Congratulations to MAMA 2010’s Best Male Solo Artist!


Yeah baby!

His acceptance speech and performances of Breakdown and I Need a Girl below the cut…

Hallelujah with TOP and GDragon

How hot does Taeyang look as a cop? (Even though he obviously has no idea what to do with guns…) Loved his performance but it was way too short – they couldn’t have given him a little more time? To perform IBT maybe (for which he was, uh, nominated twice?) Call me selfish, but they could have given him a little more time considering it doesn’t look like we’re going to be getting much more solo work from him for a long while. Just saying.

Thanks to happyrichlifeyf4 and jackhklee4 for the uploads.

Edit – Added Toozdae’s thoughts below since she has a slightly different take on things:

“I guess there was a reason for all his camouflage this summer since the theme of the night was guns, guns and more guns.  I like the styling there too because no one can rock a gun holster like YB. Overall I think he did very well.  Vocals were shaky (maybe he has a cold and that’s why he’s been wearing that neck warmer I hate so much?) but he worked that stage. I like how the transitions for the whole stage were so flawless. Him and Big Bang were definite must see performances.  Glad he didn’t fall during his flip (I always worry.)

I didn’t like how short his solo stage was considering he sung only parts of Breakdown and INAG and none of I’ll Be There (which they nominated him for) but since everyone’s stage was also super short I don’t mind as much. (Don’t really understand it since they ended 30 minutes early … )  I also wish he could have won one of the bigger awards but that’s life. What I most enjoyed about the show was how relaxed and happy Taeyang looked during it and that his smile was ever present.”


58 thoughts on “Congratulations to MAMA 2010’s Best Male Solo Artist!”

  1. My thoughts exactly Bluemaid. The performance was hot, no doubt about it. Our man looks blazing fine with a gun.
    But seriously management (looking at you YG!!!), where the hell was IBT? Don’t they think that he should have at least performed the song he was nominated for? I mean, call me crazy, but wouldn’t that have been the point of his performance?

    1. yeah right !!!
      i was bored with MAMA, especially when there were japanese or chinese singers.
      what made me keep watching was TY’s performance.

      1. They just had to put his performance towards the end. I was up at 6am waiting for his performance and i didn’t want to fall asleep because I didn’t want to miss the glimpses of him during the show. Can’t wait til someone translate his speech or see what he says about the kiss to Dara

    2. I was actually enjoying his Break it down performance instead of IBT. He promoted that too much and it’s nice to hear something new. Either way, he was looking mighty fine and more buff. He held the gun kind of funny though at TOP but them shades on him, whooo

  2. yeah; i agree with u bluemaid.. i mean YB shd be given more performance time & i was hoping that he would performed IBT together with BD+INAG.. but too bad; he didnt.. i mean yesterday was his stage performance & he was only given like less than 5mins of performance time??i don’t mean to say that GD+TOP shdn’t have performed but at least; give a LIL’ MORE time to YB.. haha.. i’m a never satisfied fan when it comes to YB.. hehe.. ^_^

    1. the thing is I watched the whole MAMAs and everyone was shortchanged in terms of time. Like all the performances were like 5 minutes, a lot were less. Which was one of my many complaints. And it even ended 30 min early.

      Whatever, no one takes MAMAs that seriously anyways.

      1. yeah; i watched the entire show as well.. i find the performances are short; it’ll be gd if they extend it haha.. 🙂
        some of the awards were not even aired for example: best female solo artiste winner – Boa, best male group winner (or something like that) – 2AM, etc..
        anyway; people think MAMA is YG & JYP biased cuz majority of the winners are from these 2 companies.. but whatever it is; the other companies are at fault for not letting their artistes attend..
        but; at least i get my dose of YB.. haha.. his performance along with GD+TOP was EPIC!! haha.. =D

  3. Congrats Bae! Hehe, does anyone else think YB and his long speeches are cute?

    I really like his performances but he sounded really breathless during INAG and it was wayy too short.

    With the others members prepping for their albums/singles/dramas, what do you think YB will be doing for the next few months?

    1. I’m hoping he finally gets to travel. He has 2 months till BB’s comeback. He should take a few weeks off and go places. I heard one of his dancers is in Dubai right now, YB should go too. And come to the US too.

  4. That performance with the guns was HOT! I love Tae-Daddy with all my heart but I’m getting tire of seeing him as sweet and innocent. I want to see him be a badass for once, bet yall he’ll look so sexy and breath taking. Hmmmm, someone needs a spanky!

    1. my fav part was when he points the gun at TOP and then GD starts coming out and so he spins the gun. He would be so badass in an action movie haha.

  5. OMG HELL YEAH!!! YG FAM REALLY SAVED THE SHOW! hahaha yeah and where the hell is i’ll be there?! seriously i was expecting it to come out like 3 times during the whole performance. Like everytime it darkens i will be shouting “OMG I’LL BE THERE” and no, top appears. okay and then GD appears. and then OHHH ITS HALLELUJAH. and wth it ended!!! GOSH

    anyway sigh, i think i’m gonna be so YB deprived for the next few months till BB comes back. Seriously, a GTOP album all about sex is not making me that excited. But i’m interested to see what Ri pulls out! hahaah

  6. taeyang had me cracking up when he pointed his gun at TOP the first time around. his finger was on the part of the gun that cocks back, if he fires, bye bye finger. LOL !

    1. haha best comment so far i remember watching it and thinking um taeyang you are holding the gun wrong. but oh well he makes its up for being a total sexy bad ass.

    2. when i watched the performance, that’s the first thing i thought. he is handling the gun wrong. lol.

      hes a lover not a fighter!

    1. mnet broadcasts always tend to sound terrible. i remember in last year’s MAMA, when i watched the broadcast, YB’s vocals didn’t sound very spot on, but then a fancam was released and god was it so much better than the broadcast.
      mnet needs to lift their game, the stages they provide are nothing short of brilliant, but they are lacking in one of the most important aspects of performances, which is a quality sound system.

    2. Thanks for sharing:) it did sound better. i loved his performing 😀 lol it looked at a point after he takes his jaket off in his solo dancing part it looked like ha was jerking x) haha it was pretty good and th flip. Hot performane!!!\o/

  7. Toozdae, I agree with all of your thoughts.

    there was one part where he was holding he gun, he held it weird i just had to laugh. YB was one hot cop though. Also, the kiss. ahhh.. made me squeal like a mad fangirl LOL. so cute. (i’m not shipping). and the drama at the end. epic. Dara getting shot was funny. i’m starting to think TY’s love life sucks. he got cheated, and then the girl got married and then now got shot by his friends.

    thought that the vocals for the night was not as i hoped for but fancams proved that he sang much better than the recorded tv version. that made me pleased. also, the crowd was so hyped when he performed… gotta love the atmosphere that night. Wish he could perform longer though.

    Oh well.

  8. oh yeah, i dont think anyone has brought it up, but the intro with Taeyang’s silhouette was reminiscent of how Michael Jackson starts the performances to his hit song ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, i guess the whole MJ poses he was sporting gave it away. LOL

    1. Haha! It wouldn’t be a complete performance without the MJ tribute, would it? Its cute how he works a bit of MJ into all his performances throughout the Solar album promo whether through costumes, choreo or little vocal mannerisms. Easy to see who his musical hero is…

      Maybe in his next single he’ll start channeling a little bit of Marvin Gaye ( with a whole lot more of Taeyang) A girl can only dream….

  9. i’m kinda worried if they let YB in the army,he’ll be too nervous to hold a gun that he might shot his foot by accident .heaven forbids

    i was actually happy that he performed breakdown last night.

    1. Don’t jinx it! >< Hahah, but overall I really think it was GD, TOP and YB that saved last night's MAMA for me. Can't believe they finished half an hour earlier too.

      1. me and my sick joke
        i’m so insensitive
        haha i just love making fun of him.

        yeah,GDYBTOP were all BAMFs,imho they were even better than FEM.i’m so BB bias lol

  10. Now that you people mention it, YB really did hold the gun wrong!!! XD TOO CUTE.

    He makes up for it looking buff and healthy though. I love! Keke

    I loved the little story they put on, it made the whole ceremony a lot more interesting. Otherwise it was rather boring to watch…. Not saying that the other artists weren’t good, I rather liked 2NE1 and Miss A’s performances… 2PM’s isn’t bad either, but yeah…

    CONGRATS to YB for winning Best Male Solo Artist!!!! I screamed like a fangirl when I watched it, my family freaked out, lol

  11. God,I have just read that YB won the award for best male solo artist and I screamed so loud! Yesterday, I had no chance to watch the MAMAs live ._. But thanks to, I was able to see Taeyangs performances and his speech here. Thank you so much!!

    I am so happy, that he won this award 🙂 And his performances were really good. I liked “Breakdown” the most. The choreography rocked.
    Well, I also would’ve really liked to see him singing I’ll be there. Not only because he was nominated with this song, but also because its one of my favourites. So happy for him 🙂
    (sorry for my bad english)

  12. OMG. YB!! That’s just too awesome.

    I like to think that he was holding the gun that way in order to spin it later when GD appears, ahaha, because he holds it the right way when he’s pointing two guns at GD and TOP. Either that or he got corrected backstage when someone was like “Uhh.. Tae-Daddy.. you were holding your gun wrong” LMAO.

    I wish he had longer performances too and I’ll Be There :(. Oh well, at least he, GD, and TOP rocked the stage!

    1. “Uhh.. Tae-Daddy.. you were holding your gun wrong”
      …I dont think I will ever be able to say, read, or type “Tae-Daddy” without breaking into a fit of giggles.That quote was THE laugh of the night. I thank you.

  13. YB’s performances weren’t that special i thought =/ Oh well more to come hopefully. The Big Bang performance was hella dope tho…GD and TOP killed it. And yeah think he should of done IBT he would of killed it.

    Haha funny how hes holding the gun wrong. He wasn’t even nominated for some of the big awards…not impressed. Oh well he won best male which to be honest i thought Rain was gonna win. But i’m glad he did!!! CONGRATS YB!!

    1. well ,i think TOP and GD werent that impressed except for their new hair =))

      and winning this so-called “small award” werent so important :)) Because MAMAs this year was no fun at all. Without SM’s competition- no Super Junior, no SNSD…, many awards were predictable for us ! 😦

      (sorry for my bad Eng)

    2. I dont think GD&TOPs performance was more impressive than YB’s,they did seem more intimidating when they played the so-called badass gangster roles,but their new song,IDK,doest sound appealing to me.dont take me wong,I do like their style,just the song itself,not up to my expection.

      No one really take MAMA award serious since we all know its biased to YG & JYP.I DGAF to who get those BIG awards as long as YB was happy and rocked on the stage<<<<3

  14. his perf’s weren’t too spectacular.. enjoyed him jerkin(a dance u pervs) though gotta be careful not to hit the hat on the mic next time too. Though the 3 had the best perf+response of the night (entertainment wise). 50% energy 50% skill 434% swag holla.

    1. btw he held the gun right! it’s more stable to hold it that way (middle finger for trigger)… but i shouldnt be teaching you this… sorreh

      1. I saw him doing the reject – it too cute.

        I think he did great but could have done better (he fussed with his mic again and vocals weren’t on point). But he had so much swag and execution of the performance was great.

        1. he should stop backflipping and made him lose breath and he’d done it too many times anyway.nothing new.
          he gain extra points on his swag,though.
          the last part were he point his gun on GTOP,he looked so hot.
          i wish he try his hand on acting.

  15. He totally deserved that award, he’s so talented, i love his style, so happy that he won that award 😀


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