Movement Lifestyle – Adventures with YG. Ent Episode 3

And the story continues…

Episode 3 of the series Movement Lifestyle and Kanauru are doing on ML’s choreography work for YG Family last July. In this episode, Shaun Evaristo is helping Taeyang and his dance crew prep for the July 1 comeback at MNET.

It’s great to know that all these amazing people have our boy’s back. They’re not only great at what they do, they are good friends to him as well and the concern and care they have for him shine through.  It’s also nice getting to know the rest of the crew a little better. (Keep’m coming guys… we’re loving the episodes…)

Episode 1 and 2 are here. Thanks to Movement Lifestyle.

17 thoughts on “Movement Lifestyle – Adventures with YG. Ent Episode 3”

  1. It’s good to know the dance crew and wow.. they didn’t leave until 4AM…one live show recording is unbelievable…@@

    I’m so happy that YB’s got all this support from everyone, the dancers, Shaun, GD, YG Fam. I can see how it all means a lot to him. =)

    The next episode looks awesome too! 😀 2NE1~~ Heheh

  2. yeah; everyone is so supportive of YB.. i guess all these support really means alot to YB.. can’t believe that the recording last till wee hours.. that must be alot of hard work; put up by the artiste (YB) & supporting crews (Shaun, Qui, Richard, dance crews, etc).. kudos to them!! 🙂
    YB really give it all everytime he’s on stage but people don’t really know about the behind the scenes thingy (eg: how much of practise time he put in, the amount of effort, etc).. i really hope with this videos from ML; people will start to appreciate the work which the artiste had put up.. 🙂
    lastly; i don’t get it when people praise GD for his excellent english.. i mean; this clip is about the hard-word which the artiste had put up & not some english-speaking thingy.. there’s this forum whereby the people praised GD for his excellent english-speaking skills.. i mean; GD is known to have good english-skills cuz he often used them in his singing, talking, composing of lyrics, etc.. what’s the surprise there?? erm..
    i may sound like an idiot but i can’t help it when people diverge from YB to some other people (in this case is GD) when the clip jolly-well shows about YB’s prepartions for his comeback..
    sometimes; people often overlook at YB cuz like many of them said – he has no natural talent, charismatic presence in him or whatsoever & that makes YB’s fans sad (like me).. 😦

    1. you sound butthurt sorry. here you write more on GD then YB while complaining people are talking more about GD then YB lol. oh the irony.

      1. i’m just trying to prove my point.. i just don’t get it why do ppl take more notice of GD than YB when it’s clearly abt YB..
        u may think that i sound butthurt but i’m not!! i’m just trying to prove my point.. i guess u don’t understand my point.. whatever!!

    2. she simply stated that gd speaks English well. she didn’t go into detail about how is English is good all the time. it even caught me off guard.

    3. what. Yeah this is YB’s comeback but he wasn’t there much in the video cause he was too busy -there was a lot of GD here cause GD was behind the scenes. All we got of YB was him some pep talk by Shaun and footage of his performance from Mnet.

      I’m a big YB fan, obviously since I write for ATY. But GD had way more screen time then YB here cause the focus was on backstage not onstage. YB barely spoke in the whole thing, and when he did it was in Korean.

      I’ve seen a lot of comments about YB – mostly about how tired he was, which is true. And how hard he and everyone was working.

      Anyway, you got me focusing on this issue instead of spazzing about YB.

      1. yeah. it sucked that YB didn’t get more camera time. but I agree with Shaun. he’s getting ready for his comeback. he doesn’t want cameras in his face when he already has make up artists, managers, stylists and everyone in between in his face.

    4. Totally agree with you. The video is about Shaun, YB and the dancers’ hardwork not someone trying to talk English.

      1. The video is mainly about the dancers and choreographers, it’s not even mainly about TY so some people need to calm down.

  3. I love watching behind the scenes of taeyangs performances. shows how much he really cares about his performance and how much time he puts into it.

  4. Anyway, I love the mad amount of support YB got from his YG fam.

    I love Shaun, he’s amazing.

    I also love the dancers. Finally got to see Ho Ho, ho who I follow on twitter. Also the Kwon twins, I also follow one of them on twitter. Saw my fav girl Ji Hye. I’ve fallen in love with Sol, saw him on RS and thought he was cute and now it’s official, I adore him. All of them put in so much effort for Bae.

    GD was amazingly support, he was there the whole day for his best friend- from start to finish. Worried about him and cheered him on. So much love between those two. And his English has improved.

    And YB looked so stressed. My poor baby, looked so nervous and you can tell he was feeling the pressure. All those ppl around him and god, it must have been nerve racking. However, his family had his back so he was stronger because of it.

    I also love the Masta Wu cameo, “he’s always on point though”. Lol, so true. YB is always on point.

    Loved this episode cause it shows how much work no only YB puts in for these performances but how much work everyone around him does too. I remember RS’s version and seeing YG and all these other ppl there too. So much effort just of our boy, make me proud.

  5. im use of it~gd always catch people attention…he is popular and such…and they always talk about him so im use of people spazzzing to much with gdragon…(sigh)……….anyone know when they are gonna show episode four since 2ne1 tv is gone now which also feature some bigbang this Movemetn Lifestyle is kinda the replacement of 2ne1 tv ihope they show some things we hadnt seen!~hope to see lots of taeyang~hehe!

    –REMINDER: Pe0ple V0te for taeyang for the 2010 MAMA AWARD!!!!!

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