Blast from Past: Freeze and Falling Out dance practice

One of my favorite all time performances EVER  – I’m sure you all remember this awesome number he did at the 2009 MBC Star Dance Battle – well here is the dance practice video with all the Taeyang smoothness included.

Dance was choreographed by Shaun Evaristo.

50 thoughts on “Blast from Past: Freeze and Falling Out dance practice”

  1. I loved the whole clip, especially the tick-tick-tick part. They should have definitely performed the whole thing at the dance battle. Then YB would have most definitely won!!!

  2. OT, but here’s a photo of Sung Si-Kyung singing (and dancing) INAG at his concert yesterday. ^^

    Apparently, PSY (YG love!) surprised him by coming out in place of JiHye mid-song, LOL. SSK also sang a cover of You’re My just before this performance. He stopped at the falsetto, saying “sheesh, Taeyang…,” implying it was too high to sing. ^^ Hopefully, fanvids will pop up soon!

    1. Awww that’s so awesome! I know Sung Si Kyung is a fan of Taeyang too. I want fancams of this! lol.

      I just saw his and IU’s perf on Chocolate. lol. YB fans all one stage. lol. Thanks for the newsbit.

      I think for a lot of Taeyang fans…this choreo/perf was pretty epic. Where are all these behind the scenes clips coming from?

    2. Awesomee!!
      Hahha fanboy even two years later. love it.
      Im really happy too, the fact that he sang You’re My probably means that he bought and listened to the whole album. 🙂 yaay
      Im curious to hear how he sang You’re My

        1. thanks for the link bluemaid ^___^

          and I agree with you ‘Your My’ was never my favorite either (even-though I wanted to, since it has such a lovely melody, but unfortunately the high parts made me cringe instead)

          I really loved the concert version,it was really nice and there was no loud swallowing sound in the middle (I wish it was the original version…) SSK’s version was really nice too and it was so funny when he got flustered by the falsetto! ahaha

  3. I like the idea that a lot of these videos are being posted. I saw the dance battle. I wonder what ever happen to YB T.V? Not real sound by Taeyang but there were talks about it.

    1. ^
      It’s mostly 2NE1TV, with the occasional YBTV, Se7enTV and a more frequent BBTV. Even BBTV is only 5-10 min max of the last 2 episodes.

  4. OT: I was just thinking, i’m kinda disappointed how little YB fans there are in Korea. I mean when OLAM came out being the first member from Big Bang to go solo, YB won so many awards and was sweeping the charts. There was so much support for him then.

    But this year he only won a few music show awards, and I fail to believe that its because he hasn’t improved or the songs aren’t as good. It seems a lot of the support has gone. And a lot of that support was just from Big Bang fans rather then people who loved Taeyang’s music. However this is not to say the YB fans out there aren’t great, because the guys at YB Mania etc. are amazing!

    It’s sad that the whole kpop doesn’t really care much for the whole RnB and instead are more concerned with electro pop and mainstream stuff. If any Korean artist should go international, I think it should be YB. Obviously my opinion would be bias, but countries like US, Canada, UK, Australia, RnB is a big thing. And they don’t really care for the whole cutesy concept stuff.

    Having said that, I honestly thought Se7en would do well in US too, but that didn’t happen. I think that was too rushed. However even now YB already has a fanbase internationally and stuff based on itunes. If he could just work with say Usher, that would really be O.M.G! The style, swagger and just general vibe YB has when performing that can’t be taught. That what makes him unique in my opinion. Like he said himself, he never practices his expressions in the mirror or anything, he just literally shows what he feels when singing the song. And for me he is one of the best artist at doing that period.

    Anyways…i’m just saying

    1. Here’s my observation while I am in KOrea;

      EVERYONE in korea is a fan of Taeyang. IF you ask anyone, they will say they like him.. Know him, He’s a great dancer, awesome singer, great performer,…etc.

      but Taeyang is not a lot of people’s favorites. DOes that make sense. I ‘m saying, everyone knows taeyang and if his song comes on the radio, they’ll sing every word. But if you ask them to spend money on an album, most of them wouldn’t …Taeyang is very respected artistically in Korea,. It’s just the nature of his fans that makes him seem like he’s not as popular as he really is.. Taeyang’s fandom consist of mainly older crowds or those with appreciation for music in its raw form (no variety shows, no lengthy mv’s, no super complicated electronic arrangement). So the artists who have the fandom consisting of crazy fan girls tend to generate more dollars.

      1. ^
        that’s what I get too. I always got that YB was like the least popular member of a very popular group (but still very popular).

        And his fans tend to be older and less crazed.


      It’s a shame that YB doesn’t get much love in Korea. He should just come to the US. We’ll appreciate him here. lol

    Sorry, I got really excited. But seriously the dance battle with Seungri was what made me think “This dude has a sexy ass style. Kinda reminds me of somebody…..SHAUN EVARISTO!” Hahaha and then there was a move that he did that I knew I had seen Lyle Beniga do before, then I found out YB was working with them and the rest is fangirling history….

  6. if I remember correctly it was a draw between Seungri and YB? sorry magnae but Taeyangs dancing was ahead of him in so many ways and I think it was just the power of popularity and fangirls that resulted in the draw.

    I remember when I watched this for the first time I JUST started looking at BB/YB and I wasn’t a huge fan of Taeyang YET (well I was kinda in denial lol) and thinking how sad it was that he didn’t win.

    1. if I remember correctly Seungri choreographed his own dance while Taeyang had his made for him so lets not compare here.

      1. ^
        Really, I thought YB choreographed his or am I mistaken. YGE artist usually do their own dances for dance battles (like Minji) and I can’t imagine YG calling Shaun from the US just to do a dance battle for YB -unless he was just there for whatever reason.

        Anyone know the truth?

        1. I think Shaun choreo’ed it. At least, that’s what I’ve read people say on Youtube. And even though YB is an excellent dancer, let’s not forget that Seungri is also a good dancer, who choreo’ed those moves in BB’s docus way back then. Maybe Shaun was in Korea for some other reason, or he sent it over a video or something? =)

        2. ^
          I’m not saying anything against Ri (love him to bits) and I thought he choreo was amazing, just that the execution could have used some work.

          I’m just wondering cause I’ve read differently – that both YB and Seungri did their own choreo.

        3. It was YG’s own choreographer who did the dance. He is also dancing with Bae in the video. It wasn’t Shaun. Taeyang doesn’t really choreograph his own dances as far as I know. He loves freestyling but not choreographing which is Seungri’s thing.

        4. Actually, YB does choreograph. He helped choreograph BB’s Gara Gara Go mv and was even nominated for it with Shaun.

        5. again “Taeyang doesn’t really choreograph his own dances as far as I know.”

          key word is his own dances. all of BB help with their group dances but I was talking about solos.

        6. @…,
          No, for Gara Gara Go only YB and Shaun were credited for it, so the other members didn’t help or they would have been credited too.

          And YB doesn’t choreograph his solo works cause they hired Shaun and etc. to do it and it’s better for it. However, YG doesn’t hire ppl for dance battles but let the guys do it themselves cause he’s not big on variety shows and I doubt he’ll waste money paying someone to teach YB a dance.

          If YB helped choreograph Gara Gara Go in July of 09, it’s not much of a stretch to say he choreographed his own dance 5 months earlier. If YB didn’t choreograph it the the only other option is Jae the in-house choreographer but basing it off how YG usually operates, I’ll say YB did it.

        7. you’re taking this too seriously. I never once said the whole group helped out with GGG. I was talking about their group dances in general. they do choreograph dances together like Last Farewell and Babo, and so on.

          second I never said YB cant choreograph his own dances. he can if he wants but I just said he doesnt seem to want to try since he hasnt so far from what we see. when Shaun isnt there,Jay does YB’s dances and most of BB’s. I dont think you give Jay much credit from your comments. last time commenting on this. i dont like arguing with new fans.

        8. I’m not taking it too seriously -it’s not like I did research or anything. This is all info I had on the top of my head. I didn’t say YB for sure did it – said it was either him or Jay cause now we know Shaun didn’t do it.

          And since when didn’t I give Jay any credit? I said it’s either him or YB that did it. You’re the one that seem to not want to even consider the possibility that YB choreographed his own dance. You said he’s never shown interest but from helping out with GGG he’s obviously showing interest (and no one would have known about that if it wasn’t nominated for an award) and since no one knows about this dance, he may have shown interest there too.

          FYI, I’m not a new fan and I’m very familiar with Jae and his work. I’m also familiar with the fact that BB as a group has choreographed together in the past.

      2. I wasn’t comparing I was stating what I felt when I watched it,my humble opinion that’s all.

        and as for the choreo I really dont know,if the choreo for strong baby was choregraphed by Seungri himself then yeah thats right and good on him.

  7. Look what I’ve found!

    Making of I’ll be there (part 1):

    Making of I’ll be there (part 2):

    Sorry if someone else have posted it before. 😛

    1. Oh really? wow the whole thing is a mystery: some say Taeyang himself choreographed it and others say someone else taught him the choreo but at least we know it wasnt Shaun.

      anyone know the truth? lol

    2. I didn’t think it was Shaun because it wasn’t his style. There were a few times where the background dancers were left with too little to do -it’s not as detailed as Shaun’s work.

      I’m pretty sure it’s YB that did it, maybe with Jae’s help since YGE artist usually choreograph their own work for their dance battles – Minzy did, Seungri did, so I’m going to assume that YB did too.

    3. i knew it!i just thought its impossible for Shaun to choreograph this since he was not in korea during that time.

      thanks for the info,Qui.

  8. Mannnnnnnnnnnnn~ THIS IS SO CUTE!!!

    I’ve always loved the dance performance of this, YB’s facial expressions were just too adorkable!

    His smoothness is definitely there, will always be the man!! XD

    Gosh, I miss him!! D:

  9. love the new banner! I rmb this outfit he wore when he performed duet version of You and I with Bom! Love the song:)

  10. ah totally random but this is from taeyang concert
    and ahh huge fan of ji hye to but i think this is her right?

    I think they are a cute couple

  11. Somebody tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Freeze and Falling Out dance practice…
    I heard somebody said Taeyang choreographed this? it’s true?????

    1. We don’t know. At the moment it’s either YB himself that did it or Jae, YGE’s in house choreographer.

      Personally, I think he did do it or it’s a combo of both. I very much doubt that YB had no had in it. He’s choreograph stuff before so it isn’t unlikely.

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