Taeyang honored with ‘Minister Commendations’


The 1st ‘2010 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards’ was recently held in Seoul on November 22nd, and Big Bang’s Taeyang and Super Junior’s Siwon were awarded the ‘Minister Commendation for Culture and Tourism’.

cr: akp and TV Daily

Other award winners include:
Actors: Kim Mi Sook and Jung Junho
Musicians: Kim Kwang Suk and Lee Jung Shik
Comedians: Kim Byung Jo and Bae Il Jib
Singer: Maya
Voice Dubbing Artist: Sung Woo
Model: Yang Yee Shik
Cartoonists: Yoon Tae Ho and Won Soo Yeon

and here are some photos from the night.


Honestly, I’m not quiet sure on the details of this award but I’m proud that Taeyang got it. And him and Siwon look so cute together, my two favorite church boys together and giggling like school girls. I approve.

And what’s with that black thing eating YB’s neck? He’s been wearing that for a while and it’s a no.  This I do not approve. Can’t believe his stylist noonas let him out like this. Otherwise, he’s working that suit.

26 thoughts on “Taeyang honored with ‘Minister Commendations’”

  1. YB was accepting the award on behalf of Big Bang. I thought he looked very handsome in his suit. His neck warmer takes getting used to but I think he looks cute….like a turtle. Congrats to him and Big Bang.

    1. Ohh, I read about that. AKP gave such little information, and none of the boys were there. Probably still hung over from that High High party

      1. Haha! BB and Suju got that award for promoting Korean culture abroad. It’s pretty much a great excuse to see YB in his formal wear. 🙂

        I love the second to the last picture (6th from the top.) YB may not do a lot of aegyo but his natural cute face is really cuuuuuute.

    1. lol, I was tweeting about that earlier. It’s either a hickey, a rash, or a tattoo.

      Or maybe BM is right and YB’s neck gets cold easily.

      1. It’s his new security blanket apart from his cap or sunglasses. Or he just likes playing masked bandit / ninja – you know how strange his sense of humor is. I’m just glad he hasn’t resurrected his IBT scarf…at least this one doesn’t end up half on his head in a strong breeze.

  2. ►haPpy for BB…though not a fan of SuJu, i’m a big fan of Siwon…and of course our very own Taeyang…kekkekek~! …love them both~!…conGratz~!

  3. hahaha you guys and your turtle neck/neck warmer theories. It would be interesting to find out why he is wearing one tho. He’s never been known to be so fashion forward or one to make fashion statements, so really, YB, what’s with the neck thingey?

  4. The result for MAMA came out already. Unfortunately, Taeyang didn’t win anything. I was wondering if we could still vote.

    1. you mean the fan voting? nah, that only counts for part of the award process. it’s also determined by sales (record and digital) etc.

      therefore, YB still has a chance. don’t give up hope!

  5. it’s a hickey for sure! i mean even taeyang, who is not a fashion geek, knows that you don’t wear THAT with a suit!

    i mean why else would he wear it? it’s pretty obvious.

    ahhhh taeyang!! if he’s with someone, i wish he’d tell us! i’m dying to know who it is!

    1. lol, I like how you mind works.

      But he’s been wearing that thing for a while. GF needs to leave his neck alone, this neck warmer isn’t appreciated

  6. Congrsts to youngbae:D and big bang >_< thyvreally desrved it.(; keep fighting!! Taeyang looks amazing ^0^ the ting around his neck pretty mysterious haha but who knows he looks pretty good.

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