‘WHERE U AT’ Performance on Sketchbook

Remember that kickass performance of “Where U At” on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook that never got aired?  Well, here it is! (HD Baabbbyyy) It’s a shame that Taeyang hardly ever performs this song.  I understand it’s a tough one, but I just love the energy…and the boy just feels it.

Source: The21BANGSTV@youtube

15 thoughts on “‘WHERE U AT’ Performance on Sketchbook”

  1. I love his WUA the most and yeah i agree with you it’s a shame he didn’t perform this as often.

    Thought this particular performance wasn’t supposed to be aired but somehow it’s here!

    Thanks for sharing. 😀

  2. ♥ I want to go to Korea once, and I want to go ‘one time’ to a concert of BigBang or Taeyang ! just once, Do I want o lot?? :((
    Mamaa, I dream every day about that!
    Why dont they come to Belgium?? They havee a lot of Fans here! 😦 Exclusief Me!

    Until they come, I will have a loyal VIP and watch all their concerts, songs, shows via Internet! Promise!
    And I’ll Love TaeYang’s Music all my life! ♥

    1. ^yup! i’m so excited to watch fancams… he already performed 11 songs as of the moment.

      Opening Video
      Taeyang appears
      1) Prayer
      2) I’ll Be There
      3) Sinner
      4) Just A Feeling
      5) Superstar
      6) My Girl
      They show another video
      7) You’re My (Correction, it’s not Take It Slow^^)
      8) I Need A Girl
      9) After You Fall Asleep
      10) Connection
      11) Pop song.. then IU appeared. Pop Duet with IU (Sorry, song title wasn’t mentioned)

      Taken from: Big Bang Updates

      1. i wanna see the superstar, ayfa, connection and that pop song performance with IU. >.<
        well, i want to see the whole concert.
        fancams please!!!

  3. i forgot to comment about the WUA perf.
    his performances on Sketchbook are my favorites, especially this one.
    he’s so energetic and very on point when dancing.
    as much as i respect BoA, i can see that her dancing is less energetic compared to his backup dancers when she is singing .
    but YB, he really can equal, if not overshadow, his backup dancers’ energy when dancing which he does while singing.
    others might think he sings very less in his WD performances but i can very much understand because of the effort he gives in when dancing to its choreography.
    his HOT concert is a very solid proof that he can sing so well when his not dancing very difficult and tiring choreographies; case in point, COMBH, DWT and BISS.

  4. It’s so sad just heard his ending speech. He cried. He said that its going take a while for his next album to come out. He wants to discover himself more, grow musically, and try to improve on his shortcomings. He really wants time to himself….so he says its going to be a long while until he releases his next album. He thanks his fans for the support and asks fans to anticipate his next album and hopes his fans will be happy. http://bestjd.bestiz.net/zboard/view.php?id=jb0901&page=1&sn1=&divpage=46&sn=off&ss=on&sc=off&select_arrange=headnum&desc=asc&no=307654

  5. orhhhhh mannn =/ Hopefully not too long. If its like 3 years or something i think im gonna regret not going to this

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