Taeyang’s interview from Numero Tokyo magazine, Nov. Issue

1. What is your dream for BIGBANG and for yourself as a solo artist?
I want to be a singer who gives an impression to people as a BIGBANG member and as a solo artist. Going over to Korea and Japan or wherever I’ll go, my dream is to be a person who sings cool songs and gives a lasting impression.

2. What’s the difference between doing the stage with BIGBANG and as a solo artist?
During solo activity, I have to express only what I want to do by myself. BIGBANG is one with five members so harmony is important. Other members make up for my weaknesses and make me strong. During solo, I don’t have this kind of support and I feel more pressured.
3. Recently, what moved you the most while doing stages with BIGBANG?
The first concert after the debut.

4. The most happy moment privately with just yourself?
Well…I can’t think of any. Something sad? I don’t have either. This makes me sad because I don’t have a happy thing or a sad thing. (Laughs) Recently, I’m just busy working and I don’t really experience situations that make me feel happy or sad.

5. What roles do you members play in a team?
We had different roles before. Recently, we are all so busy working and we don’t have specific roles now. I think our roles will be more differentiated again when we restart working as BIGBANG.

6. What do you think an ideal man needs to have?
A cool father! I don’t really have a wish on when to get married but I want to have two children.

7. The place which you want to go to the most?
Okinawa. Because I have never been there.

8. The thing you want to get?
(After thinking for a while) Time.

9. The most precious thing you have now?
All the people surrounding me. They are all important. I can’t pick just one person.

10. Your type of girl?
A lovely girl.

11. The difference between Japanese and Korean girls?
I don’t know about Japanese women well. (Laughs) But I had an impression that Japanese fans are shy before. Now Japanese fans are as passionate as Korean fans.

12. Store you usually shop in Japan?
I have been from place to place before. Recently, I go to Isetan because they have everything. (Laughs)

13. Brand you like?
14. What do you consider the most when you style yourself?
(13 & 14) (An instant replay) Chrome hearts! It’s a shop not found in Korea before and I used to only buy in Japan. About two years ago, the shop was established in Seoul and I often go to this shop too. However, the shop in Japan has a better selection. They are expensive and I don’t really buy but looking at their stuff makes me really happy. (Laughs)

15. Artist you want to work with?
There are many great artists in Japan so I can’t decide. I’ll do my best if given the chance to work with anyone.

16. What have you been thinking recently besides music?
Travel. Not only Okinawa but also in U.S.A, Europe… I want to go around all over the world.

Translated by & Credit: Noriko@bigbangupdates
Magazine Scanned by: -undercurrent@tumblr

Also don’t forget to vote for YB for the MAMA awards, http://mama.mnet.com/2010/en/AwardVote/AwardVote.asp

22 thoughts on “Taeyang’s interview from Numero Tokyo magazine, Nov. Issue”

  1. My comment is going to be similar to that on iBigBang, but whatev…XD

    I think traveling will be a good break for him. Might be a trip full of inspirations for his next album too, whenever that will be.

    And YB, girls are all lovely if you choose to see her as such XD

    BUT COME TO AUSTRALIA!!! Then one of my dreams will come true! hahaha

  2. i’ve never really gone to Chrome hearts..but yeah sometimes i walked into a shop where i’ll just feel really happy looking at the things.

    anyways, rumours has it around that big bang is going to comeback on november 17?? hee. i’m wishing it’s true! ^^

  3. Congrats Toozdae on being a new writer at ATY!
    So cute he wants 2 kids…everyone already knows TaeYang is going to be a great father.

  4. YB come to germany!!! it’s really nice. I swear *coughcough* haha

    well yea… uhh a good father? bet u r!
    i really hope he finally finds a nice and cute girlfriend that treats him well and loves him as much as he deserves to be loved (and thats a whole lot!!)

  5. Since I am so YB deprived….here is the most adorable thing ever!!! Up with the likes of Harang/Haeum in my opinion.

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