2NE1, Se7en and Big Bang go to see SOLAR concert

Had to post this video clip, there’s some awesome footage of the concert in here as well as the behind-the-scenes with 2NE1, Se7en and Big Bang! Glad to see all the support he’s receiving 🙂

And the ending of the clip…..OH MY.


21 thoughts on “2NE1, Se7en and Big Bang go to see SOLAR concert”

  1. awww, too bad Minzy can’t watch because she’s a minor. lol. XD
    GD was such a dork copying Minzy’s moves in CN.
    it’s funny how he does it over and over. XD
    and that shirtless hug she gave to Dara is a winner! >.<

    i'm glad everybody was there to support Y.
    YG Family is just pure <3!

  2. Aah so awesome! Were they teasing Minji? xD I want the DVD of Taeyang’s concert T_T It’s so epic, I don’t want to see the fancams because I want to see the DVD xD

  3. It was such a treat for me to watch this clip. I’ve tried my best not to watch the fancams because I’m holding out for the DVD when it comes out. (sooner than later, YG) It’s so great that YB has such a support system in YG Family. Having everyone there to share in his latest success must have felt good. I for one would love any sort of hug from YB even an after performance sweaty one, YB is the bomb! 🙂

  4. Since I ship YB/Dara this makes me happy. I like YB/Bom too so it was a double dose of happy.

    Hey Kay,

    Are you guys going to be translating YB’s Found magazine article?

    1. If you guys are going to be translating the F.OUND article, I would love ATY forever. Not that I don’t already. This site is my lifeline to everything YB. Thank you so much for everything!!

      Also, I just wanna say ….. I love the YG Family and the dynamic of their relationships. Like, legitly. love to death. So cute and such a supportive family.

  5. Oh man…that YG family love is truly undeniable. YGers everywhere! Love that they truly support each other in every aspect of their lives.

    Poor Minji….everyone was just teasing her like crazy! Harang and Haeum need to hurry up and debut so she stops being the maknae of the company. 🙂


    I was so surprised to see 2ne1 as the special surprise guests!!! Then they came out and sat in the SAME section as me!!! When they were leaving, I also saw G-Dragon and TOP with them! So I was within 10 feet of all of them!

    2ne1 were so cute in person… they just sat there playing with those glow sticks and dancing…hehehe…

    I was also there for the 2nd encore that Taeyang did… it was so intimate because like half of the audience had left… I walked closer to the stage for it so I got to see him closer in person… he is just as beautiful (if not more so) as you can imagine…

    And he took his shirt off!! haha

    It was all in all an amazing night for this fangirl!!!

  7. LOVE the support from YG Family, so nice to see other artist from the same label give support! 😀 Dara get to hug taeyang! need to buy the DVD!

  8. YG Family is jjang!!! Hahaha everyone bully the mangae minzy.
    When minji took daesung round the corner and out of shot i was like =O haha
    LOL @ out of nowhere naked taeyang just walks in, hmmm 2ne1 must see and touch alot of naked taeyang.
    SunSky Couple pleaseee!

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