[COD] Power-C Vitamin Water

COD worthy picture right here, a bashful looking Taeyang says “Thank you for giving us your wonderful products. I love the power-c vitamin water”…ADORKABLE.
Thanks Jay Young for the tip~!

36 thoughts on “[COD] Power-C Vitamin Water”

    1. Thanks bluemaid!! awwwwwwwwwwww he is so cute!!!


      definitely COD!

      Such a charming man with so much appeal, haha

    1. if you are referring to the picture behind him then I completely agree!

      and Happy birthday Jenelle! hope you had a good one =D
      God Bless.

  1. The pic is hilarious. For those that don’t know, it’s Janet Jackson’s iconic Rolling Stone cover in the background.

  2. Has this been posted yet?

    Choreo practice for Fallin’ Out/ Freeze – courtesy of YG Ent., the King of Leaks? >.>

      1. YG never posts anything on YB’s yt channel – i dunno why they even bothered to create one. >.< I'm assuming this was another leak, like the WUA vid…. and the INAG vid…. and the… need we say more?

    1. LOVE the extra Freeze choreo, btw. Can’t believe that was cut on the broadcast and I didn’t even know about it till now.

  3. YB is obviously looking very cute and shy but that poster behind just kills it LOL why did he have to sit in front of it? no, WHO took the photo,with the poster so clearly captured? haha

    anyway I have never tried these vitamin water things,must look out for them.

    btw I LOVE the new banner! its so perfect! I LOOOOOVE it!!!!! 😀

    1. Well, since he is such a big fan of Michael Jackson, our boy taeyang the lover of R and B, might secretly be a big fan of Sister Janet Jackson too!….If you know what I mean.LOL!! The picture is funny though. They had this same photo when they were in the old YG building and now, they have this same poster in the new YG building. Somebody is definitely in love with that poster!(*_*)

      1. haha yeah if you mean what I think you mean then yeah I get it 😉 and yes thats so true they transferred it to the new building,I thought they might just chuck it away,you know some old poster but oh no someone or somepeople love it by the looks of it! LOL

        1. But it is kinda funny though right? LOL! Not funny in a weird sense. Somebody is loving that photo no doubt. It is in a frame as if it is cherished. Hehehe! Even though she is older now, Janet Jackson is not bad looking at all. I suspect that Taeyang has a few artist that he happens to like such as Alicia Keys, Keisha Cole. He likes that song by Alicia Keys called Teenage love affair. I only know because They are the songs that he chose to listen to. Hey, you never know. Maybe he wants something like in that poster^_^ Hey just look at the video again. 2NE1_TV_Season 2 E05-1_2NE1 IN Will.i.am’s Studio. Taeyang is sitting there in the room by himself but if you look to the right of the video, look who is on the wall.LOL! And yes! that Twit pic. There he is again! Your right skyhigh. You would think that in that entire big building and with everything new, that they would just chuck that one poster away. Somebody said No!….Keep that one!… I like it! It is even in the same video shot in Big Bang early days when Taeyang still had cornrows and he had on a white hoodie, a fitted black hat with the glitter on it and black pants. That video UFO message and it said something like Big Bang watches T.V. He is always around that picture. Taeyang didn’t date anybody yet because he wants somebody that looks like Janet Jackson! Hahahaha!! No body where he is from is going to look like Janet Jackson unless he goes international just like he hope to do in the future.Hmmm. Interesting.

  4. there was a video when TY covered the picture because Janet shouldn’t be exposed like that on TV when he was interviewed. it’s cute.

    haha. he does secretly love her =P

    i love this picture hahaha.

    1. With all the beautiful women in S.K, he has not dated yet and there are very pretty girls who like him over there. He always dodges them some how. OMG!! I have been watching big bang before they debuted up until almost every show I might have missed a few and interviews, I think he wants another kind of girl. Not that he might not like Korean girls but you have to remember the nation has a strong pride and to openly admit to certain things might cause him to always having to explain why. It is still kind of a taboo so he expresses it through some songs and interviews Like Where you at, Your my, and Prayer how he said he Won’t regret a thing and he does not care that R and B is not such a popular genre over there where he is at. He said he is going to keep doing the music that touches him and is close to his heart. He said that it was a revelation to him. It also could be one, just one of the reasons he thinks so much. Things that he might not have a chance at getting. With more success he will have more leg room. He will have more choices. He hates the fact that he does not have certain choices right now and Taeyang is a pretty consistent and ambitious guy. If it is true in the end, I just hope the Netizens don’t mess with him or society over there because of his final love interest. He has had many opportunities to get a girlfriend but something always came up. I think he is going to wait until he is much older to get a girlfriend because around the age 24 to 26, most men over there hope to be married. It is not mandatory but you know society pressures and what is ideal. He has until 35 year old to do military service and if he is not married by then, no one is going to care as long as he marries anybody.LOL! That is going to be his play and he can have the international girl he wants….Somebody who looks like Janet Jackson maybe?LOL!! I look like Janet Jackson!!!…Sike!! No I don’t LOL!! Anyway, love him to death always.

  5. Oh yeah, If you look at the video again from 2NE1’S reality show. you can tell when he is looking directly into the camera and when he is looking at that Janet Jackson poster on the wall at the new YG building at 23:47. He talking, looking into the camera and he quickly diverts his attention quickly looking up at the poster and then back into the camera again. Hehehehe!! As a matter of fact, look at how many times that he looks up at that photo in that part of the video. He is the one who likes that poster indeed!! Hee hee!!

    1. Lol -you guys are too much. Investigating YB’s love of Janet. But yeah – I wouldn’t be surprise. It’s not like he hasn’t been around black ppl (BB’s old choreographer was black). Plus Minji is in love with Usher (and doesn’t hide it). some ppl are shock by it when she says it (cause he’s black) but the girl loves her some color. Maybe YB does too. lol.

    2. OMG! I watched the clip again and you’re right. YB loves this poster. The amount of times he glances up at it during this clip was astounding. Gives a girl hope to think that he might be searching for someone that looks like me. He’s so sweet.

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