Kanauru does “Number 1” remake

Had to post up this halarious (and very good) remake of Big Bang’s “Number 1” by Kanuru productions. Have fun checking it out and subscribe to our friends over at their Youtube Channel. And Qui, you make an awesome Taeyang! lol


15 thoughts on “Kanauru does “Number 1” remake”

  1. Qui, the ultimate fanboy FTW!!!

    It’s been a long time since the last remake and you guys did not disappoint! I was laughing my butt off the whole time.

    Seriously, YG should just have you guys design GD’s glasses from now on. Those were epic! Haha

  2. hahah what a bunch of fanboys but i loved it . that was just too epic…those cd glasses were just something. of course, “taeyang” would go to qui. lol

  3. QUI: you are really a YB fanboy… you even know his mannerisms… hehehehe 🙂 You’re a fine dancer too, if I may add…

    Oh, and your Seungri is cute! 🙂

  4. I was just really laughing and Qui..from head to foot. Just ultimate taeyang look a like there. Love this and thanks for sharing!. Xd

  5. LOL, the CD glasses is just so awesome.. I laughed. XD

    And the random VIP fan torch, and the little hand wave Qui did after the butt slap, TOO FUNNY.

    You guys are awesome, this remake was goood~~~ :D:D

    By the way, your Seungri is very cute! Hahahah!

    No stalker-ish comment intended, lol!

  6. Qui… yeaaahhhh ^_^ somehow i thought i see Taeyang in that MV
    but it’s you : )

    by the way AWESOME VIDEO

    dang… is that you EVO ???

  7. Qui makes the BEST Taeyang. I swear at times I thought it was Taeyang himself lol. The remake is awesome, the guys are freakin hilarious (the club scenes really cracked me up =P)

  8. Looool, at first i thought they would be singing it too and i was like “woow they’re good at mimicing big bang’s voices :O”
    -___- lawl

  9. Ok, watched it again and I just noticed Taeyang’s Solar CD at 0:49 (lol I know, not that surprising but I couldn’t help but point it out =P)

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