Movement Lifestyle – Adventures with YG Ent. Episode 1

A while back we had posted up two awesome accounts of trips taken by Richard and Qui to YG Entertainment, where they got to meet Taeyang and the rest of the YG family and also filmed for Movement Lifestyle. Well, they’ve finally cut the wait short and release the first episode of their trip to Korea. Featured in this video is the beginning of their trip, interview with Keone Madrid and some other fun footage inside YG building!

Cr: MovementLifestyle

61 thoughts on “Movement Lifestyle – Adventures with YG Ent. Episode 1”

  1. This was so amazing! I can’t wait for the next episodes! Finally we get to see what really happens behind the scenes!

    Awww…YB was so sweet! I bet Keone did feel awkward though…it was kind of like YB was serenading him for his bday. Awkward for him but pretty damn exciting for us! I was LOLing the whole entire time YB sang Happy Bday yet at the same time wishing he was singing it to me.

    Much credit to Shaun, Keone, Mari, Richard and Qui for all of their hard work. The choreographers rarely ever get the recognition they truly deserve so thanks guys!!!!

    ML+Kanuaru FTW!!!

    1. Can’t wait!! Aw man I guess you guys weren’t able to capture I Need A Girl would have been interesting to see that come to life.

    2. What a tease!!! I hate waiting for epsiodes, esp when there’s taeyang in there. When’s the next one coming out? I can’t wait fo his concert DVD

  2. Finally!!!!!! This is awesome!! These videos are the ones I’ve been itching to watch! Thank you Richard and Qui πŸ™‚

    YB’s english XD and i wish he would sing me happy birthday too haha. but it was a lil bit awkward haha. He’s so nice.

    The behind the scenes are great to watch since we’re able to see Taeyang practicing and witness Shaun and Keone’s work. ^^ and of course, the editing is really good. I love the camera work too. HD ^^

    1. i was thinking that from the moment shaun noted it was keone’s birthday. i was just sitting thinking, “its gonna be so awkward but so cool.” it was awkard. but it was awesome.

    1. Gawdddd. I swear, YB is like the living embodiment of sexy. That performance was….whew! Too hot for words.

      That’s it, his next solo concert will have me on a flight straight to Korea!!!

  3. i really enjoyed it and not just TY’s parts ( which were awesome , when he started singing … πŸ˜€ )

    the shooting and editing was nicely done .. I’m really looking forward to the next one .. but now am curious about how YG came to hire ML ? Keone said something about never working with an artist before ? .. could it be simply the magic that’s youtube hitting again .

    1. Twitch used to train Se7en GDYB, referred Shaun, Shaun referred people in ML but most probably youtube vids were involved to see the artists work

  4. Oh yayyyy! Ever since i saw the teaser, i’ve been dieing for this to come out.. now its out, yeayyy! Cant wait til next episode, (: this is great! Oh and pshhh. who says YB is not a good entertainer? He seems mightyy fine to me. (: I enjoy his “brand” of humore πŸ˜‰

  5. Just a heads up…some new fancams from the concert are up.

    YB singing Connection. For some reason, this whole entire performance just put a gigantic smile on my face. Maybe b/c he looked like he was having so much fun.

    YB singing Wedding Dress. He can never go wrong with this song. You can literally feel the emotions jumping at you through the screen, or at least I did.

    1. This is my favorite performance of “Wedding Dress”. I was disappointed that it wasn’t included in Big Show 2010, so it’s great to see it here. I can feel YB’s emotion through this fancam. I can’t wait for the DVD!

  6. i lol hard at the scene when Qui stood in front of YG Building entrance & was like WTH is happening??! hahaha
    thanks to Kanauru,we’ve got the chance to explore the awesome YG building & get to know Keone this time, oh man,he’s a funny guy!! to Richard & Qui ,for the filming & all, appreciate it!thanks guys!

  7. Hahahah! This episode was AWESOME!!!! :DDDD

    It did feel awkward seeing YB singing Happy Birthday to Keone, but oh~~ It was so nice of him and it was still awesome anyway! XDDD

    I love these behind the scenes videos because you get to see the work put into the lovely performances and MV’s we see. =)

    I can’t wait to see the works of Keone, Shaun and Mari in the upcoming episodes!!! Great work guys!

    Thanks so much Qui and Richard! Kanauru Production and Movement Lifestyle FTW~ πŸ˜€

  8. I swear, 518% Always had the best fancam footage ever. Even with older video footage from last year and the year before that I believe? Anyway, that MOVE performance was so HOT!!!!!!!!
    I couldn’t help think or imagine what a great lover he would be when he finds his future wifey!!! *bad bad girl* He just seems to be so natural for someone who has never dated. Hahahaha!!
    Well, he is after all one hell of a performer!

  9. Soooo….just wondering. Does anyone know what’s up with the Seoul Soul Festival? I mean, I know YB is supposed to do a performance with Se7en. But is he performing with Musiq Soulchild too? Because he posted this on his facebook, “Check out Taeyang’s live performance with MUSIQ SOULCHILD & SE7EN at Seoul Soul Festival on Oct.9, 7PM @ The War Memorial of Korea!!” which seems like he’s going to be doing a joint performance with Musiq Soulchild too….at least that’s how it seems to me.

    If so….I can’t even begin to guess how excited he would be to be able to perform with Musiq. He really is moving on up!!

    1. OH MY O_O

      that girl is lucky as heck.YB sure knows how to treat a lady πŸ˜‰ and A BRA? LOL what the-! Youngbae you cheeky little! haha

      I was kinda having really weird reactions like shivering and goosebumps and of course grinning like a fool,while watching this LOL

      1. ^ Your first emoticon describes perfectly my face right now after watching it… XD From the fan comments I read, I thought Move was the most “explicit” performance (reading about him, the pole, and Ji Hye wrapping her legs around him), but at the end I don’t think it was that much. I felt it was very smooth and sensual ❀

        On the other hand, this INAG performance… Wow… I am still surprised seeing the confidence he radiates seducing the girl… I even blushed when he put his head on her legs, took her hand and started placing it on his face…

        (sigh)… I can't help but think our YB truly has experience, I don't see a hint of shyness… ^_^"

        1. ^
          I’ve been thinking he’s had experience all year. Something is very different about him this year and it’s not just the end of his depression. And the fact that he’s been so open about his dating experience this year. He either has someone or has some type of experience cause he wasn’t shy at all. Honestly, I’m happy for him – not only will a gf make him less lonely but it will make his music better.

        2. I agree i mean he says he just imagines what he feels like and stuff, but there something else like a spring in his step. If he really has no girl experience and now he’s kissing em on stage and getting them to touch his face looool. He’s either really horny, or he has/had the feeling of being in a relationship

      2. gotta agree with you guys,he doesn’t seem shy at all its like he’s been like this all the time or for a while BUT I don’t know,for some reason I think its his imagination in action,he probably imagines and dreams of these things,you don’t necessary have to have experience to imagine something and act according to it.

        anyhow I do think this man needs a girl like pretty darn quickly or else he’ll go wild with his imagination and go mad of sexual deprivation or something LOL (just kidding :P)

        1. he used his imagination… same with me ( sometimes looks like feel very alone deep inside of heart )

          coz i’m like taeyang too… still don’t have a girlfriend ( seriously )

        2. @&y- yeah exactly you can imagine about things you want even if you haven’t experienced them.

          yeah actually I’m a bit like Taeyang too (I’m a girl btw) maybe that’s why I like him so much.

          aww don’t worry coz good things happen to those who wait. ^_^

        3. yeah. i agree that it is just still his imagination. πŸ™‚
          and that you dont have to experience something to know how to act it. LOL

          and like &y and like you, im still single too. (and im a girl) and a bit like taeyang too and that’s the reason why i like yb so much too. hahaha.

          and yeah good things happen to those who wait. come on! :))

          sorry im basically repeating what you said. LOL

      3. LMAO!! ahhh… reliving the moment, I counted the seconds, he was in front of me from 2:11-2:23, lol longer than I thought.

        LOL at the comments regarding his girl experience…Come on’ that man haven’t been a virgin since who knows…But Take It Slow–> really, you can’t imagine ALL of that. YB definitely got some!!

        1. Reading the lyrics to TIS I think it’s half imagination and half real. The feelings at the beginning are definitely real.

          But observing YB this year (solo and with BB), I’m with Jay on this. He’s been acting really strange this year, esp around women and I pretty sure Mr. Dong isn’t single at the moment. Whether or no he’s been getting some is not the question but I think something is going on with him relationship wise. The comments he’s made and his behavior – he said he was looking for a girl and I’m sure he’s found one.

        2. Speaking from my own personal experience when I was a teenager I had a wild imagination where sex and relationships were concerned because I read alot of romance novels. So I can believe that YB can write a song as sensual as TIS and never have experienced it. As fans we’ve seen the ‘image’ of YB versus the ‘reality’ and his overtly sexual stage persona as Taeyang doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the way he is in his real life as we’ve seen in Real Sound.

        3. @toozdae-it is a possibility that he has a girlfriend right now given the fact that one of his targets was to get one and that may be the reason why he’s been acting very differently to the shy Youngbae we know.However I think his difference in behavior can also be because he wanted to make it that way,as for the comments he made and behavior around women (I’ve noticed it too) it may well be because he wanted to change his ways and be more “out there” so he could find the kind of girl he wants.At the end of the day all we can do is wonder,unless he announces that he’s in a relationship.

          I agree with what Janelle said,that’s exactly my point: you can imagine things that you haven’t necessarily experienced.And with someone like YB we know he wants a girl and experience these things so the inspiration for TIS must be something that’s on his mind a lot.

    2. Finally the fancam i’ve been waiting to see…aahhhh it was well worth the wait. Naughty Naughty TaeYang…he is such a flirt. This is gonna sound weird but I was thinking what if the bra doesn’t fit her lol just saying but seriously I would have blushed so hard receving that kind of gift from such a hot guy lol.

    3. He’s such a player! Never had any girl experience before whatever, shuup taeyang.

      I think hes the only person who can be a dork and sexy at one time loool

    4. ^ I thought the same as well ^_^”
      I don’t know what you all feel, but I have mixed reactions to this performance… I almost died of a sexiness overload (lol) and kept re-watching it several times XD, but at the same time, I felt a bit awkward thinking it was maybe a bit too much… specially for someone like him who instantly catches one’s eye only with his talent and presence on stage.
      Anyways… The Solar concert dvd must be mine!! ❀

      1. yeah I kinda agree,I felt it was perhaps a bit too much,you know with the bra and all the touching and groping with a girl you hardly know and for everyone to see as well (lol),but oh well.

        1. Here’s my opinion on the whole “awkwardness.”

          So for her to have those seats, that would mean she’s a VIP, right? And that must mean she’s basically a super die-hard fan, right? So, why would a die-hard fan, who gets pulled up onto stage and seduced by her idol, begin to fidget, squirm, avoid eye contact, and even recoil from a kiss??

          My guess: She has a boyfriend, and felt EXTREMELY awkward, lol. On one hand, the man of her dreams is trying to seduce her, on the other hand, her bf is probably watching her every reaction, even to see if she’s getting giddy like a school girl, ahah

  10. omg! i was watching my favorite gag show here in the Philippines titled Bubble Gang and then suddenly the Moymoy Palaboy duo, locally famous and known Youtube stars, spoofed YB’s wedding dress. O_O
    i was so shocked.
    i didn’t know that YB is that known here in the Phils for them to spoof his song on national TV.
    i’m not sure if you’ll agree but for me it was the funniest spoof ever. lol. XD
    i think they haven’t posted it on their YT channel yet but if you want to see their other videos, search for Moymoy Palaboy.
    i’ll post it here once it comes out. πŸ™‚

      1. β–Ίnever thought that “moymoy palaboy” would do this one…hadn’t seen it because I am a fan of the other network in the Philippines…but I’m really surprised to see this one…lol

        β–Ίon the vids from keone…i really liked it when he shared what he felt when taeyang sang him the happy birthday song…so cute…you know, when a man shares his feelings though it’s awkward!…i salute you keone!..*hwaiting*

  11. Another cute INAG cover, this time at a wedding. I like how they did the kiss…

    Nice to know that the dance became so popular too…

    1. very cute. i’d partner with this taeyang anyday. ;)) i’ve been looking for a guy who likes taeyang and dances well to partner with. i’d like to make a inag dance cover too. kekeke

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