Taeyang’s SOLAR Concert – Part II

Because we love you: DOWNLOAD COMPLETE AUDIO OF SOLAR CONCERT (09/26/10) (Thanks to DCYB)

The adult show!  What does he have in store for us.  Check the post for:

  • Fancams (credits: as tagged) Tons added!
  • Audio from concert (credits DCYB)
  • Two fan accounts by our very own ATYers! (thanks jayvuafter8 & BEBEluv!)
  • Photos (credits: DCYB/YBmania/as tagged)


I love how everyone sang along.  Loves it.  Gotta be one of my favorite performances ever.


Fan accounts:


One word for today’s show…Breath taking.. Rarely is something even more amazing the second time around, but YB did it. Those who weren’t big fans before are definitely fanatical after the show, and those who were fans already, are definitely even more devoted after today’s concert.

I am blessed to have gotten the seats that I have, all due to determination, stroke of good luck, and definitely God’s grace. I went from 3rd floor to front and center VIP seats. Yes, I even got to touch YB’s sweaty hands. After desperately going from person to person since 1pm to 6 pm, asking if they’d switch seats for $100, I had no luck. Everyone was steadfast on their tickets. I aimed for aisle seats because I knew where YB will be walking after yesterday’s show. Luckily at the last minute right when i was going to give up, I saw the camera man sitting chilling in the front and center seats. I asked them if they were going to sit here during the show, they said no and that I can go ahead and sit there. Yes, unbelievable luck, i know. SO I ended up right behind the main camera man with front and center seats.

For the INAG perfomance, he came down the same way like yesterday. THe girl he picked was in the row right in front of me. Not jealous because even though it may be my imagination, YB’s gaze definitely lingered in my direction for 3 seconds before turning away lol. He was 2 feet away dancing in front of the cameraman and if I reached my arms out, I could touch his body. And I did! lol. He is about 5’6 and very sweaty indeed. BUt he was glistening lol. He was so cute in his suspenders and tilted hat. He picked the girl, asked her her age, (she was the same age as him, 22).

“So we’re friends?” YB said
The girl just giggled like a fangirl (i probably would have said HEll no, you’re my husband lol)

THey she siad “sure”
and he said, “no, you’re my girlfriend” and had all of us screaming

Everyone’s dying to know the difference between 18+ and 18 and under right? Even though the differences happened in a matter of seconds, it was enough to make YB fans squirm, scream, and giggle. I think my heart skipped a beat to see the clips of him and In Na in bed together. the footage of him on top of her, his arms around her body, playing with her face, brushing back strands of her hair was done so painfully slow. I had to cover my eyes because I couldn’t take it lol. You could hear fangirls screaming “stop it”, “ha ji ma!” and if you listen really hard, you’ll probably hear crying.

THe “Move” performance was much more sexual because it involved pole dancing (yes, YB did it). Girls were touching him in places I couldn’t even imagine, veery provocative indeed, but very tastefully done.

Another big difference was the crowd. EVeryone stood up from the “Superstar” performance, and we never sat back down. THe crowd was much more hype, with a lot less random fan girl screams. The crowd was defintely more matured and they listened tentatively to his songs truly showing love. Everyone stood up from “superstar” performance until the end.

He gave the same emotional speech but began with “i cried yesterday, but I’m not going to cry today”

“You should have stood up sooner” Said YB “because this is the last song”
He said that before LOAM performance, but of course those who went yesterday knew it’s not the last song. lol

It was the most powerful performance of LOAM. HE cried during the performance. But his voice was steady and deliverance was beautiful. But you could see tears in his eyes. HIs nose was red, and his expression..grateful.

He bowed on his knees when he thanked VIPs.

He three shirts and sweaty wife beaters into the crowd like usual. He came back at the end with “where you at” then ended the show with “take it slow”.

But today’s surprise? There was and encore after an encore! lol. YB came back out in a white wife beater and thanked us again. THis time all the girls rushed up to the front of the stage. I could see sweat beads, that’s how close i was. hahaha. He asked us what song we want to hear. He gave us three choices. 1. wedding dress 2. Take it SLow 3. LOAM remix

Choice 3 won with the loudest audience cheer. Then after that powerful performance, he said, “ok good?”

The crowd yeelled “NO!!! MORE!”
YB said “more?”
and then he gave us “TAKE IT SLOW”

He sang the song so beautifully (with no shirt on of course). He was at the edge of the stage literally, truly delivering fan service. We could see every definition of his body to every drop of sweat on his face.

i’m sure all the fans felt the same way I did when we left… truly inspired and blessed to have had such an unforgettable experience.

I think I can say after today’s performance, i will love Taeyang til the day I die. dramatic? no, just exactly how i feel.



i think jayvu did a good job in sharing the fancams. i’ll just share what solar is like through my eyes.

where to begin?ah,the surprise guest today was 2ne1.i think CL requested to people to stand up.they had the whole crowd dancing to can’t nobody and go away.
i didn’t watch the fancams last night coz i don’t want that to ruin things for me today.
imo,there’s nothing really special about the choreography of move.4 girls were werkin them poles.and YB,he came up to them and i think one of girls wrap her legs on him.T T
in INAG he came down from the stage and charm the crowd.i was off my seat and embarassingly jump and down while screaming.God,he’s such a pimp!oommmggg!!!he’s so damn good.
why didn’t they live stream this in YT so that i can spazz with everybody?:(
anyways movin on,umnn,one of the hight light of the concert for me was when he performed superstar.
the moment the beat of the drum started,everybody got up!vip section that is.i didn’t see 2nd and 3rd floor from where i was sitting.so yeah,we dance and groove to the music.damn,it was amazing!i literally went crazy flailing my hands up on the air.
then i think break it down came up next and the whole crowd flailed their hands and sing along to the song.lol aw,man so crazy i can’t explain how i feel.
then mj song came up next and yeah we party some more.lol
uhhmn,i think YB went inside but crazy part was the people were still on their feet.from were i was nobody wanted to sit down.i guess we were to charge up,huh?sitting down was the last thing on my mind!i want some more !
so,YB came out again for WUA or was it LAOM?
anyways,the crowd went wild again dance and sing along to the song.yeah,specially LOAM.
then TIS came up.at some part the crowd sang along with him.
he talk about some stuff saying thanks to a lot of people.he specifically give thanks to GDragon then mention the rest of the members.
then he continued singing the song.

then we thought that was it.
nobody wanna go home everybody screamed encore.
half of the vip section were already gone.i already stood up and went to the aisle,but i were still waiting for something.my eyes was glued the whole time at the stage.then the curtain went up.i run to the stage and i think me and the crowd think alike coz they also stood up from their seat and came running
to the stage.
some girls literally climb through the seats and i did the same. just to be closer.lol
omg,but i can’t explain it to you guys.i wanna cry.
YB was so close and he’s so beautiful.

people will argue with me about this but imo,he’s the most attractive member in bigbang.
i’ve seen GD and TOP at their last big show concert upclose coz i was instanding section.GD was cute but too skinny.and TOP,he’s handsome too but this is about what look i prefer the most and YB is the most gorgeous from the bunch.
i really,really wanna cry,coz he’s so beautiful.
annnnd when he took off his wifebeater and throw it to the crowd,4 girls were fighting for it lol.but if it happens to land in my hand,i’d scratch anyone’s eyes out who would take it from me.hehe
he sang wedding dress then half assedly sang TIS.
and that was it.oh,the girl he chose for INAG lean back when he’s about to kissed her.i was like,guurrll,if that was me i would met him halfway.and i would definitely aim for his lips,gdi.

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101 thoughts on “Taeyang’s SOLAR Concert – Part II”

  1. Godammit…..it’s official. I am definitely buying the concert DVD.

    And next time he has a concert, I am so going no matter what!!!! YB live in concert is too epic to not witness!!!

    Thanks for the fan accounts ladies; aww glad you had a wicked time. This indeed was for 18 & above. Need more fancams especially him on the pole & kissing the girl!!

    One day, just one day I hope to see him live XxX

  3. i can’t help but be a lil teary eyed seeing all these fancams from the last two days. he make me so proud to call myself a TaeYang fan. though i’m not there, it feels as if i’m there…he’s just that kind of performer. it will be a lil sad to know it will be a while till we solo TaeYang again but there’s still Big Bang.

    1. Wait did he kiss her on the lips???????? Aaahhhh I would of died if I was her!! I’m so jelouse! I would of taken a video or atleast a picture of that moment to rember forever lol

  4. I would jus die in his arms tonight…. I promise… I will make it to one of his concerts in this lifetime… He did a wonderful&beautiful job…

  5. I’m dying. It would be the experience of a lifetime for me to get to go to YB’s next solo concert. Since I’ll be out of school and working, I should be able to make the next one YB as long as it’s late 2012.


    If you need to me reupload any fancams than I’ll be happy to.

  6. Thank you to YB for the amazing concert and the team behind, thank you to the both of you BebeLuv and Jayvu for sharing your experiences!!! I truly appreciated it!! and ATY, thank you!!!!!!

  7. This one was way better than the all ages one. Shitty fangirl crowds suck. Idiots just sitting around waving their Big Bang sticks at a Taeyang concert. The crowd was amazing today.

  8. I’m so jealous of and happy for all the people who got to go to his concerts.
    I always knew he was going to kill it, I just wish I could have been there to actually witness it!

  9. Thank you so much to the person who recorded that second fancam. It’s the best I have seen of the concert.
    I love, love the arrangement for LOAM. YB was great. He seems and sounds contented. I’m glad the concerts were a success.
    Can’t wait to see and hear Superstar.

  10. all the videos made me teary. i really wished i was there watching his concert and just enjoying the songs and his eye smile. i want to see fancams of IU and YB!!

  11. what are you talking about taeyang kissing some girl??? I DEFINITELY HAVE TO WATCH YB POLE DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o/


  12. Wow thanks for the fan accounts guys,I had these pictures in my head of how it may have looked/happened haha and thanks ATY for the updates!

    btw, YB doesn’t have a 6 pack anymore,he has an 8 pack! 😉

    1. ikr?!! i think the description was just pure vivid! =))
      i just had to stop myself from reading further on.. had to recover from what I was imagining for myself. >.< LOL!

    I can’t breath ….I can’t breath….I can’t breath
    I wanna cry….Taeyang seriously is the best in the world!

    TODAY my brother (My brother he don’t like k-pop but he’s a fan of Taeyang, he cut his hair like Taeyang and he love Taeyang so much!!!!) My brother he told me he saw video of Taeyang cried in the concert and then he cried too…omg even my brother cry for Taeyang, I swear I never see my brother cry but he cry for Taeyang!!!!!!! ohgoshhhh.( Actually I cried so much too!)
    Taeyang totally stole the heart people all aroud the world !!!!

    1. your right Dilani! after some hawk eyed investigating I could totally see CANADA at 0:52 very clearly at the bottom of the video.

      1. LOL ahhhhhh that was meeee!!! LOL i told you i was close. I was holding up the side that says USA loves Taeyang hahhaa that’s why you can see the Canada side facing the people recording!

        Dang you have hawk eye vision for real lol!

  14. I am so thankful for sites like this. Never have I been obessed over an artist and scrambling around to find videos like this. I don’t even get this excited towards American singers because even though they all have their stories, they got it made in the US. You can never find a sincere, devoted, self less (except when he takes off his shirt teasing everyone) and natural person on stage and off. There are no words to describe his beautiful essence. I don’t blame him for wanting to take a break after this because he deserves to rest and I’m rooting for him. I am going to be holding my breath until the dvd comes out and if the behind the scenes are anything like his Real Sound show, I’ll be skipping school and work to watch it 24/7. I will drop everything and go to Korea when he makes a comeback. THANKS AGAIN ATY for having a home for dedicated fans to come to!

  15. Thanks for sharing and posting videos of his 18+ concert. I spent the whole night yesterday wondering what happened during his concert and if there is anything we all should know.


  17. thank you soooo much for all of these videos. im an international fan and even if i had the money to buy the tickets and go to his concert, i would have to sacrifice my grades since im in college. having these fancams makes it a little more bearable that i cant go there myself and watch this perfect man do his thing live.

    im happy that youngbae is going to take a break from his solo activities because he has worked so hard to fulfill both his and his fans’ dreams for this album/concert and he deserves some well-earned rest. but im also sad because i want MORE of this!! I am definitely going to wait for his next comeback, no matter how long it takes. he is one of those rare artists who does music because he loves it and wants his fans to feel his music like he does and thats why i love him so much.

    sorry for the rant, but basically, i loved the videos because you can see he was having the time of his life up there doing what he loved. TAEYANG FIGHTING!

  18. *Sniff sniff*
    I don’t know why, but the tears just poured out while watching the vids!!
    It’s so weird! Is this how it really feels to be a fan?
    I mean, I’ve never cried for an idol before while just standing on stage and singing.
    I think maybe because I could feel his sincerity while singing……..

    1. well,imagine us being in that same concert hall watching him.i wanna go up the stage and give him a hug.it was really emotional.like,you guys have no idea.T T

      1. Its so difficult sitting in class right now and I’m still overwhelmed with emotions. So many different feelings right now. Inspired, hopeful, sad, happy, and grateful. I kept replaying the speeech from the 25th where he cried over and over agin. If you watched it live, it will have a great impact on you.

        I couldn’t imagine if he had cried during the 26th speech instead, the reaction would e completely different. THe entire crowd of 26th would have watched in silence. It was extremely emotional, I just cannot describe the extent in words.

        1. i get what you mean.the impact was so great,i still feel the after taste.lol.i still feel him.

          wish i’ve gone to that as well but the 26th was emotional for me too.specially when he kneel on his knees thanking the audience.
          such a humble guy.i don’t think i’ll meet another one like him.well,not in this life time.only him.

  19. seriously… i’ve never been so obsessed over a celebrity!!!!!!!! I can watch taeyangs vids over and over for days on end! ahhhhhhhhh… when will the torture endddddddd!!!!

  20. thanks for all the fancams! i want the dvd as fast as possible!!
    seems like the interviewer from GQ went to the concert too and thats what he had to say about it:
    태양 콘서트 : 노래 너무 잘했고, 말할 땐 ‘쟨 정말 저런 게 있어’ 싶어서 찡했다. 행복, 이라고 말할 땐 좀 울었다. 보기에 충만하지 않은 것이 널렸어도, 결국 문제는 어떻게 이겨내는가 하는 것이고, 그는 하필 그럴 때 진심을 내놓는다.
    cr: twitter.com/ouryoungdays
    could somebody please translate?:) my korean skills are very limited..just “he sang very well” and “when he said (??) i? cried a little??” i’m not sure..

    1. ^
      thanks for this. The GQ person always seemed like a big YB fan so I’m not surprise that she/he went. Google translate only gave me this
      “Solar Concert: singing too very well and you say, when ‘I mean, she’s really got my’ almost made. Happy, I cried when I say that. Neolryeoteodo not filled in the view that, ultimately the question is how to cope is to do Of all the sincerity he puts out.”

      -Maybe with your limited Korean skills you can make better sense of it?

    2. LOL. That Jang Woo Chul! He’s the journalist that ALWAYS interviews Taeyang….I love HIM! I’m sure YB invited him to the concert. I think they’re good friends…That’s really sweeet!

  21. i made a mistake in my post.during encore’s encore,it’s suppose to be LOAM and TIS instead of WD and TIS.i blame it to only 2 hours of sleeping.how could i made that mistake?i even dance along to LOAM a little.

    move was alright.but i have two lovers in my mind,dancing sensually to the beat of the music instead we have girls on the pole.anyway,it’s all good though,YB made the performance great.

    SPOILER!don’t read if you don’t want to.

    did anybody uploaded a fancam for INAG?
    it was amazing.
    he picked a girl.broought her up to the stage and gave her underwear as presents lol.then he laid his head on her lap while singing and took her hand and put it on his face.he got up swept her legs from the floor so that she’s completely lying on the sofa.for finale,he sat down and kissed her.then got up and went behind the stage.he put her arm on her shoulder.
    i wanted to die of jealousy! T T

    YB.he was so suave.such a tease.i loved it so much.
    this would be my final post.sorry if i ruin it to some of you,guys.it’s too epic not to share.
    buy the DVD.it’s all worth it.:)

    1. woww!!
      no, you’re not spoiling it! lol. there aren’t any fancams of it yet anyways, but srsly, you’re descriptions are so wonderful, it almost makes me seem like I was at the concert myself! LOL. So if you have anything else you want to share, dont hesitate! 😀

    2. OMFG…..I’m surprised that the girl didn’t die from the sheer excitement of that.

      It’s official…YG!!!! You need to bring YB out internationally so that fans like us can get the chance to be that girl too!!!

    3. OMG I AM SO BEYONDDD JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      NOTTTTTTTT FAIRRRRRRR… it almost makes me not even wanna watch it bc its gonna make me SO SAD.

  22. Okay, I’m like in the office right now and I want to scream after reading the fan accounts. Like what someone has mentioned previously, jayvuafter8 must have done something GREAT in her past life to experience all these! Anyway, can’t wait for the concert dvd =) AWESOME JOB, Yongbae!

  23. OMG!! im so fucking mad YG did not stream this greatness. Y’ALL OWE ME AND THE REST OF THE INTERNATIONAL FANDOM A FAVOR BY MAKING THE solar concert DVD REGION ALL!!! OR ELSE!

  24. question.. in the first video Taeyang asks the crowd what song he should sing and listed TIS, LAOM, and WD and WD had the greatest response. The band started to play WD but then stopped and started to play LAOM. Does anyone know why?

    1. YOu’re right about Wedding Dress getting the loudest cheers AND the band did start playing. But becaue it was the last song (at least he planned only performing one song anyways) so he didn’t want to end with a sad song, its what i’m guessing.

      But ur right wedding dress surprisingly got the loudest cheers beating out the typical fav LOAM

      1. OLAM is also a sad song aswell to be honest. In my opinion he sang 2 he might as well sing wedding dress also hahahaa greedy YB fan i am

  25. That performance left me speechless and it was perfect from the start til and end XD
    Can anyone please please tell me where i can buy his concert on dvd. I really want it!! >-<

    1. Um I think it’s not out yet, trust me you’ll know when it’s out because everyone will be talking about it 🙂 I know I will lol.

      I think you can get it at yessia.com eBay and other sites like that

  26. Taeyang stripping, on a bed, on a pole, kissing some fan girl, doing some sexual moves …… I’m liking lol. I must buy the DVD !!!!! I’m liking taeyang’s dirty side 😉 lol I’m very sorry lol

  27. i finally was able to watch these fancams… my internet was soo slow or it was the fact that everyone was looking at the videos as well..

    but omg.

    his voice has truly grown!! He was on it the two days..


    Nothing can really justify how good this concert was..

    imagine if we all could have been there?

    ………. nosebleed*

  28. I can’t explain how much I love Taeyang
    He’s just the best artist that I’ve ever seen in my life !
    Taeyang you’re my #1 forever !!!!!!!!
    I will wait for u for all my life …no one can replace you!

    >>this is the pictures of TAEYANG…He’s so hot!!
    he totally is the hottest and sexiest guy alive on Earth!!!!

  29. I have just one question. Did Big bang appeared on stage on the 26th?? they sang something or they just went to watch the concert??

  30. When i die i want to be reincarnated to a camera man and not just any camera man. I want to be the camera man on stage with YB this weekend LOL. He got to see all the goodies that is YB.

  31. off the album ‘breakdown’ is my fav tune but off the concerts its gotta be AYFA…the performance was so fresh, loved it!

  32. LOAM remix lyrics

    끝까지 나만 바라보면 되 You can look only at me until the end
    내가 다른 여자 만나도 Even if I meet another girl
    여기 수많은 여자들땜에 Because of all these many ladies here
    너만 사랑하긴 힘든데 It’ll be hard to love only you (makin’ love tonight)
    매일 단 사람 품에 at another person’s embrace (makin’ love tonight)
    안겨 잠들고픈데 i want to fall asleep
    (네가 바람펴도 절대로 안되, 너 나 이해해) You can never ever flirt with others, you should understand me
    나만 바라보면 되 You can only look at me ………. I’ll try my best my baby~ I’ll try my best my baby~

    I’ll try my best my baby, baby, my baby
    oh yeah I’ll try my best my baby
    Can’t you trust again
    Don’t go away my lady
    Keep you close to my arms oh oh no no no
    -Fan Account by: http://koreyeah.wordpress.com/
    Taken from: Big Bang Updates

    1. Haha the lyrics to this song really doesn’t suit the whole YB image. Either way though he completely owns this song, theres been so many covers and parodies, but theres nothing like the original.

  33. he looked so happy during his LOAM encore, i totally loved that performance, the remixed verse was SICK.
    and OMG, did i just spot some ‘smooth criminal’ in the choreography of ‘AYFA’ ? that part had me spazzing, from the adlibs to the choreo, MJ inspired indeed.

  34. have u guys check out his Move’s performance fancam?? after watching it; my jaw literally dropped & my eyes are like this -> O_O!! haha.. it’s freaking sexy & i can’t helped but think there’s something going on between him & JiHye.. hahaha.. check it out & let me know whether u share the same thoughts as me.. hehe.. here u go : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt4zgdLJEFc&feature=sub

  35. haven’t finish watching all the vids yet but all smiles on my face… he made my day, my week…it was so cute how he laughed in Take it Slow performance…LOL….aghhhhh…..i really hate to say things and not being able to do them….but i’m gona head out to the book store to pick up soome korean language books, learn it and go to korea one day….for his next concert or who so ever….but i really want to see taeyang live


  37. OMG I just watched the Superstar and Breakdown perf on 26th sept from dyblge youtube and can i say that HIS ENERGY WAS SO FREAKING HIGH?! He totally owned the crowd and stage with both that perfs and he looked so comfy on stage!
    btw, does anyone have the full perf of Superstar and Breakdown on 26 sept? cause i totally totally love his vibe there! and the one by dyblge is not full… (i’ll be buying his dvd too but in the meantime any full videos i can look at of that two perf?)

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