Taeyang’s LOAM Practice Video

cr: 518mercuri on youtube

Wow, this brings back memories. This is pretty much the song, and the accompanying dance, that launched Taeyang’s official solo career and his biggest hit in South Korea. You can spot Shaun helping YB out and I think I spot Jae too. On another note, while LOAM is one of my all time favorite YB songs what I really want is for YG to hook a sister up with a copy of that remix.

For those who haven’t heard the remix (where have you guys been at?), have a listen, I’ve posted it under the cut~
This is the first time we heard it at the SOLAR concert.


14 thoughts on “Taeyang’s LOAM Practice Video”

  1. woah his voice shined through the remix b/c with previous songs we know wat to expect with the voice but here I really heard the voice shining

  2. I can’t recall how many times I’ve watched that encore clip….in so many angles too! lol. that was def. his best performance of any song ever..all time favourite right there

    1. I love it too – it’s the definitive performance of LOAM for me and I have a hard time going back to the original! I remember watching the fancams for the first time and getting goosebumps (aside from laughing and crying along with him too.) It’s a song about such a bad,bad man — how does YB make it sound like such a passionate love song? And something that I would want to have him sing to me?

      (And yes, I have 23742633 fancams of that performance too. Plus 5 audio versions. Waiting on that CD and DVD, YG …. )

      1. Yess! This remix is soo unbelievably good. Not just the song, but the arrangement, the atmosphere..did you see the fancams from farther away..I think you could even see some fans crying..LOAM and TIS encores were beyond perfect.
        So true, if I didn’t know any better, would’ve thought it was a love song as well.
        Btw, of the audio versions you have, any of them clear?
        I hope YG releases either the DVD…or alteast a digital release of the remix for Christmas 🙂

  3. I LOVE the Solar concert remix as well as the Hot concert remix. Love love love the extra bits he put in the song! When it comes to WD, he can never go wrong. It’s always an old favorite for me ^^

    1. that remix brings back memories.everytime i listened to it i always had this goofy smile on my face.
      i’d still listen to this song even if when i’m old and wrinkly.

      that concert made me swear to myself,i will follow this man wherever,what ever he wanna do for the rest of my life.

  4. That remix is just… beyond amazing…

    Without understanding the lyrics or the language, you would’ve thought he was singing a passionate love song like Dilani said.

    LOAM really will be a classic for me… I can’t choose between WD or this remix…. Both are so amazing in their own ways….

    YB really went out of the park with this performance…. I am so going to buy the CD and DVD…..

  5. hey guys do you have translations of the remix part? i wanna know what he sings of. please. if anyone knows, im dying here. =)

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