Taeyang to be a guest at Seoul Soul Festival

I’ve been waiting for this to be officially announced.  It’s been circulating around the Taeyang fandom that he would be a guest at the Seoul’s 1st Soul Festival for a long time now.  Normally there won’t be a whole post dedicated to a news bit, but because Taeyang’s gonna be sharing the stage with the likes of Musiq Soulchild and Sean Kingston, both really big artists in the USA,  I’m more excited than usual.  More international exposure!  Taeyang will be performing on Saturday October 9th at the War Memorial of Korea. The exact schedule has yet to be announced.

The rest of the line up includes Supreme Team (personal favorite), Se7en, Jay Park, UV, DJ DOC (!!!), and Mad Soul Child.  I hope more gets added because this is hardly looking like a ‘Soul’ festival.  How about some Lyn? Ra.D? Wheesung? Boni? Soulman?  That would be so legit.

More info at: Seoul Soul Festival Website
English Ticketing Info at: Interpark

44 thoughts on “Taeyang to be a guest at Seoul Soul Festival”

  1. Ahhhhh I knew it! When I saw that first initial line-up with Jay and Se7en, I was just anticipating the moment when they would announce YB. Because seriously, how can you have a legit soul festival without him? But yeah, the addition of Lyn and Ra.D would be amazing as well!

    So happy! First Summer Sonic and now this….boy is just going to get more international exposure out the wazoo!!!!

  2. if Lyn is gonna be a guest; that’ll be epic cuz she can sing a duet with YB!! hehe.. *wishful thinking of mine*
    YB is gonna rub shoulders with some of American huge artiste (Musiq Soulchild) during the Seoul Soul Festival.. 🙂

    1. They could do a “I need a girl” and “I need a boy” duet…omfg. Wonderful idea….

      Better yet a duet with Musiq Soulchild….(even more wishful thinking…but a girl can dream)

      1. haha.. that’s so true!! imagine; YB+Lyn or YB+MSC in Seoul Soul Festival.. that’ll be EPIC!! haha.. 🙂
        erm.. do u think Brian McKnight might have tell Musiq Soulchild some info. abt YB?? maybe; he’s gonna keep a lookout for YB.. we may never know.. (a lil’ sidetracked)

      2. I love Lyn,she’s a great singer,a true match for Youngbae (and seems like a bit of a fangirl too),anyway I’m waiting for a duet between the two,if IU did it next up should be Lyn! lol

        1. maybe Lyn will get her chance of collaborating with YB in Seoul Soul Festival since Musiq Soulchild is being ‘booked’ by Jay Park.. 😦
          how i wish Musiq Soulchild will change his mind & collaborate with YB instead.. haha.. *evil thoughts*

        2. @miLaLovesoL I’m not sure about this festival but I hope they will get to do a duet one day! it would be such a shame not to…

        3. @skyhigh: definitely!! Musiq Soulchild better get YB (or vice versa) to do a collaboration soon.. before it’s too late.. haha.. if YB+BMK can do it; i don’t see why YB+MSC can’t.. hehe.. waiting for that day to come!! ^.^

        4. @miLaLovesoL LOL I actually meant Lyn,but yeah a collab with Musiq Soulchild would be EPIC but thats a bit wishful hehe but who knows,one day maybe one day,after he see’s Taeyang the great perform. 😉

        5. @skyhigh: oohh u mean Lyn.. sorry; my bad.. yeah.. maybe it wouldn’t happen in this festival (YB+Lyn) but in future, we may not know.. hehe.. *keeping my fingers crossed*
          this will be YB’s last performance as a soloist right before he goes back to Big Bang for their Korea comeback??

        6. @miLaLovesoL his SOLAR promotions are over so yeah we wont see him solo for a long while T_T….but performances,like this one, can still happen.

        7. @skyhigh: i wonder how long will YB (soloist) be on hiatus before we hear from him again.. hopefully it’s not gonna be another 2 years cuz i know i’m gonna die if i don’t see my daily dosage of YB.. hehe.. ^_^

    1. 😦 That sucks. I guess since Taeyang was announced so late..it would be hard to do a collaboration. Plus Jay Park is fluent in English so it makes more sense. But I’m slightly unhappy too. 😦

    2. i was unhappy on that part as well. upon seeing the poster, i was immediately wishing for a duet but looks like it won’t be possible anymore. 😦

    3. Nooo 😦 this should be YB! 😦

      Anyway, Jay Park seems talented I hope he does justice for the collab, at least I can then have peace of mind that the place that should have been YB’s was filled by someone worthy.

    4. that sucks!! YB SHD collaborate with Musiq Soulchild!! if he does; that’ll be great cuz he would have rub shoulders (i love this phrase) with Brian McKnight & Musiq Soulchild.. wouldn’t that be awesome?? 🙂
      if Jay Park doesn’t justice to the collaboration; i’m gonna KILL him for not giving the chance to YB!! hahaha.. juz joking!! 😉

    1. Being the “criminal” that I am I had no idea who Musiq Soulchild was(lol) thanks a bunch for the link,he’s awesome! I’m so glad YB gets to perform on the same stage as this talented musician and I hope they get acquainted.(I don’t care I’m gonna carry on my wishful thinking lol)

      1. Where have you been? Musiq Soulchild is amazing! But it’s okay….better late than never!

        Although a duet between YB and him would have been as amazing as the duet with Brian McKnight….just the thought of YB being able to share a stage with Musiq Soulchild is enough! Who knows, he might hear YB sing and be blown away and want a hook-up with him. A girl can dream right? 🙂

        1. *hides in shame* maybe even living under a rock would have been better than living on the surface and to have never heard of this great artist (lol) but yeah i wonder why I’ve never heard of him…is it coz I live on the other side of the atlantic (UK)? has he been around a while?

          yeah! thats exactly what I was thinking,Brian McKnight loved YB and his amazing talent,so Musiq Soulchild probably will too,seeing as he’s a talented musician,you know what they say it takes one to know one 😉

          LOL yep lets carry on dreaming…we’re allowed

        2. Musiq Soulchild has been around for a LOOOONNNG time, but in the USA I think he’s pretty underrated even though people know about him. I love his music because there’s this easy flow to it…and he’s really consistent with what he produces. Lyrics are extremely sweet. One helluva talented man.

          @ygtybb I loved the collab with Brian Mcknight. I watch it over and over again still today…so glad that one went smoothly. I hope he gets to do that again someday!

        3. @Tofu Oh right,he’s talented but underrated now why doesn’t that surprise me…anyway I’m glad I know him now,talented musician indeed.

    2. i looooove him! This was the song I gave to YB for the iPod present..He was the first person that came to mind when the idea of the YB’s present came to mind. He’s a great singer and song writer love him. I’m soooo happy he’s gonna be in Seoul Soul Festival =D

  3. I’m glad to see Soul, R&B, & Hip-Hop getting more exposure in Korea but list is clearly missing the likes of Brown Eyed Soul, Big mama, Jimbo, Cubic, Wheesung, Lee Jung, Bobby Kim, UPT, Lyn, JungIn, Ra.D, SoulDive, Ali, Verbal Jint, Serengeti, and many many more.

  4. OMG I really don’t know what to say cuz I really wanna scream my excitement but I’m at wok typing this but OMMFGosh thank u YGsus.I know its early to say but its gonna be a really fucked up day once this dude go thru military but just imagine when he come back…omg omg…k.done

  5. Oh Wow!! Musiq Soulchild and Sean KIngston!! That is so great!! He is definitely moving up!! Well, he has been moving up. I can’t wait to hear the day when he can do a duet with somebody else in the states. Like Drake who is on Top right now, Ney-yo who is a hit maker, Alicia Keys who has a beautiful singing voice, plays piano and she has already been to S.K to perform. I feel so proud of YB. He worked really really hard not to be noticed. I still can’t stand the fact that he is underrated in S.K.

  6. im ok with Taeyang not collaboration Musiq he get more stage time anyway Jay and Se7en get 40 min Taeyang get 50 min haha.

    1. Well with that being said, I guess I am glad to hear that Taeyang will get ten extra minutes!Hehehe! I sure don’t have a problem with that! Ten extra minutes of drooling time for me*,*

    2. 50 min!? woooo. cant wait to see that. and here I was thinking that he’ll only get to perform a couple songs. this has def got me more pumped

  7. I wish Taeyang could sing with Musiq SoulChild. Musiq SoulChild has a lot of great songs. Some of them that will make you go “Aawwww”:) Sean Kingston known for that song “Beautiful girls” just recently did a song with Nicki Minaj called “Letting go”(Dutty Love).

  8. Well it turns out there might be too much hotness on one stage? Word on the streets is that YB and Se7en are going to be doing a joint performance? If that’s true…..the fangirl inside me just might die from all of the hotness!!!

  9. It’s about time, YB is artist who best represent RnB Soul in Korea.

    This is quite misleading. I’m a fan of both Jay and Taeyang. But they are actually performing on different dates. So you wouldn’t be able to see them both.

  10. I’m so happy for YB. It’s only right that the King of R&B be there. Damn, when will he ever perform here?

  11. My head is spinning about the possibilities that could arise for YB after he performs at this concert (wishful thinking?). I know Jay and Musiq Soul Child are perf on a seperate day and taeyang on another, but does that mean MSC won’t be present on the day YB’s performing? I really hope not. Nonetheless, I’m curious to see what songs YB chooses to perform 🙂

  12. Oooh…I have vacation that week. Can I actually catch Taeyang live? Eh…I’m not into music festivals…much less ones where I’m surrounded by people who speak a different language. Plus, 1 week is really short notice to plan a vacation and/or travel to Asia.

  13. If it was Jay , Se7en, Taeyang, that thing would be sold out.
    I was gonna go for Jay on Sunday but its expensive for not good
    seats and when they added Taeyang, I was tempted to go on
    my bday but now its only crappy seats left. bleh.
    I’m still so pissed.

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