Making of “I’ll Be There” Music Video!

So for the record, I’d like all those who doubted my Twilight notions to pay particular attention to 3:55 in the first video ~LOL. I called it =) Haha, I loved the making, the set is just incredible..a lot of time and effort was put into this, as with anything Taeyang does!

10 thoughts on “Making of “I’ll Be There” Music Video!”

  1. Gaaa!! I’m in love again. I think I’ve been missing TY and just BB in general I’ve gone a bit insane…XD

    Pathetic and sad I know… Hahahaha.

    ooo~~~ There is so much to gush about.

    The guns and the abs… gosh, oh em gee!!! *dies*

    Peace out to you too YB! DA MAN~~~ 😀 ❤
    I just love his Engrish, so frickin' cute. Though I must say it is sounding a lot better, I wonder if he'll surprise us again in the BB comeback… IF there's English in the lyrics..:P

    Then the second video… GAH!!! You and that smile of your YB! Will always get to me, haha.

    And the director for the MV is a woman, am I right? OAO
    If so, woo hoo to girl power! Hahahahaha!

    YB in black, plus that bed scene… His expression…H-O-T. 'Tis love…XD

    I can't choose between the scene up at the stairs, or his TOTALLY ADORKABLE MOMENT singing karoke to his own song….

    Such a down to earth but amazing and talented man…. Can YB be anymore perfect? *sighs*

    That was a pretty long fangirl spazz…LOL

  2. this is in the solar international dvd thing. can you please sub! and sub the rest of the other behind the scenes in the dvd too please! THANK YOU ! 🙂

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