One of the first artists to ever do Taeyang remakes, our friends over at Kanauru, came out with their much awaited masterpiece in time for the anniversary. Thanks Richard and Qui!

Time flies doesn’t it? It has been exactly one year since Taeyang’s sad song of missed chances first made fangirls cry (and dare I say it, maybe even a fanboy or two?) While the initial reception in Korea was not as warm as hoped, the little song that could has been making its way around the globe winning Taeyang new admirers in some far off places. The song, dance and video have inspired the more dedicated fans from all over to do their own renditions – some heartfelt, some funny, some just plain awesome.

We’ve posted some of these great covers on ATY : from the earliest batch of covers in 2009, awesome English covers by Jason Chen, J. Reyez and Tommy C., JD Relic and Kevin Lien, covers and remixes in German (JayBee), Malay (Caprice with Nik Irfan & AshLee) and Spanish (Fernando Cardo) and even kids doing their best Taeyang impression. We’ve had dance MVs (Union), parodies and even more covers.

So many good covers and we’ve only scratched the surface. New ones are coming out all the time, too.  Some other recently found favorites:

And a parody I found hilarious (especially the intro.)

So what is your Wedding Dress story? How did you feel when you first heard it and how do you feel about it now? Any favorite covers, versions, remixes or remakes? Favorite anecdotes? Where else do you think it will go from here? Share your thoughts and celebrate with us!

38 thoughts on “[Discussion] HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WEDDING DRESS!”

  1. Wedding Dress was Taeyang’s best song and will always remain his BEST song!


  2. WD was the very first YB song I heard and also the first Kpop song to make me cry.

    It all started during a Feb snow storm. I was already into kpop but only 2NE1 and since I was stuck inside my house for a few weeks I decided to look up Big Bang since 2NE1 kept being compared to them. Watching videos and my eyes kept straying the the short one in the corner with the hat. I thought he was adorable.

    So I decided that the first one I wanted to look up was the one with the hat. Learned his name was Taeyang and he had his own music too.. Wrote Taeyang in and WD pops up. I immediately adore it. Watched it like 10 times in a row and cried the first 5 times. Couldn’t believe some girl left him.

    That was the first time I fell in love with YB. Looked up more vids and LOAM, WUA and Prayer came up. HOT concert. etc.

    For the longest time it was my favorite YB song and still holds a special place for being my introduction.

    Now my favorite YB songs are the LOAM remix and Take It Slow. Amazing songs.

    For me learning about YB was amazing and I’ve said it before what I love most is watching the journey. He has so much more to do and so much more to grow. But he’s getting there and I’ll still be there stanning him.

    1. Awww…Toozdae..What a touching encounter…

      I remember my first introduction to Taeyang was 2009 at the first meeting of my dance group. At that time I only listen to hip hop and r&b. Never ever even heard of kpop. WHen I asked “What’s something international, that’s good?” First thing my members brought up was some guy name Taeyang. They showed me LOAM and i fell in love instantly. 1 year later, here I am in Korea and have watched Taeyang live and even touched him hahaha. Taeyang’s impact has been great on all of us in one way or another.

      1. OMG.

        I’m still so jealous of you. You touched him – soooooo lucky. I need to get my butt to Korea just so I can see him and tell him he’s amazing. I think I would cry if I actually got that chance – such a fangirl.

  3. Bluemaid!!!! Glad to see you FINALLY posting! 😀

    Ahhh…..Wedding Dress=sheer epicness

    Everything, and I mean everything, was perfect. YB’s voice, YB’s dancing abilities, Shaun and Lyle’s choreo, the cinematography, the storyline, Teddy and YB’s joint efforts….nothing could have been done to make this song/video any more epic than it already is.

    As we’ve all seen, this is a song that is capable of breaking past language barriers. You don’t need to understand Korean to be able to connect with the song or the video. I’m sure many of WD watchers shed a tear or two over the loss of YB’s one love. I’m sure even more people wanted to break a bone or two of the other guy as well. 🙂 That’s how much this video was capable of dragging you in. With just one second, YB pulled you into the epicness that was Wedding Dress. With just one view of Wedding Dress, you wanted more. I know I’m not the only one to have put the video on repeat.

    The numerous covers and remakes also just make you fall in love with WD even more. It’s always amazing to see how much this song has affected people. I love seeing their take on the song/video. Although of course, nothing tops a Kanauru remake. Qui and Richard are definitely the YGE remake masters!

    This is the song that turned me from a casual kpop/YB fan into a stan! One of the only kpop songs capable of turning non-fans/antis into kpop lovers. Wedding Dress is here to stay…..and so is YB!!!

    Bluemaid…look what you did! Made me write a whole essay to express my love for Wedding Dress! Haha

  4. My wedding dress story.

    I was at camp but I could think about was Taeyang was releasing a new single anytime soon. So it was about 12 am when my friends and I were finally getting some rest (we were the facilitators) and I begged to use her laptop. So there I was watching WD.. only to find that TY has released it a day before. >.<

    Anyways, my feeling at that moment was 'um, it's just another Korean drama'. I thought the MV was something we've all watched before. Even my friends were like fangirling over the MV. However, I kept thinking about the song and MV(haha)… all through camp. Couldn't wait to go back home and listen to it again. So yeah, since then, all I listen to was WD for months.

    The MV itself, while it didn't impact me that much the first time, it definitely did the second time I watch it.. to the extend that I think it's the best MV ever done by YG and it's just perfect for the song. and to the rest of the world, the song and MV touched them and they could relate. Everything was right. The arrangement of the song, the MV, the dance, the emotion, the clothes, TY's voice and acting and TY himself. Nothing beats WD in my list. Not yet…

    so yeah. long story. if u read this, you're an angel!

  5. the first time i heard of this song was an old high school friend that was trying to get into the singing career, she made a cover of wedding dress in english.

    i did not like it so much, maybe im bias with her singing but i looked up other covers and decided lets see who the real singer is. Taeyang- wedding dress. saw the music video and it was so sad. and since then i fell in love with taeyang, big bang and kpop. i thought the dancing was AMAZING in the video. the singing was so emotional even though i didnt understand one bit. i looked at all his music videos, and talked to my manager about kpop since shes korean and she said that hes better in big bang and i started to listen to big bang and at first i didnt like it but then i fell in love with them. my friend is also a friend of shaun so that got me interested also.

    wedding dress still gets me. i still love him in that video. he was so clean and hot. he is so americanize and i love it! come to CA please! come back to the hollywood bowl with bigbang!

  6. happy happy anniversary Wedding dress ^^

    happy first post too Bluemaid ^^

    ahh wedding dress this actually the first song by a guy singer that i really really loved although I’ve been into YB longer. THis song is just amazing I can’t explain.

    YB’s voice is was just soo soo good in this song. I totally felt teh emotions in the song from his expressions in the video. I dont think anyone can express the feelings and idea of the song better than YB

    The MV was just plain awesome!! I never get tired of watching it.

    thansk fro teh great post BM

    1. I dont exactly have a favorite WD cover,version But I really like the following live perfs by YB . (i like the radio versions a lot I have a tendency to spam please bear with me )

      you can see he is singing more but can’t seem to stop himself from dancing ^^

    2. sorry for the spam it seems that WordPress only allows one video per comment..
      so here is another WD radio live perf ^^

  7. Wedding Dress came out November 15th 2009 right? I remember waiting by the computer refreshing alwaystaeyang every hour to make sure I watch it as soon as it comes out.

    When I watched it, gosh tears of joy, amazement, everything in between. It was emotionally overwhelming.

    Best song ever made. Ever.

  8. Ever since my friend introduced me to Big Bang around 2006ish when Lies and Last Farewell came out, I’ve grown to love the group, and each and every member in it. I couldn’t pick a favorite.

    Come May 2008, Taeyang’s Hot mini-album comes out. I absolutely loved Baby I’m Sorry, Make Love, and of course, Look Only At Me. +his live remixes of LOAM since then have been awesome. And then I watched his concert videos on youtube, and I just saw how amazing of a performer he was, from soaring over the audience in Always to playing on a piano suspended in the air for LOAM. That pretty much solidified him as my favorite member of BB, though like I said, I love all of them.

    Since then, I found this site, and reading all of his interviews and just how humble and hard-working he is made me an even bigger fan of his. I even wrote about him in my journal in psychology as someone who inspired me, someone I looked up to.

    Then the Where U At music video came out, and at the very end, when they showed the preview for Wedding Dress, I instantly fell in love with the piano melody, despite how short it was. I’d listen to that instrumental made by DJ JS7 everyday. And then the music video came out, and once again, I fell in love with the song. I’m usually terrible with favorites, but if I were asked who my favorite artist was, or what my favorite song was, my answers would most definitely be Taeyang and Wedding Dress. &like toozdae, my other favorites by him would be Take It Slow and his Look Only At Me remixes.

    It’s been a year now, and since then, I’ve learned the chorus and bits and pieces of the WD dance (and I’m still learning the rest) and covered Kevin Lien’s English version of the song for my friend’s birthday. &recently I’ve gone back to piano to learn the piece after taking a break for 6 years. I’m actually thinking of performing the song at a benefit concert my club’s holding in February, but I’m not sure if it’s gonna work out haha.

    So, that’s my story. Hope it wasn’t too long hehh.

    1. Your story is amazing. I’m so happy to here that YB inspired you so much. He’s such a sweet and humble person and just knowing that about him makes him all the more precious to me.

      So happy he inspired you to dance and relearn the piano.

  9. you guys have happy memories about WD,but mine wasn’t.:(
    the first time i’ve watched it i was so proud of him i felt like my heart would burst.
    this beautiful song,YB performed this with so much passion,week after week but it wasn’t well receive by the public.seeing his sad expression,my heart ached for him.and this was during the time of his depression.
    in the middle of his promotion,i eventually stopped watching his performances.coz it wasn’t doing any good for me.it got me angry and a bitter person.although i always said that YB didn’t care for awards,as long as he’s producing good music,it will be fine.but deep down i hurt for him.

    but you could never put a good man down.WD was received by the whole world with open arms.

    WD 1 year later and for the next years to come,it will touch more people’s lives as it did mine.


    1. I should stop commenting but yeah. I can’t watch his WD performances because of this.

      Sad YB isn’t something I enjoy watching and it break my heart. However, he’s so happy now and is in such a better place personally and spiritually. And I think going through all he went through in 2009 has made him a stronger person.

    2. hey you too? I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand watching the performances of WD. I felt like nothing was right… and whatever he was trying to give out on stage didn’t work for me. so I stopped watching too. But if there’s any WD performance that i’m proud of, it’s the one he performed on SBS love concert 2009. (or something like that)

  10. I first came to know Taeyang after listening to ‘Where U At’. I love it even up to now and it’s still my #1 song.

    After finding out that it wasn’t the title track,i had higher expectation of the next one and that’s Wedding Dress.

    It sure didn’t disappoint,and from there on,i know he’s gonna go far.

    His talents,music,personality & character are simply flawless.

    It’s a pity he didn’t receive as many awards as others though.

    But i know he’s my #1 male artist out there.

    Oh yes,happy 1st anniversary,Wedding Dress. 🙂

  11. Been there since the beginning with his first HOT album. His music and himself has actually evolved a lot. I dunno but compared to the HOT days and Solar the way he just presents himself in interview and stuff…you can tell he definitely grown as a musician and person. I think when he said that his next album won’t come out for a while, I believe he wants to grow more so he can show even better performances, music and himself.

    For me hes just got better and better. He’s one of the few if not the only artist i know where i love every single song he sings/produces. Like I like Big Bang but even i admit they’ve released some songs which are a bit….=o

    Also in my opinion one of the best musicians who is able to best emotionally sing a song. Wedding Dress and Only Look At Me (concert versions) are amazing examples. He absolutely gives his everything in those 3/4mins and it just move you so much. And the fact that hes never had any girl experience (arguable lol) and still manages to convey all that emotion astounds me.

    Can’t wait for his next album, am most frikken definitely going to his next concert, even if i have to fly all the way from UK – Korea.

    1. Me too. I’m going to go to Korea to see him no matter what – will be at the next concert.

      The fact that he said the next album will take time shows me how dedicated he is t o what he does – he wants time to grow and experience life. Seeing how he’s been this year and all these photos of him out and about just shows he’s not lying.

      The passion for music is still there and I’m so excited for his next album – I’m excited for REAL.

  12. The second half of 2009 has a special place in my heart… I was introduced to Big Bang’s “Haru Haru” and eventually leading to me watching their member’s solos in respective order: Seungri’s “Strong Baby”, Tae Yang’s “Prayer” and “Look Only at Me”, and GD’s “Heartbreaker”. (Was also introduced to “Lollipop” but wasn’t a big fan of the song and 2NE1 much much later…”XD)

    It was very surprising because I was never into Korean music.. mainly because I could not understand what they were saying, and I really just loved JPOP more before last year.

    Either there was something about “Haru Haru” constantly on replay, and I somehow don’t ever get sick of it.. and I started to learn the lyrics…or it’s me finally submitting to the ultimate power of Big Bang, I fell in love with the music and wanted to know more.

    I thought all the members had something special and unique about themselves… but what caught me on was the guy who was such a macho man in Prayer, but also an adorable guy with a cute smile in the LOAM ending credits, and sang the song like he has been in a relationship before (even when he’s never had one).

    YB’s famous eye-smile really got me there… and I thought he was a guy who was versatile… He could be sexy and hot but truly heartfelt and cute in the next minute…XD

    Then I did all my research on my favourite member and group…. I know I’m rambling so I’ll get to the point. =P

    By the time WD was out, I was full of knowledge about the current state of BB and YB, through finding out about this lovely and awesome website through iBigBang.

    I was already looking forward to it, because I remember how much I loved the 30 secs teaser and ABSOLUTELY had to listen to a longer version… 11/11 couldn’t come sooner.

    I had finished my last exam for that semester (also my first in uni!) and I thought the release of WD was a great way to celebrate.

    When I saw the MV…. Ohhh man… Tears ALMOST ran down. YB’s acting, the storyline, the song.. YB’s voice… EVERYTHING WAS JUST PERFECT from start to finish.

    I absolutely loved the song, I replayed the song on YT for I dunno how many days (same with WUA XD) and when I finally downloaded the song.. the play count for WD on my iTunes was soaring…XD

    It was THAT GOOD…. and I can still say it’s one of the songs I’ll forever love and won’t forget… Since then, the song has also reached into the hearts of millions around the world… Seeing how much love this one song received is just AMAZING….. I am really proud and happy for YB and the achievement he had with this song…

    It really makes the “music has no boundaries” quote a true one. I’ve never been a great fan of remixes or covers… but I’d have to say the recent Spanish cover was really well done. But really… for me NOTHING beats the original. 😛

    I think YB will definitely be going places… with the popularity of WD it made YG acknowledge that “hey, maybe we should reach out to international fans too”, and now the private YB’s got himself a twitter and actively using FB as well. these are small steps but it’s a start, and I’m sure (please, YG!) that one day YB will be able to stand at an international stage where his music is recognised and loved. =)

    That seemed like a far-fetched conclusion.. but oh well…! XD

  13. i only cam across his video whilst i was looking at rains videos because i wasnt a big fan of big bang even thgh i had heard about them soo many times ! literally , but i didnt bothe , it was such a miss i’ll tell yuh that !
    Then BAM ! i saw wedding dress and i was like omg, i totally love this video , the song, this guy id awesome , and im the person who when comes across someone i immediately go to google and wikipedia them !haha , but im glad i did , and since then on , ive followed taeyang , and i LITERALLY became obssessed!!!
    this was last yr in december i think , an about a yr before, my 12 year old cousin whos OBESSED with kpop, she told me to have a listen to Look Only At Me , and i did like that song , but i never googled him darn it , yet another miss.
    but the thing is when i saw Wedding Dress , i didnt remember him frm Look Only At Me, beccause it was totallyy diff, Wedding Dress had a huge impact on me and i instantly googled him, compared to Look Only At Me ,
    so i was really dissapointed to find out that it wasnt a success and rather had negative response , i was like wtf ??? r yuh kidding me ?? i was really pissed , ! aish
    but now im glad hes getting more recognition now, since he released his SOLAR album ,
    *sigh , cant believe its already been a year! time sure does fly quickly
    young bae jjang !
    only thing im gutted bout is that i couldnt go to his concert , i mean i would LOVE to but its like a dream , if only i could hav gone,
    hopefully he’ll release his concert DVD , pleasseee YG ! ! ! !
    taeyang ❤

  14. Wedding Dress opened me to the world of kpop.. nah.. opened me to the world of YG Family. I can still remember every time I am online I’ll make it a point to watch the video over and over again. Damn! Not just the song you know but the MV was a master piece 😀

  15. when this song was released, i didnt know who taeyang was and that he was from big bang.. at that time i do know big bang though but taeyang wasnt that obvious to me.. so because of that i dont bother. but i remembered after a month later, i fell in love with this particular song while listening to it on my cousin’s mp3 and i kept playing it on replay. still, i dont know whats the song and who’s the singer cause i wasnt familiar with his voice yet.. so i asked my cousin about it and when he said he’s from big bang i totally freaked out.. cause his voice was so soulful and he’s so different from TOP and Gdragon. since then, i began to search online about him and listen to all his previous song. and damn!! how could i miss it all!! his songs are so addictive and it’s like whenever i hear his songs i wish he was infront of me so i could give him a big tight hug!! it’s more like love and i think i really have fallen in love with taeyang.. because of wedding dress that leads me to taeyang, i started to love the YG family.. big bang and 2NE1 are now my best kpop group. i seriously think that YG Entertainment brings out the best kpop artist.. =D

    i wish taeyang goes on a global solo concert.. but actually i dont really mind whether it’s just taeyang or big bang i just wanna see taeyang and his eye smile!! heheh.

    TAEYANG youre the best!! SARANGHAE ♥

  16. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. And I love reading everyone’s stories (no need to apologize for the length… they’re great!)

  17. my first encounter with taeyang was this year. I kept seeing posts of his music and how hot he was on multiple friends fb pages. I finally asked my cousin who this guy was that everyone is in love with. she suggested I watch wedding dress. I watched it… AND WAS IN LOVE!!!! after watching wedding dress, I looked up other songs by yb and just couldn’t stop.
    I remember teasing my younger sister for blaring big bang music in her room but now I’m doing the same with taeyang.
    his music is amazing. even though I don’t understand any of it, it still touches me. I love the song “just a feeling” especially the part “I wanna make love to you, baby say my name” my heart melts. hahaha
    he needs to hurry up and come to the us. I would love to attend one of his shows. his concerts just seem to have so much energy and filled with devoted fans.

  18. I just had to post something 🙂

    I started following ATY back in I believe March? Everything will make sense once you read my story 🙂

    How I found about Taeyang was a pretty funny story.
    I got picked up by my guy friend from my dorm room to go to the library to study. I had a midterm in like, three days so it was time to cram haha. As we were riding in his car, he put in a mixed CD he made and I wasn’t paying attention to what he was playing. All of a sudden, these lyrics caught my attention: “baby, something-something-something, ’cause you should be my lady.” I was like, “hey man, that’s a pretty catchy song, what is it called?” he responded with, “I forgot the title and who sings it. I just know it’s in Korean.”
    So I’m sitting in the car, wondering who this mysterious Korean singer was. I honestly thought at first it was a song in English because I didn’t pay attention to the other lyrics. We finally get the library and I hop onto the computer to print out some study guide stuff. Out of my dying curiosity, I decide to go onto YouTube and type in ‘Wedding Dress’ because that was the one word I kept hearing in the song. The search box automatically put in ‘Taeyang Wedding Dress’ and I’m like hmm, maybe that’s it. I click on the first link which was the music video and BAM! It was love at first sight. I was amazed by the music video because it was just… absolutely breath-taking. Everything about it made it made the video an amazing one. I ended up putting the song on repeat and didn’t get much studying done. LOL.

    I then googled Taeyang and ATY popped up and I have been low-keying following the news revolving around him and what not 🙂 I then started listening to his other songs and I’m surprised a lot of my friends knew about him! All of them were like, “Catherine, you’re so late on the Taeyang bandwagon!” Sooooooooo many of my guy friends love the song. A lot of my girl friends love him and BIGBANG too.

    I’m a tad sad I discovered him late but as long as I discovered him right? I am such a huge fan and I will continue to be. I really want to study abroad in Korea because of him 🙂

    That is my somewhat funny story of how I discovered Taeyang!

    1. Oohhh Thanks sharing your story. Funny thing is this is how so many of my friends found out about Taeyang. One person would post it on their facebook and then suddenly all my friends liked him. I think that’s the most incredible thing about this song…it just got passed around because people liked it. And they liked it enough to go get more information about it.

  19. Taeyang’s ‘Wedding Dress’ is easily on my top five songs of ALL time. And ‘Take it Slow.’

    He’s smooth, vocals are passionate and I get a butterfly-like feeling just listening to him. ‘Wedding Dress’ is a sweet song, it has that X-factor that anyone, and I mean anyone can listen to and enjoy.

    I love Taeyang and the Big Bang members, but Taeyang is my love. HE is the one that made me love BB. On top of Taeyang’s perfected package, comes his smooth voice, which I fell for!

    I don’t have a favorite cover, I just love the song!

  20. Aiish, totally late to the discussion but having been one year that I started following Youngbae, it’s my anniversary as a fan…so i must comment.

    Upon seeing Weddig Dress for th first time, it was late at night, I had just finished my paper and wanted something mellow to sleep to. I find the song, play it, and as it ends I was in tears. It reminded me of the could have’s, would have’s and should have’s. The very next day i had made it a mission to spread the song on fb and blogs. SRSLY.

    🙂 I seriously miss commenting in this site -_- I’ve been busy with my drama addiction but I’m set on ending the year with Yb and the boys. ❤

  21. What can I say…this song is just epic.

    Where U At and Wedding Dress were the first Taeyang activity I covered as a writer for ATY. WUA kind of took of off guard…I think I was still reeling from that song and MV when Wedding Dress came out. I remember that night when everyone was on ATY and our chatbox counting down the minutes until the MV would be released. I think I even missed it because I was doing laundry! lol. I liked the song when it came out, but still to this day…I just can’ t watch the MV because it’s so sad! I can’t bear seeing Youngbae so sad. lol.

    I will admit, at first I wasn’t impressed by Wedding Dress as I was of Where U At. I never expected Wedding Dress to explode like it did. I guess I had to do with the lack of promotion the song got. Suddenly, fancovers and parodies started flooding out. Suddenly everyone on my facebook feed was posting this song. “WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON.” The song just took off on its own. I’ve always wondered what would’ve happened if Youngbae had a decent promotional period.

    For me this song is really special because as a writer for an international fanblog, I got to witness/be part of such a big development and milestone in Taeyang’s career. Many artists try to go international, but with Wedding Dress YB went in the most natural way: via youtube and word of mouth. It was because the song was THAT good. I had the opportunity to track all of this so it’s really special to me. It has got to be one of my favorite moments with the blog and TY fandom. I got to meet and speak to so many fans from ALL over. I really watching seeing all the fancovers we posted on the blog.

    Yes..I’m a really nostalgic person.

    1. well said..or written
      I feel the same as you. hmmmm and I always wonder what could’ve been..or should’ve been imo. but then again, not good to get stuck in the past. I really hope Youngbae learns a lesson from this experience, and Im curious to see what route he’ll take for his next album

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