Taeyang’s ‘Goodbye’ speech

And on the same note, I say my goodbyes too.  There’s so much I want to say,  but I think Youngbae perfectly sums up how I feel right.  The journey I’ve had with ATY has been a thrilling roller coaster ride, so this moment for me is really bittersweet.  Thank you to all the international and Korean fans for all the wonderful memories.  It is your support that makes ATY and my experience here so special. Thank you. *DEEP BOWS* Much love & best wishes, TOFU.

*Try not to tear up while reading this! lol.

“Mm, it seems like today passed by somewhat hectically. I think I was really hectic today as I was preparing for this concert. Whenever I prepare a song or an album or a concert like this, I learn a lot. This album also taught me a lot. And getting ready for this concert and meeting all of my fans like this face to face, really taught me a lot.

“Ah, really, seeing as how I can say that I gained something even in the middle of all this hectic-ness, I can see that I have an even greater ambition in my heart to always make myself better for the next time. I think when it comes to my stage and music, the next time is always more precious to me. I want to thank all of you for cheering me on to become the kind of musician I’ve dreamed of being, one step at a time.

“I don’t know why I feel so out of my mind today.. Probably because I had been thinking about this concert since I was putting together the album. I worked on my album while thinking about my concert, and maybe it’s because my expectations were so big, but it seems like it went by kind of out of control. I think all of you felt that way too.

“Now the journey of my solo album.. It was a really long journey. As with all journeys, there were difficult and lonely times, but all of those times taught me great things. All those things I experienced and the things I fought through and won on my own, all those things are helping me now. Maybe that’s why I’m really sad to see my solo promotions come to a close after tomorrow’s concert. It feels really bittersweet.

“Because I want to show you only good things of myself all the time, I think my next solo album.. I think that it will have to take a long time. Because I think I’ll only be able to put together a new album after searching more of myself and knowing more of who I am. There’s so many things that need to be done and so many things I lack that need to be filled up. The important thing now is that I’ve been thinking that I have to spend a lot more time for myself. And then when I’ve put together a good album.. when I’ve made an album that I am satisfied with, I’ll be able to see all of you again.

“I don’t know why I feel so sad. But because so much has happened during this time, I often think that I need some time to myself. To tell you the truth, I don’t know if it’s because of that, but I had a hard time finding control when the concert began. It was really hard to control myself, even though I should have held myself together more..

“One thing I want to say to all of you, is that there is much more of my stage and my music that I want to show you, so I would love it if you believed in me and waited for me like you do now. And I would love it if we could see each other with smiling faces when that time comes, like how it was when we first met.

“And I would like all of you to really be happy. All of you who came tonight and those that couldn’t be here but enjoy my music are so special to me, and I want to say that I am truly thankful. Thank you so much.

“Ah.. it’s time for me to return to my hometown Big Bang, and I already have a desire to show all of you a good time. And I’ll be waiting for your applause and support.

“Everyone, I would love for you to listen to all the good music in this world and be happy until I return, and for you to find peace and love in your hearts.”

Translations: Seungie@tumblr

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        1. oh really??? why they (alee and the others) didnt mention about this beforehand?? im sooo upset.. but oh well, i’ll try to open it now!!! see ya.. anywy thnx for the news.. XD

        2. oh btw, Tofu.. im sorry u gotta leave, but best of luck!! u are AWESOME man!! eventhough i rarely comment in ATY, but i always checked this site and read all the comments, and u definitely ROX IT!!! i hope Kay will always keep things fresh and interesting for ATY’s readers n fans!!

          Tofu HWAITING!!
          ATY HWAITING!!! XD

  1. I’m so sad to see you leave Tofu, I can’t believe that you’re leaving too. I want to give you a special thank you for all you’ve done for this site and I hope the best for you.

    On YB, I don’t know what to say. He means a lot to me and I adore him and wish him the best. I’ll be there for him when he comes around again, I promise that. I really want to see the evolution of the man Dong Young Bae. I want to see where he goes and who he becomes. My heart breaks for him hearing him speak and reading the word. I’m actually crying. Hearing that he’s going to open himself more and go on a more spiritual journey makes me excited for his next album, to see what he’ll express with it. He only has so long left before he has to do his military service, between that and BB he only has so long to show so much of himself. I’m going to keep following him, maybe not with as much dedication as I do now but I can’t imagine not wanting to know what has become of this young man. I’m going to continue fighting and hoping for him. He’s special and amazing and I adore him.

      1. Oh, okay thank you. And thanks for all you’ve done at ATY tofu, you’ve contributed alot to this blog to make it what it is today and that won’t be forgotten. We’ll miss you and when you have the time please come back to see us!

  2. So I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes finally knowing what he’s said~ It’s mixed emotions for me. Though I know he needs time to grow and find himself, it pains me he’s got to hold back at this point in his life. I hope this “long time” is not too long and he can come back sooner than we think. Though I will be able to see him with Big Bang, it still won’t be the same “Taeyang THE Artist” that I know….

    And at this time, I’d also like to say thank you to Tofu (ATY’s “rock” and the person who helped me stay sane though the insane, one of my best friends) and to all the ATY bloggers who have made ATY what it is today.

    Though I’ll still be floating around in the background for some time, Taeyang’s words echo mine….I hope people listen to all the good music in this worldd and keep visiting ATY with love and peace in their hearts 🙂

    1. Go watch real sound again you cry baby! BB Taeyang and “artist” Taeyang are one in the same!

      Honestly hope he doesnt take long to return, but strengthens his voice, and please do your low tone adlibs instead of the False works soo much better

    2. I was pretty petrfied when I read this….because these were the same words I was thinking of:” journey” and “bittersweet.” Youngbae, are we SOLmates too? (Lets get married!) LOL.

      But honestly, I feel with Taeyang, I’m more interested in his journey rather than how famous he is at the particular moment. Maybe it’s because I’ve followed him prior to his solo, I do have an emotional investment. But I’ve seen all there has to be seen….from the inception to his nervous first album to this spectacular concert. This speech makes me incredibly sad especially when I’ve seen all the struggles and snafu he has gone through. There was a lot of pain but also truly magnificent moments. BITTERSWEET is the best way to describe it. It a shame because Taeyang has so much momentum right now. Taking a long pause might be really detrimental to his career. I understand and agree to his reasons for taking a break, but I also find it being such a shame. But, it’ll make his comeback all worth it. Youngbae has loyal fans right? yeeeeeeaah!

      1. ^
        very loyal fans. And it’s not like he will completely disappear. I do hope that YG let him put out the occasional digital single in the wait till the next album.

      2. You speak my mind. At a point like this, when he’s gaining recognition across the globe, he’s taking a break.. I understand him too and i do support his decision. If he needs a break to “find” and spend more time with himself, he should be for the sake of his music and mental health(IMO).

        The speech got me into tears and I do not want to listen to it again for sometime or at least until my exam is over haha.. I think when I miss him, as the artist like Kay said, I’ll watch the video again.

        To Tofu and Kay, thank you for raising your baby (the blog) to what it is today. I truly appreciate it believe it or not. You guys are the greatest for everything. 🙂

  3. the good thing is that everyone can see how happy and satisfied he is!!
    kay and tofu i think i already said it (if not, i thought abou say it!!) but i’m truly glad you guys know that every ATY reader will miss you a lot… you guys had spoiled us with your good writings and greats points of view!!
    we all thanks YB for bring us the good music and you for bring us YB!!! =D
    hwaiting!!!!!! o/

  4. This is so sad… I’m just glad that he knows how much he is loves from all over the world… We will wait for you… No matter how long it will take… Sad to know that I won’t really have anything to look forward to anymore… Not until next time… Saranghae!

    Tofu. Thank you so much for all the great info on this wonderful guy!! We will surely miss you… It’s like we’ve became one big happy family… Hurts to see u go but come back to visit us… Best of luck!!!

  5. says to myself *I will not cry while watching it at work, I will not cry while watching it at work*….Bugger! :*( Happy Tears they are!

    If YB came to me with the red nose & tears i would give him a big BEAR HUG.

    Tofu – Thanks for ALL ur time and effort in keeping this site running and keeping us fellow YB fans in the loop.
    Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. Good Luck with ur Future endeavours. Hope to still hear from u from time to time.

  6. how can this man be so profound and deep?!?!
    i’m reading this blog at the lobby of our college and i’m really trying not to tear up.
    people might think i’m weird. haha..
    but really, this message is so heartfelt.
    i couldn’t thank YB enough for bringing to us wonderful music.
    he changed my view of K-Pop and i respect him so much.
    hope, he will not take too long.
    i’ll be graduating this school year from college and i will have to work so i don’t know if i can still follow his activities as much as i do now.
    nonetheless, i will still be there supporting YB and i’m definitely going to watch his next concert with my hard-earned money.
    i’ll continue to be a fanboy til the end. 🙂

    and to Tofu, we’ll be missing you!
    thank you for all your hard work!
    you don’t know how much happiness we get from reading your blogs about YB.
    i sincerely love you, as well as Kay!
    good luck to all of us!

  7. …. I really dont know what to say but i wish you guys all luck in the universe…. i hope you guys reach your goals… I want to thank you guys for making this blog…and for showing me that im not the only crazy american fan girl alive lol
    Im not really active in this blog, but you guys still made me feel as if i was a part of a big loving family.

    Now Tae yang’s speech made me tear up…I really am glad that he is the way he is. That he lives for music and not fame. Although i am sad to hear that he is taking a break…i will stay and support him when he comes back.

  8. Awww T.T this is so sad.. I’m gonna miss YB & his music =( he is the only reason why I pay attention to kpop n now that he’ll stop being a solo artist, my interest in kpop is at like 30% right now =___=
    YB, even though I want u to comeback as soon as possible, take ur time discovering urself. Be happy & proud of all ur accomplishments, especially this year! Next time u comeback, remember Canadians made u #1 in the R&B charts in iTunes 😉 *coughCONCERTcough* hehe
    I am so proud to be ur fan YB ❤ (since may2008 baby ^__^)

    Tofu, thank you for evrything you've done for all the YB fans out here! (:

  9. *sniff*
    why you gotta do this to me. hmph
    I have never..and probably will never, be as invested and passionate about an artist than I am about YoungBae. I will wait for you YB, as I know many of your fans will. It’s a tough market in korea, but I really want him to do what’s best for him, and what he wants.

    To both Kay and Tofu, I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. I used to like YB, but it’s because of ATY that I’ve stayed, and grown to respect YB. B/c of your dedication, spazziness, and just plain awesomeness, you’ve built more than a blog, it’s like a community.
    Really truly, thank you to both of you ❤

  10. Ok, so i’m not the only one that teared up while reading this… I wasn’t at the concert but i feel like i was just by seeing the fancams. Thanks to everyone whgo uploaded the videos 🙂
    I just wanted to say that i’m sad that he’s going to take this long break in his solo work. He conquered so much! And could gain so much more! I know he need this time but it’s deffinetly bittersweet.
    I’m going to listen to some good music and wait for the next album, i hope to be able to go to the concert as well and meet Yong Bae with a big smile on my face. ‘Cause i wouldn’t be more happy!
    I wish all Taeyang international stans could be on the same show, so we all could share the happiness of being there.

    Tofu and Kay, thanks for the amazing work. I’m not the type of person who comments everytime, but i just wanted to say thanks. I feel like i’m in a big and happy family here and it’s ad to see one leaving 😦 but i wish you all the best on your nem journey, Tofu!

    Ps: if there’s any error in this comment the reason is that i’m sleepy and typing from my celphone, haha 🙂

  11. I find it touching he’s been through all these emotions all this time,he realized he needed to find out who he was and im sure he’s half way there,and also he’s let us know how much he cares about his fans and how sad it is for him to leave this journey behind,but the good thing is,whit all journeys there’s a bunch of good memories left also,that’s gonna help him while he’s away,altough i’ll miss seeing him solo,it’ll also be a happy moment for me when he reunites whit the rest of the boys,he needs them to give him some sort of stability and support,im sure…nothing’s gonna change how i feel about him and their music,but it sure is comforting when YB’s out there making what he knows best,wich is being a true artist,love you baby until whenever!!♥

  12. Encore of LAOM gave goosebumps, it was amazingly beautiful.

    Even though Taeyang will go back to BIGBANG, it feels like he’s putting his identity as an artist away; I don’t want that, stay TAEYANG, shining like the sun in BIGBANG. Cause that’s what you are <333

  13. Aww, YB don’t cry!!! 😥

    I almost teared up reading this and watching the fancam. It really is bittersweet…. He’s gone through so much pain and struggles but has come through it all shining….=’)

    I am excited to see how he grows from this day onwards. He is really a deep, sincere and hard working artist. I admire and love him for that.

    His solo activities will definitely be a miss but he is not completely gone since he’s in Big Bang.

    Young Bae fighting! Tae Yang is the best name for him… He just shines….=)

    His music and other good music out there will accompany me in his absence. =’)

    All the best YB! Fighting!

  14. I will wait for you Young Bae!!! He is just a wonderful artist and if he needs to find himself well i will wait all the time necessary to see him shine again on the stage. He is so passionate with his music and I love the way he thinks and shows his love for all his international and non-international fans. YB you made your words touch my hearth.
    YB fighting!

  15. you know, when i first started listening to korean music (cos i was sick of english/tamil/hindi songs), everyone thought it was just another phase – cos nothing really holds my interest for long and i always find something else to occupy me.but really, this ‘phase’ started in 2008 and i’m still in this because of this dude right here. 😀 i listened to prayer the first time and i was sold immediately and seriously, i think this ‘phase’ is gonna last for a long long time.heh.i’ve never felt this attached to any singer before and even i’m amazed at how much time i invest for him.haha.

    im so glad for yb and i know there’d be better things to come in the future!listening to him always makes me smile. 🙂

    and to those at aty,a big big thanks!!it truly takes a whole lot of effort to maintain a COOL website like this.THANKS 😀

  16. thanks so much for posting this.
    who would have thought I would be tearing up at a speech by some korean singer living halfway around the world? lol
    but I’m honestly so glad I came across him and became a fan, his sincerity and hard work really inspires me. hope his hiatus doesn’t last too long.

    and I really cry my tears drop down on my face T_T
    I can’t explain how much I love you
    Taeyang you’re my #1 forever !!!!!!!!
    I will wait for u for all my life …no one can replace you!

    and thank u so much ATY both tofumon and Kay that make a beautiful Taeyang’s site ever

    >>this is the pictures of TAEYANG…He’s so hot!!
    he totally is the hottest and sexiest guy alive on Earth!!!!

    1. again!!
      >>this is the pictures of TAEYANG…He’s so hot!!
      he totally is the hottest and sexiest guy alive on Earth!!!!

  18. Once he starts breaking down at 3min you just start tearing up too and i’m a guy.

    I hope when he says a long time he doesn’t mean 3/4 years i don’t think i could last that long haha. Even though he coming back pretty soon with Big Bang its still a different feeling Taeyang and Big Bang.

    I’d like to thank Tofu and Kay for all your hard work, despite your other commitments. It’s really been an amazing journey, i remember spazzing about HOT album and him winning best RnB and streaming the MKMF awards. Hopefully everyone will comeback when his next album drops and next time i will definitely go to his concert!! Till then i’ll patiently wait for my favourite musician of all time! ^^

  19. that was really touching…i cant help but cry when i read this…dont worry YB i’ll be waiting for you to bring an amazing music in the future and makes us all happy when we listen to it like we all do now…YB FIGHTING!!^^

  20. So many things went through my mind as I watched that video and read what he was saying.
    I can only imagine how tough this period was for him if for us it felt like a total roller-coaster ride.
    Regardless of how long it takes for another album to be released, I will be waiting for it and hopefully while he’s away, he will have that time he needs to discover more of himself and to improve his skills so that next time I hear him, I can brag about what an amazing artist he is.
    Good luck to his group as well. They aren’t my cup of tea, but I know it’s Taeyang’s other job so I hope they do well.
    Lastly, thanks to all the ATY staff. I found out so many things about YB through this site and met really cool people. Good luck to you as well in your future endeavors.

  21. Youngbae is an angel pure and awesome

    good riddance to the writer, some of your postings pissed me the hell off -other commentors bash me all you want, I dont like the girl/boy.

  22. awww.. thanks for all of you hard work Tofu & Kay.. it’s kinda sad to hear that u’re leaving but due to real life situation & commitments, we truly understand BUT; we also hope that u’ll drop by at ATY now & then cuz it’ll be dull without ur comments.. hehe.. u get what i mean?? 😉
    seriously; i wanna thank all of ur hard work in getting this fan-site up & receiving LOADS of LOVE from YB’s fans (all around the world).. ur hard-earned work really pays off!! 🙂
    whatever it is; all the very best in ur future endeavours!! 😀

    *P.S: wouldn’t it be nice if all of YB international fans meet up in Korea one day.. hehe.. ^.^*

  23. Tofu, thank you for all of your hard work. I hope that you will be successful in your personal endeavors. I hope that you will visit and comment form time to time, as well as Kay. Thank you both. I love Taeyang, but you both are the reason why ATY is my favorite site. Nice to know that there are sane people in Kpop land. ATY is a great place and you both should feel proud of all that you have done. Much LOVE to you both.

  24. Tofu, have fun in the next leg of your journey… it’s not like you will be totally gone from this blog, right? Love will lead you back here… 🙂 All the best for you… God bless you…

  25. Tofu, Kay, and Taeyang all leaving at the same time, maybe that’s why it’s so overwhelmingly difficult right now..,almost unbearable.

    My heart hurts…

  26. “And I would like all of you to really be happy. All of you who came tonight and those that couldn’t be here but enjoy my music are so special to me, and I want to say that I am truly thankful. Thank you so much.”

    ^THIS and the last paragraph are the ones that got to me the most…I feel so special that YB acknowledges every single one of us.There truly never will be any musician quite like him and certainly not anyone that I will be this devoted to.NEVER in a million years did I think I would be this amazed by a guy who I don’t know and don’t even understand,without subs.But Youngbae is such a rare find,his musicianship can touch the life’s of even the most cynical and hard to impress in the world.I’m glad he’s becoming exactly the kind of musician he wanted to be:one that touches peoples life’s and produce good music that never gets too boring.I hope to be there through his whole journey,it certainly will be a very interesting one.

    *sigh* looks like its goodbye’s all around,Kay and Tofu you guys have done such and awesome job with this site,that it helped a cynical person who was given a second chance to get to know YB better,me.

    I really hope you guys get good writers who will carry on with the high standards and keep this site alive.

    GOODLUCK TO BOTH OF YOU and I hope to see you around once in a while ^_^

  27. Oh just read a excerpt from “Found ” magazine of YB’s interview. From my limited korean, it looks like a really Candid interview!! From my understanding, it really seems like there is a struggle for him to be himself musically and what the company wants. Like there is a struggle between where he wants his career to go and what the company wants also. The interviewer asks some interesting questions too. Seems like a very candid interview on both sides. Wish I could translate, but my korean is not good enough.

    I hope someone can translate it when the full interview comes out!

  28. I love YB and I respect and undertstand him wanting to go away to find himself more as an artist and as an person . But I don’t think this it’s a good idea for him to disappear for a long time. He’s one of the few kpop stars that has international appeal and in 6 years he has to go away for the military. These next few years would be the best time for him to make an American debut.

  29. i’m so proud to have met DONG YOUNG BAE , who brought sunlight in my life . he’s the reason why i’m into k-pop he’s the reason why i keep on singing , he came into my life in a perfect timing when i’m about to give up on music . i’m somewhat like him. . he’s really my SOLmate . .
    by the way Dong Young Bae is the reason why i’m still single, he had set my standards so high that it’s impossible for anyone but him to reach XD . . i love you oppa . .we your fans will support you and bigbang every step of the way .

    it makes me sad just thinking about another goodbye speech from YB when the time comes he will be in the military >..<

  30. Wow…today’s a horrible day!

    First I wake up to this news of Tofu & Kay leaving/not posting anymore and TY’s depressing yet sweet speech.
    Then I found out I’m not going to Korea for spring break anymore.
    Then I found out I “failed” my Medical Terminology test.
    THEN I “failed” my Pre-Calc test
    and now I’m going to sleep hoping this is all a dream, and I wake up to the time when HOT album first came out and this blog was still fairly new…cause I know this is all a dream.
    Goodnight everyone…

  31. To TAEYANG pliz don`t hiatus to long i can`t wait too long without news about you………………………………
    yeah i will always play all ur song till u comeback with the new song new image……………………………

    To Tofu and Kay Thank you for ur hardwork and all ur time that u spent to ATY… this is the great site and great community and great Family….

    TO All : I wish we all have a Happy Life and Gud Luck ^^
    Love u ALL ♥o♥

  32. taeyang is chilling out at the beach!!! (at least i think its him…!)
    i think the picture shows taeyang’s manager, kim boram, at the extreme right and next to him taeyang…!!
    (i hope they’re enjoying, ’cause they deserve it!!!!)


  33. The KPop world just must be different because I don’t get why he is talking about everything being over. So he is only able to do one concert? One? No south east Asian tour? No US Tour. That is lame. I would be pissed. I think he should do as Justin Timberlake did and say goodbye to Big Bang and do the solo thing. He is much better as a solo artist. I guess I would have went to his concert on the 25th if I had known that would be his only one.

    1. As a member of Big Bang YB has the opportunity to do his solo activities which was SOLAR. The international recognition is a bonus. It doesn’t happen in Kpop that’s what makes YB’s success as an artist unique. The concert means the end of his promotions so yes it kinda bites that YB can’t take SOLAR and expand on it world wide. VIPs have been waiting for BB’s comeback for two years. That’s priority number one in the eyes of YGE. Solo artists don’t really make waves in South Korea since it’s so teen oriented pop group driven. I agree with you that I’d love to see YB take this tour internationally. But he really doesn’t have the time to do so. Hopefully in the new year when Daesung and TOP are doing their solo turns. I’m not ready to see YB go and I don’t think his fans are either, but it is what it is. YB’s put alot of blood, sweat and tears into this album he deserves this time to rest. We’ll just have to be satisfied with the DVD when it comes out.

      1. As an iVIP I feel conflicted because I want to hear new material from Big Bang but I’m also a YB fan which means that sometimes I wish he would cut out of BB and do his own thing. Maybe he will some day but that time is not now. You’re welcome. 🙂

        1. ^
          I’m with you. YB is my #1, always and forever. But I’m a VIP and I have yet to experience a BB Korean comeback and I’m very excited for it. Plus YB does love performing with BB, so it’s not like BB isn’t a priority to him too. Plus I agree with YB in terms of his goodbye speech, there is a lot of room for him to grow as an artist and a lot more for him to experience. I want him to have the time for this growth.

  34. Wow… I don’t know how to start… T_T This is the first time I post here, cause I’m not too confident about my English, but I felt this was a special ocassion. On June, I started listening to Taeyang’s album… and what can I say, now, I’m already a fan (I even dared to buy for the first time through the internet, and it was to get his albums ^_^). I’ve listened to all his past work, and been following all the Solar promotions till now… And as you all, I’m feeling the sadness of a journey that finally ends. And this time wouldn’t have been so perfect without you, Tofu and Kay, and all the fans that contribute on this blog. Thanks for your work, thank you for creating this site where all the international fans can gather.

    1. ^
      nice to see a new fan. We’re all sad YB is ending his solo journey. But it was an amazing journey and I hope to be there for his next go around.

  35. Oh this is not the end for Taeyang, he just needs to give his body, or as I like to call it, the piece of art, some rest. After resting, he will come back better, stronger, and hotter! Now its time for him to join his brothers, cause as a VIP I miss Big Bang! Taeyang is my favorite artist/man/person/everything, I’m sad, but I am eager to know what YG has in store for him and BB.

    1. Why does he need rest? Most US and European artists go on not only US tours but world tours. He is capable of so much more and it is sad that his entertainment group will not promote him more. He could easily do more shows in Korea. He could even do shows in Japan. There is no way he could be tired. If so then he probably isn’t cut out to be a professional solo artist. I don’t believe that is the case, however take the likes of someone like Usher who was just here in Korea. Do you really think he is going to complain about being tired? I don’t think so. And with a hot bod like Taeyangs, I know he can handle more!!!!

      1. Like I said in my earlier post Big Bang is the priority for YGE. YB is not a solo artist so his commitment is to the group. I think his success internationally came as a surprise to his record label. But to take advanatage of it an international version of his album was released. I don’t believe YGE has any plans to debut YB internationally, in light of what happened with Se7en. Although it would be great to see him tour he really doesn’t have the time. Big Bang are planning their comeback since they’ve been absent from the Korean market for two years. Their focus right now is on that. I know YB has dreams of performing on a world stage and he will when the time is right. I want to see YB perform in Canada and it would be great if he could do that tour right now because the demand is there. But I’m not sure how YGE would go about it. I think language is an issue. Being a member of Big Bang he can’t do a solo tour when they’re active as a group. The best time would be during a hiatus like next year when Daesung and TOP are doing their solos. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

      2. I agree with you somewhat. IMO, Taeyang is one of the few kpop stars that has international appeal. He could be much more successful, if done right. He’s capable of doing much more, but he has obligations.

        But the thing is, not all Taeyang fans are VIPs. So it really sucks that he’s ending all promotion for SOLAR to gear up for Big Bang.

  36. fml.so many goodbyes lately.
    you guys dont know how many times i started typing my comments in this post but never submit them coz i was too overwhelmed with emotion.

    i hope the new admin would give me/us bloggers freedom in expressing our thoughts just like what you tofu and kay did.some people probably think that were too opinionated.i never tried leaving constructive comments in other sites.you know what will happen.
    so this is the only place i can be myself and i have you
    guys to thank for that.

    and lastly,young bae.
    i just stop watching the vid midway.thanks to youngbae.he just made me into an emotional wreck.lol
    when i’ll get my dvd,i’ll be sure to skip this part.this and that one with him and in na in bed.lol

    i shouldn’t be sad.he’s coming back again in a month or two.but i wish he tour u.s and canada first.oh well,i ask too much.

    bye,tofu!see you around.
    i really,really like how you wrote this:


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