cute

  12. my heart….can’t take in so much….cuteness….hotness….and sexiness all at once.

    *dies….and goes to heaven*

    lol =P

  13. OH EM GEE!!! christmas is really happenin’ rhy now! this is one of my wish lists, to finally hear him talk english with no korean words in it! loves it:))))))) <3<3<3
    i'm really proud of him! Knowing that he's trying his BEST (which was showed in this video the progress he had made) to learn the english language makes me want to to study the korean language! goodness!

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